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Tootie Raww – The Hilarious Instagram Star Taking Social Media By Storm

Full Name: Tootie Raww (Faith)
Age: 20 years old
Birthday: August 6, 2003
Hometown: United States
Instagram: @youngan.raww (8 million followers)
YouTube: Tootie Raww (1.67 million subscribers)

Tootie Raww is an American social media star and entertainer known for her funny creative content posted to her popular Instagram page, which has accumulated over 8 million followers. She first gained popularity on with her comedy videos, before focusing her attention on Instagram and YouTube.

Tootie‘s Rise to Instagram Fame

Tootie‘s very first Instagram video went viral overnight back in 2016, instantly launching her to fame on the platform. She began consistently posting hilarious videos featuring sketch comedy, dances, challenges and more. Her energy and humor was infectious, gaining her millions of engaged followers in just a few short years.

Some of her most viral Instagram content includes comedy skits with her grandma, trendy dance videos, and collaborations with other top social media influencers like royalty_24kt. Tootie‘s fame continued to skyrocket through 2019 and 2020.

Expanding Her Reach

Beyond Instagram, Tootie has expanded her fanbase and content to platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Snapchat. Her YouTube channel where she posts vlogs and behind-the-scenes videos has amassed over 1.67 million subscribers. On TikTok, she entertains her 5.9 million fans with funny meme sketches and dance challenges.

Tootie was even the star of her own Snapchat original show called "Tootie‘s World" for a while. She has been featured in major magazines like US Weekly and Complex as her popularity grows. Select brand partnerships with FashionNova, Yandy and more have further cemented Tootie‘s influencer status.

Why Fans Adore Tootie

There are many reasons why Tootie has cultivated such a massive fanbase that continues to grow:

  • Hilarious – Tootie has a natural comedic talent and charm that shines in all her videos. Her facial expressions and reactions always leave fans laughing uncontrollably.
  • Relatable – Despite her fame, Tootie remains down-to-earth and never puts on airs. She maintains a relatable persona that makes her incredibly likable.
  • Inspiring – Tootie empowers fans to be self-confident and chase their dreams. She spreads joy and reminds people not to take life too seriously.
  • Dedicated – Producing content daily requires immense work ethic. Tootie‘s dedication to creating original content for her followers is unmatched.
  • Multi-talented – From comedy to dance to rapping, Tootie constantly showcases her many talents across platforms.

The Future Looks Bright for Tootie

At just 20 years old, Tootie Raww has already accomplished so much as an influencer and entertainer. However, something tells me this is only the beginning of her superstardom. I‘m hopeful Tootie will continue growing her brand into music, television, film and beyond in the coming years. No matter what she does next, one thing is for sure – the charismatic Tootie Raww is a rising star to watch!