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William Shatner: An Iconic and Prolific Star Trek Actor

As a life-long Star Trek fan, William Shatner has been a hero of mine since childhood. His portrayal as Captain James T. Kirk cemented Shatner as a pop culture icon and kickstarted his illustrious acting career spanning over 60 years.

William Shatner Overview

Full Name: William Shatner
Age: 91 years old

Birthday: March 22, 1931
Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Height: 5′ 10′′
Net Worth: $100 million

Early Life and Career

William Shatner was born in Montreal, Quebec on March 22, 1931. From a young age, he became passionate about acting and performed in school plays. He trained at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival after graduating from McGill University.

In the 1950s, Shatner‘s acting career took off in Canadian television and radio. He made his Broadway debut in 1954 and started gaining acclaim for live TV plays. His memorable film role in 1958‘s The Brothers Karamazov paved the way for his future success.

Achieving Iconic Status as Captain Kirk

Shatner rocketed to international fame as Captain Kirk on the original Star Trek series from 1966-1969. As the bold, decisive leader of the Starship Enterprise, Shatner became beloved by fans and influenced generations of future science fiction heroes. Though short-lived, Star Trek exploded in popularity through syndication and conventions.

Shatner reprised his iconic role in an animated series and seven major films starting in 1979. His commanding screen presence and unique line delivery as Kirk made him a legend. Shatner‘s portrayal became integral to Star Trek‘s rise as a cultural phenomenon.

William Shatner‘s Acting Career Timeline

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  • 1950s – Early acting work in Canadian radio and television
  • 1954 – Broadway debut in Tamburlaine the Great
  • 1958 – Film debut in The Brothers Karamazov
  • 1966-1969 – Rise to fame as Captain Kirk on Star Trek
  • 1973-1974 – Voiced Kirk in Star Trek: The Animated Series
  • 1979-1994 – Starred in 7 Star Trek films
  • 1982-1986 – Played lead role on T.J. Hooker TV series
  • 1989-1996 – Hosted reality show Rescue 911
  • 2004-2008 – Won 2 Emmys for Boston Legal role as Denny Crane
  • 2011-2015 – Starred on sitcom $#*! My Dad Says
  • Recent – Continues acting in movies, shows, and commercials

Why William Shatner is so Beloved

Iconic Persona – Shatner‘s unique acting style, pause-filled line delivery and confident screen presence as Captain Kirk made him a pop culture icon.

Dedication to Fans – He embraces his fame and tirelessly engages with fans through conventions, interviews, and memoirs.

Comedic Sensibilities – With self-deprecating wit, Shatner is willing to poke fun at his persona in late night sketches and comedy roasts.

Writing Talent – His novels based on Star Trek and other imaginative ideas highlight his creative mind.

Multi-Talented Pursuits – From music albums to producing documentaries, Shatner follows his passions across entertainment.

5 Fascinating Facts About William Shatner

1. Early Odd Job – To make ends meet as a young actor, he worked as a night manager at a Canadian railroad board company.

2. Champion Equestrian – An avid horse rider, Shatner competes in equestrian events and founded a massive 360-acre horse farm.

3. Real-Life Heroics – In 1999, he rescued a drowning man while on set filming a movie.

4. Millions of Twitter Followers – Shatner engages with nearly 3 million followers through his active social media presence.

5. Futuristic Burial – His plans for after death include having some ashes carried into space on a rocket by Celestis Memorial Spaceflights.

William Shatner‘s Legacy

William Shatner has cemented his place in entertainment history through his iconic Original Series role and decades-long prolific career across TV, film, books, music, and more. He has left an indelible impact on pop culture with his memorable persona that has been parodied and homaged for generations. With his millions of fans, Shatner will live on as a true Hollywood legend.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is William Shatner‘s birthday?

William Shatner was born on March 22, 1931. He is currently 91 years old.

What is William Shatner‘s net worth?

William Shatner has an estimated net worth of $100 million. He accumulated his wealth through acting in film and television, as well as other business ventures and endorsements.