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Taylor Schilling: Talented Actress Known for Orange Is the New Black

Full Name Taylor Schilling
Age 39 years old
Birthday July 27, 1984
Born Boston, Massachusetts
Height 5‘ 8" (1.73 m)
Net Worth $1.5 million
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

As a longtime fan, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce newcomers to the incredibly talented Taylor Schilling. Ever since her breakout role on Orange Is the New Black, Taylor has demonstrated a wit, charm, and acting range that transforms each character she plays. Let’s take a closer look at her career highlights, activist spirit, and quirky personality.

Her Humble Beginnings

Taylor caught the acting bug early, appearing in high school productions of Fiddler on the Roof and Grease. She honed her craft at New York University’s prestigious acting program alongside classmates like Donald Glover. Though Taylor struggled through auditions initially, she persevered and landed her first major role in the 2007 indie film Dark Matter.

This launched Taylor’s acting career, leading to parts in Atlas Shrugged and The Lucky One. But it was her raw, nuanced performance in the 2012 political thriller Argo that truly put Taylor on the map. Despite limited screen time as Ben Affleck’s wife, she earned praise for conveying tension and emotion.

Becoming a Global Star as Piper Chapman

Of course, Taylor Schilling’s career hit new heights when she was cast as Piper Chapman in Netflix’s groundbreaking Orange Is the New Black. As a fan since day one, I was captivated by her portrayal of Piper‘s complex personal evolution. Taylor brought relatability and humanity to the self-absorbed Piper, while skillfully conveying the toll prison takes on her psyche.

Some of Taylor‘s finest moments include Piper’s culture shock entering prison, her explosive rage when betrayed by [Alex], and tentative romance with [Stella]. Taylor’s emotional range and comedic timing made Piper Chapman an icon. No wonder she earned Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for her starring role!

Scene-Stealing Supporting Roles

Though Piper remains her most famous role, Taylor has proven her versatility in several supporting parts over the years. I was impressed by her chilling performance as a cult follower in The OA. And she delighted rom-com fans as the sassy best friend in Zac Efron’s The Lucky One.

One of Taylor’s most underrated roles was playing opposite Kevin Hart in Ride Along. As Angela, the no-nonsense sister of Hart’s character, Taylor practically stole the film. She displayed stellar comedic timing and held her own opposite the boisterous comedian. I hope to see Taylor land more dynamic supporting roles that tap into her talent for humor.

Activism for Causes She Believes In

Fans like myself also admire Taylor’s commitment to activism alongside her acting career. She frequently collaborates with GLAAD to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and has partnered with the Trevor Project to prevent youth suicide.

Mental health is another cause dear to Taylor. Drawing from her own struggles with depression and anxiety, Taylor wants to remove stigmas around mental illness. She uses interviews to share her experience and provide resources to those dealing with similar issues.

Additionally, Taylor volunteers with groups like the Humane Society to help abused animals, and she promotes environmentalism through social media. Her outspoken support for important social justice issues demonstrates that Taylor is much more than just an actress – she’s a role model.

A Quirky, Passionate Personality

Of course, I can’t discuss Taylor Schilling without mentioning her endearing personality! She’s refreshingly real compared to many Hollywood stars. For instance, Taylor is obsessed with British drama Downton Abbey and binge-watched the entire series twice. She also does absolutely hilarious impressions of her OITNB co-stars like Kate Mulgrew and Laverne Cox.

And who could forget her infamous cupcake side hustle early in her career? Long before OITNB fame, Taylor baked and sold cupcakes to make extra money between acting gigs. This down-to-earth hustle made me admire her even more.

It’s also well-known that Taylor has been best friends with Emma Stone since they met as child actors. They two share a quirky sense of humor and even have matching tattoos!

These fun facts provide just a glimpse into Taylor’s charming, passionate spirit that shines through in every role she takes on. She’s more than just a talented actress – Taylor Schilling is someone fans feel we know personally.

The Future Is Bright

While no major upcoming projects have been announced yet, I’m certain Taylor’s star will continue rising post-OITNB. With her excellent acting chops and easy charisma, she has all the makings of a Hollywood leading lady. I’m eager to see Taylor tackle more complex, nuanced roles that draw from her full emotional range.

No matter what her next chapter holds, I feel lucky to have discovered Taylor Schilling‘s talents so early in her career. I can‘t wait to continue following her acting journey and outspoken activism for years to come. She‘s the kind of celebrity that makes you proud to call yourself a fan.