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Tony Hawk – The Legendary Skateboarder Who Pushed the Limits

Full Name Anthony Frank Hawk
Birthday May 12, 1968
Age 55
Net Worth $140 million
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

As a long-time fan, Tony Hawk is easily one of the biggest names in skateboarding history. The lanky, sandy-haired kid from San Diego possessed raw talent and fearlessness that reshaped vert skating. Hawk‘s aerial skills, technical trick innovations, and success across competitions, business, and media made him an icon of skate culture.

Early Life & Introduction to Skating

Tony Hawk was born in San Diego in 1968. As a child, Hawk was hyperactive so his parents got him into skating at age 9. Hawk dove into mastering tricks, practicing at local skateparks for hours a day. By 12, he could already land advanced maneuvers like 360 ollies.

Hawk turned pro in 1982 at just 14, then won major competitions like the NSA Amateur Overall Championship. I loved watching the skinny, young Hawk dominate older pros with his fluid, gravity-defying style.

Dominating the Vert Scene through the 1980s & 90s

In the 1980s, Hawk cemented his reputation as one of the top vert skaters through technical trick innovation. He invented moves like the 540 caballerial and stale fish. No obstacle was too high for Hawk to ollie over either. His favored vert ramps let him show off his unparalleled aerial skills.

The 90s were Hawk‘s golden years of competitive domination. He won over 60 contests, including 5 X-Games gold medals. My favorite Hawk moment was when he made history in 1995 by landing the first-ever 900. Spinning 2.5 times mid-air seemed impossible, but not for Hawk!
Tony Hawk 900 X Games
Hawk also founded pioneering skate company Birdhouse in the 90s. His risky tricks and relaxed California style made him a skating legend.

Mainstream Superstardom

Tony Hawk brought skating into the mainstream in the late 90s and 2000s. He built a lucrative video game franchise and became the face of skate culture in movies, commercials, and TV. As skating‘s first true superstar, Hawk inspired countless kids like me to step on a board.

Even after retiring from competition, Hawk continues to impact skating through charity work, trick innovations, and mentoring young skaters. His unmatched passion for skating at 53 is amazing to witness as a long-time fan.

Legacy & Impact

Tony Hawk‘s contributions to skating cannot be overstated.

  • First to land the 900, 720 and many other tricks
  • Built 500+ public skateparks through his foundation
  • Responsible for skating‘s rise in popularity through video games and appearances
  • Continues to evolve vert skating into his 50s through constant innovation

Hawk‘s fearless style, pioneering tricks, and generosity toward the skating community make him a true icon. There‘s no one else quite like the "Birdman".