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Usain Bolt: The World‘s Fastest Man

Full Name Usain St Leo Bolt
Age 37
Birthday August 21, 1986
Birthplace Sherwood Content, Jamaica
Height 6′ 5′′
Net Worth $90 million
Relationship In a relationship
Social Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Watching History Unfold

As a longtime fan who‘s been following Bolt since his early races, it‘s been incredible watching him shatter records and ascend to legend status…

Getting to Know the Man

Beyond the track, Bolt is known for his charisma and good-natured personality. I‘ll never forget the time I met him backstage after winning gold in London…

Cementing His Legacy

With his unprecedented Olympic triple doubles and larger-than-life persona, Bolt has left an indelible mark on track and field…

To me, Usain Bolt represents the pinnacle of human speed and athletic achievement. But even more, he embodies the irrepressible Jamaican spirit…