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Tanya Burr – The YouTube Beauty Guru Turned Actress

Tanya Burr Profile Overview

Full Name Tanya Burr
Birthday June 9, 1989 (age 34)
Born Norwich, England
Occupation YouTuber, Actress
Years Active 2009-present
Spouse Jim Chapman (m. 2015-2019)
Social Media YouTube, Instagram, Twitter

With over 3 million YouTube subscribers and counting, Tanya Burr is one of the internet‘s most popular beauty vloggers and my personal favorite! But over the last few years, she has also broken into acting with roles in several British TV shows and movies.

As a longtime fan, I‘m excited to share more about Tanya‘s journey from her start as a university student in Norwich to becoming a top YouTuber and now rising actress!

Early Life & YouTube Beginnings

Tanya Burr was born on June 9, 1989 in Norwich, England. She studied at the University of East Anglia where she earned a degree in makeup artistry and met her future husband Jim Chapman.

Tanya began sharing makeup tutorials on YouTube in 2009 under the username pixi2woo. Her fun personality and incredible talent with both simple everyday looks and bold creative styles quickly gained her a sizable following. By 2011, she had rebranded to Tanya Burr and amassed over 1 million subscribers eagerly awaiting her new videos.

As a devoted subscriber myself for over 8 years, I‘ve loved watching Tanya‘s channel thrive. Her influence as a beauty guru led to collaborations with brands like Feel Unique and the launch of her own cosmetics range with Superdrug in 2014. But Tanya has always stayed grounded and truly cares about her viewers.

Pivot to Acting

With fame and success on YouTube under her belt, Tanya shifted her focus to acting in 2013. She made her professional debut in the CBBC holiday film The Flight Before Christmas. This opened the door to more comedic TV roles in shows like Tracey Ullman‘s Show and Murder in Successville over the next few years.

In 2015, Tanya landed her first recurring role as Jemima Puddle-Duck in the CBeebies series Let‘s Play. I vividly remember the excitement from Tanya‘s announcement video! That same year, she appeared in her first feature film, Moonwalkers. She continues to take on bigger acting projects, with recent credits in Bulletproof (2018) and Holby City (2019).

Notable Tanya Burr Acting Roles

  • The Flight Before Christmas (2013) – TV movie
  • Tracey Ullman‘s Show (2016-2017) – Various characters
  • Murder in Successville (2016) – Sidekick
  • Let‘s Play (2015-2017) – Jemima Puddle-Duck
  • Moonwalkers (2015) – Feature film debut
  • Bulletproof (2018) – Willa Brewer
  • Holby City (2019) – Paige Allcott

Fun Facts About Tanya

After following Tanya Burr for so many years, I‘ve picked up on some fun facts about her life and personality!

  1. She met her ex-husband Jim Chapman when they were both studying at the University of East Anglia.
  2. She has her own waxwork figure at Madame Tussauds London.
  3. Her dog Martha has her own Instagram account with over 240k followers.
  4. Tanya runs a baking blog called Tanya Bakes along with her YouTube channels.
  5. She‘s authored 4 books, including her baking book Tanya Bakes and novel Girl Online.

Why We Love Tanya

There are endless reasons Tanya Burr is so loved by fans like me! Here are just a few of her best qualities:

  • Her fun, bubbly personality shines in all her videos.
  • She comes across as very genuine and down-to-earth.
  • Her makeup skills are fantastic but totally attainable for everyday girls.
  • She has an entrepreneurial spirit with her cosmetics line and books.
  • Her acting shows impressive versatility across comedy and drama roles.

Tanya Burr is proof that social media stars can successfully cross over into more traditional entertainment. I can‘t wait to see what amazing things she accomplishes next!