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Trisha Paytas: YouTube‘s Polarizing Pop Culture Icon

trisha paytas


Full Name Trisha Kay Paytas
Birthday May 8, 1988 (Age 35)
Birth Sign Taurus
Born Riverside, California, United States
Nationality American
Height 5‘4"
Occupation YouTuber, Media Personality, Singer, Actress
Years Active 2007–present
Spouse Moses Hacmon (m. 2022)
Children 1 daughter Malibu Barbie (due 2022)
Subscribers 5.1 million (YouTube)
Total Views 1.1 billion (YouTube)

Social Media






As a loyal Trisha Paytas fan for many years, I‘ve been fascinated to watch her chaotic rise from humble YouTuber to bonafide social media celebrity.

Paytas first started posting comedic skits and monologues to YouTube in 2007 from her mom‘s basement in her hometown of Riverside, CA. Her trolling persona and unfiltered style quickly gained a cult following.

By 2011, Paytas had amassed over 1 million subscribers. Her early viral hits included the infamous "Troll" video (7M+ views) and "Why Every Girl Needs a Gay Best Friend" (13M+ views).

YouTube Career

Today, Paytas has grown her YouTube empire to over 5.1 million subscribers and 1.1 billion lifetime views. She adds new vlogs detailing her latest controversies and attention-seeking stunts almost daily.

Paytas was truly ahead of her time, pioneering the chaotic vlogging style that so many YouTubers emulate today. Across her 2,000+ videos, she‘s aired out her personal issues and feuded with other creators in deliciously petty drama.

From mukbangs to excessive shopping hauls to public meltdowns, Paytas will do just about anything for clicks. She‘s amassed an insane amount of wealth just by letting the camera roll on her uncensored life.

Music Endeavors

Beyond YouTube, Paytas has tried to launch a music career with a rap album as her alter ego "Fat Chicks," a 2014 single "Superficial Bitch," and a 2017 EP "Chicken Fingers & Lipo."

She‘s collaborated on tracks with other YouTubers like Social Repose. In 2021, she even auditioned for America‘s Got Talent with an original song "Shallow" (but didn‘t make it past the first round).

While not a critical success, Paytas has managed to parlay her YouTube fame into multiple headline-grabbing music ventures. She even went on tour in 2016 for "The Legend of Trisha Paytas."


No introduction to Paytas would be complete without covering her endless controversies. She‘s gotten into innumerable spats with other YouTubers and influencers over the years.

Paytas has been "cancelled" too many times to count for using offensive language, trolling marginalized communities, and posting provocative content.

However, the most notorious Paytas scandal involves her [public volatile relationship] with Jason Nash in 2017-2018. Their messy breakup played out in vindictive videos and social media posts.

Paytas has been open about her mental health issues of depression, suicidal ideation, and body dysmorphia. To some, her unhinged behavior is a dangerous example for impressionable fans.

Personal Life

Paytas spends her fortune on shopping sprees, cars, purses, and her seven luxury properties. Her salacious dating life provides endless fodder for gossip sites.

After other failed relationships, Paytas is now married to Israeli artist Moses Hacmon after an on-again, off-again engagement. She recently announced her pregnancy with their daughter Malibu Barbie.

Paytas claims to have "converted" to Judaism under questionable circumstances, sparking further controversy within the Jewish community. Still, she continues to document her pregnancy journey to her loyal followers.


While Paytas is a problematic figure, there‘s no doubt she‘s left an indelible mark on internet culture. She paved the way for YouTubers who turned oversharing their lives into success.

Paytas displays a brilliant understanding of how to manufacture viral moments and capitalize on controversy. She may infuriate her critics, but she knows how to keep the world watching.

After 15 years of madness, Paytas‘ chaotic empire shows no signs of slowing down. Wherever her unpredictable career goes next, I know I‘ll be tuned in!