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Van McCann

Full Name Ryan Evan McCann
Age 31
Birthday August 1, 1992
Birth Sign Leo
Born Wales
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Van McCann is a multi-platinum selling singer and songwriter from Wales. He is the frontman of the rock band Catfish and the Bottlemen and is widely recognized for his raw and authentic songwriting style.

Early Musical Development

McCann was born in Wales and grew up in a musical household. He was inspired by acts like Oasis and Arctic Monkeys, citing them as influences. McCann‘s uncle gifted him a guitar as a child and taught him how to play, planting the seeds for his future music career.

Catfish and the Bottlemen‘s Origins and Breakthrough

McCann formed Catfish and the Bottlemen in 2007 while still a teenager. After honing their sound through EPs and tireless touring, the band broke through to the mainstream with their 2014 debut album The Balcony. Propelled by singles like "Kathleen" and "Cocoon," the album went platinum in the UK.

Hit Albums and Global Success

Catfish‘s 2016 sophomore record The Ride marked their first UK Number 1 album and featured the hits "7" and "Twice." Their 2019 album The Balance also reached the UK Top 10 with fan favorites like "Longshot" and "Fluctuate." The band has since ascended to playing major festivals around the world.

Signature Musical Style and Songwriting

McCann‘s candid, conversational lyrics and soaring vocals have become a signature part of Catfish‘s appeal. Songs like "Fallout" and "2all" exemplify his ability to turn personal experiences into rousing indie anthems. There is both intimacy and arena-ready bombast to his songwriting.

Collaborations and Other Projects

Outside Catfish, McCann has worked with artists like The Night Cafe and YONAKA, lending his vocals and production skills. He also founded his own label, Lost Recordings, to foster emerging talent. McCann approaches each project with passion, whether it‘s writing songs or shaping new artists.

Legacy as Indie Rock Frontman

With his magnetic stage presence, relatable lyrics, and vocal intensity, McCann has cemented himself as one of indie rock‘s most talented frontmen. He pours unfiltered emotion into Catfish‘s records and live shows, helping forge an authentic connection with fans. McCann‘s singular style and charisma will undoubtedly inspire future generations of rock singers.