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Victoria Caputo: Long Island Medium‘s Rising Psychic Star

Full Name: Victoria Caputo

Age: 28 years old

Birthday: September 27, 1994

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Birthplace: Hicksville, New York

Net Worth: Estimated $2 million

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Victoria Caputo, better known as "Long Island Medium," is an American reality star renowned for her psychic abilities and ability to communicate with the dead. As the daughter of Theresa Caputo, Victoria has quickly become a breakout star in her own right on TLC‘s hit show by showcasing uncanny intuitive gifts similar to her mother‘s.

Background and Upbringing

Born in Hicksville, New York to parents Theresa and Larry Caputo, Victoria‘s life has been anything but ordinary since childhood. Her mother‘s mediumship provided an unusual backdrop to daily life. Victoria realized she could also perceive spirits at age 10, and her own psychic gifts steadily blossomed from there.

Growing up, Victoria developed a close bond with her extroverted, lively mother. She admired how Theresa‘s work profoundly comforted grieving clients. Inspired by Theresa‘s compassion and willingness to embrace her calling openly, Victoria felt drawn to follow the same path. However, Victoria has also spoken candidly about how managing her abilities remains an ongoing process, from learning to set better boundaries with persistent spirits to protecting her energy.

Joining Long Island Medium

Victoria began appearing on Long Island Medium in 2011 as her mother‘s assistant, helping Theresa organize appointments and providing emotional support to clients. Initially shy in front of the camera, Victoria soon warmed up and showcased her own impressive psychic talents.

Over the seasons, Victoria has delivered stunningly accurate messages to clients from their departed loved ones. Some of her most memorable readings include connecting a mother with her late daughter‘s spirit and channeling loving validation from a father to his grieving son.

According to Victoria, working alongside her mother enabled her to fully embrace her gifts. Despite initial anxiety about appearing on the show, it became a growth experience that gave Victoria great confidence. "I‘m proud to show the world who I really am," she has said.

Victoria‘s Zodiac Sign Offers Insight Into Her Gifts

As a Libra, Victoria exemplifies many classic traits of her air sign. Libras are cooperative, fair-minded, and longing for harmony – all qualities that help Victoria deliver healing messages as a medium. Her balanced approach allows spirits to speak through her gracefully. As a socially adaptable Libra, Victoria also relates well to all different clients.

Libra‘s ruling planet is Venus, associated with beauty, art, and empathy. Victoria channels Venus through her aesthetic tastes and compassion for others. Her charming and optimistic nature also shines light in difficult readings. Overall, Victoria‘s Libra qualities make her well-equipped to bridge the gap between this world and the next.

Other Television Work

Aside from Long Island Medium, Victoria has appeared on other popular television shows to showcase her mediumship. In 2017, she was a guest on The Dr. Oz Show and relayed specific messages from audience members‘ deceased loved ones, stunning Dr. Oz with her accuracy.

Victoria also co-starred with her mother Theresa in the 2018 TLC holiday special Long Island Medium: Christmas Spirit. In this heartwarming episode, Victoria connected clients with holiday messages from late family members, even identifying one spirit‘s cause of death. Her performance impressed fans and critics.

Life Outside Television

Despite her celebrity status, Victoria tries to live a normal life when not filming her reality shows. "I‘m just a regular 20-something trying to figure it all out," she told Newsday in an interview. She enjoys close relationships with both parents and her only sibling, an older brother named Larry Jr.

While fully embracing her psychic gifts on-camera, Victoria has also worked a range of jobs between filming like any millennial making ends meet. She prefers keeping the details of her dating life private out of the spotlight, although rumors suggest she has a long-term boyfriend who stays off the show.

In her downtime, Victoria enjoys traveling, spending quality time with close friends, staying active with yoga and hiking, and indulging her passion for animal rescue as an animal shelter volunteer.

What Sets Victoria Apart

Fans are drawn to Victoria‘s warm, down-to-earth presence on Long Island Medium. Her humility and self-deprecating humor lend a relatability and accessibility uncommon among celebrity mediums. Despite her youth, Victoria exhibits maturity, compassion, and grace when delivering messages from spirit.

Importantly, Victoria isn‘t afraid to be real and show vulnerability with clients about her own struggles learning to navigate her gifts. This authenticity allows the experience to stay focused on the client, unlike mediums who insert ego. Her natural chemistry with clients comes across as genuine, not staged.

According to fans, Victoria blends her mother‘s uncanny abilities seamlessly with her own modern, bubbly, and candid personal style. Victoria represents the new generation of psychic mediums making spirit communication feel relevant, hopeful, and healing for today‘s world.

Fun Facts About Victoria

  • Her favorite shows are Friends and The Office. She‘s seen every episode of both multiple times!
  • She‘s passionate about animal rescue and volunteers regularly at local shelters. Victoria hopes to adopt more rescue dogs soon.
  • Victoria still gets pre-reading jitters just like her mom Theresa, and relies on meditation, prayer, sage and positive affirmations.
  • Her celebrity crush is Zac Efron ever since seeing him in High School Musical as a kid.
  • To stay active, Victoria loves rotating between yoga classes, hiking nature trails, and intense SoulCycle spin sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Victoria Caputo‘s birthday?

Victoria‘s birthday is September 27, 1994. She is currently 28 years old.

Where is Victoria Caputo from?

Victoria is originally from Hicksville, New York and was raised there by parents Theresa and Larry Caputo.

What is Victoria Caputo‘s net worth?

Estimated around $2 million as of 2022, Victoria‘s net worth comes partially from her long-running role on Long Island Medium over the past decade.

Is Victoria Caputo single?

Yes, Victoria appears currently single and unattached. She keeps her dating life very private out of the media spotlight.