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Trump Facts

If there is one thing more controversial than anyone in the world now it is Donald Trump. He is misunderstood yet popular and is able to divide the best of friends.

Some fast facts about Donald Trump. First and foremost, Donald Trump served as the 45th president of the United States. Every fact you hear about Trump will be original and noteworthy.

Trump is a unique  person for many reasons. Trump once stated that one of his proudest accomplishments and moments in his life is his own book. Trump is worth billions now …

Trump at one time  stated one time that  his second-favorite book after the Bible was his own book! However, Trump faces legal battles all the time.

Trump is one of the most controversial people you could ever imagine now in the USA. For example, Trump’s grandfather was part of the “Wild West” days of the founding of the United States.Today, Trump has been in the news for his political career, entertainment career, his businesses, and even personal life.

Let’s learn more about Donald Trump below!

1. Donald Trump has been in three political parties not just a Republican


Trump is well known as a Republican who loves money but he has been in other political parties. It is not well known that Trump would be anything but a Republican but it is not true. Trump’s political views have changed a lot throughout his life.

In reality, Trump has had three political affiliations. For example, Trump deemed himself an Independent from 2011-2012. And most surprisingly, Trump was actually a Democrat. This is not a party often associated with Trump as well. However, Trump from even before 1987 was listed as a democrat. He was a Democrat until as late as 2009.

Lastly, Donald Trump became a Republican in 2009 and by 2016 he was the Republican candidate and eventual president of the United States. Despite his changes, Trump has also maintained he is an outsider from the main two parties that have not fully accepted him.

2. Trump is a successful Entrepreneur and Entertainer with show “The Apprentice”

The Apprentice

Today, Trump’s earnings are changing fast with legal cases and prosecutions. But, it has been claimed, Trump has built up a net worth of as much as $10 billion USD.

As a businessman, Trump was able to become very wealthy from New York City real estate holdings and property, his brand of golf clubs and resorts, and in addition to something around $600 million in liquid cash  and personal assets.

When Trump was doing his TV show, The Apprentice, in the early 2000s. Trump is said to have earned $427.4 million from The Apprentice alone. His earnings on this show truly made him a star and very wealthy.

Trump’s  licensing and endorsement deals from the business themed show made him even richer. It was Trump’s tv show that made him a celebrity” between 2004 to 2018.  Also, Trump’s TV show made him richer because he used it to offset his tax liability. Moreover, Trump used his TV show earnings to buy more than 10 golf courses and numerous  other properties.

3. Donald Trump does not smoke or drink alcohol at all

In general, smoking is seen as a very bad addiction and habit. However, not drinking any alcohol at all is quite rare even in these healthier times. Trump is a bastion of clean living for some very personal reasons.

The reasons why Trump does not smoke or drink are more than meets the eye. Because of family trauma and misfortune it is because Trump has decided to stop using alcohol and cigarettes completely. In particular, it was the death of a sibling, his older brother, which compelled Donald toward these strict decisions.

Donald Trump is in his 70s and living well and healthy. Many believe it is his commitment to being alcohol and cigarette free that helps. But, sadly it was seeing the alcohol addiction and death of family that influenced Trump. And ultimately, it even influenced the President's response to the opioid crisis early on in his presidency.

4. Trump published a book that was a bestseller and made him popular

Trump published a book

Trump may be known as a popular politician and controversial figure, but he is also a writer. For example, Trump’s first book, “Trump: The Art of the Deal,” was a bestseller. It was  published in 1987 and was a hit during the time in the United States.

The first book written by Donald Trump was part memoir and part business in its content. It was a book that was also an advice book.This book in particular helped to make Trump a household name. Trump’s book got up to number 1 on The New York Times Best Seller list. It was so popular it stayed on the bestseller list for 48 weeks.

Another interesting fact, Donald J. The Trump Foundation was established when this book was published. The Donald Trump foundation donated a portion of profits from book sales to charities, which many people may not know about Trump.

5. Donald Trump used to own the Miss Universe pageant

Donald Trump’s family heritage

Trump enjoys pageantry and of course the ladies. In particular, Trump once owned the Miss Universe Organization. He was an acting and known owner of the pageant between 1996 and 2015. Trump’s success from his TV show, The Apprentice, made him accessible and powerful within the entertainment industry.

Moreover from this sucess, Donald Trump at one point had bought out NBC's share of the beauty pageant joint venture, the Miss Universe Organization.  His time of running and being part of this pageant was full of controversy. He had to settle legal claims during his tenure.

Despite owning what is a celebratory event with a lot of pomp and circumstance. When Trump owned the pageant, he was involved with issues in regards to the contestants.  Trump made some odd or uncomfortable comments about the women who were on the show. But, overall he did serve and act as the owner without any big issues.

6. Trump’s family fortune began with his grandfather in the 1800s

Trump’s grandfather

Many people do not realize the fortune and riches of Donald Trump began with his grandparents. It was Frederick Trump that made a lot of riches and a big fortune. Trump’s grandfather was highly successful by founding and operating restaurants and boarding houses. His grandfather built his riches in the boomtowns of Seattle and Klondike, Canada.

Essentially, it was the family real estate empire that made Trump’s family rich.  However, some have claimed differently about Trump’s family. For example, some have claimed his grandparents managed a brothel. However, the road to success can sometimes be rocky, Trump’s family made their riches in the USA.

In the subsequent years, Trump’s grandfather traveled to and explored several frontier mining towns. From there, his grandfather opened more restaurants, taverns, and hotels. His grandfather became rich by hiring and making a profit with the business strategy of “mining the miners.” This philosophy meant he got rich from the people who journeyed to the Pacific Northwest in search of getting rich from gold.

7. Donald Trump’s family heritage is mainly from Bavaria in what is Southern Germany

Donald Trump’s family heritage

It was Trump's paternal grandfather Frederick, who emigrated to the United States when he was 16. Trump’s family originally mostly comes from Germany in Western Europe.

The area where Trump is from is called Kallstadt, it is a beautiful region of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. This part of Germany has a population of 1,200 people.

It was 1885 when Trump’s grandfather, at the time only a German teenager, took the risk and opportunity to leave Germany. Trump’s grandfather crossed the Atlantic to the United States because his sister Katherine had already been in New York.

In terms of Trump’s name it was changed from the Germanic spelling of Drumpf. The last name, Drumpf, is a German surname that originates back to the 16th century.

In that period of time in the United States, the grandfather Friedrich Trump came to the United States among a large number of Germans immigrants. Many came to the USA poor and looking for opportunities. It has been estimated that in one year alone in the late 1800s that an estimated 1 million had completed the journey to settle permanently in the United States.

8. Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy at least 6 Times

Donald Trump is well known for his wealth and entrepreneurship. He is known for his TV show that discussed wealth and business as well.

However, despite Trump’s enormous wealth and business charisma, Trump has gone bankrupt four times. Today, it is not easier as Donald Trump faces huge legal fines for ongoing court cases related to his presidency and personal life.

Trump had business deals go sour and lose money at first related to his casino, especially the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City. His legal troubles have also hurt his finances and even are claiming his properties as we speak right now today.

Currently, Trump is facing financial as well legal issues. Trump’s indictments include charges of conspiracy to even defraud the United States government.

9. Trump takes advantages of the legal system and laws to be a successful businessman and remove debts

Trump takes advantages of the legal system

For example, not many realize that Trump would be proud of his law and his businesses, but he has not hid this fact. As a real estate developer and casino operator and former reality-television star, Trump has been instrumental in being savvy to make his businesses grow with maximum benefit.

Trump is often cited as being wholly independent but he utilized the government in terms of his bankruptcies. For example, with Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Trump was allowed with these companies to restructure. Essentially, Trump could remove much of his debt to other companies. As well, this protected Trump against creditors, and shareholders.

In the past, Trump has stated that he used the laws of this country just like the greatest people by making sure the laws help him.  Trump has been very clear to use the laws of the United States to do a great job for his companies, employees, myself and his family.

All in all, Trump has taken advantage of Chapter 11 “reorganization.” This Chapter 11 filing allows businessesses to become more efficient and on better terms with its creditors. In the end, Trump uses federal laws to protect his interests and show his clever business acumen

10. Trump has had more legal cases and problems than most presidents or people

When we think of legal issues, Trump may have the worst fortune for sure. But, his legal woes continue every day and every hour and thus change all the time. For example, in 2024, Trump is presently facing 19 legal actions, from alleged financial improprieties and speculation inconsistencies to even his role in the 6 January insurrection

In general, Trump is presently facing 40 felony charges in the classified documents case. This is yet another case that has been ongoing and even affects the current president, Joe Biden. At the movement, the most serious and damaging charge carries a penalty and sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

Trump’s problems are mainly with his financial wrongdoings that made him more money and his present fortune. Moreover, Trump’s role in the January 6 2021 insurrection and coup attempt is still being questioned and investigated. And most seriously, Trump’s alleged interference in the 2020 election is still being discussed and scrutinized legally.