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Full Name Amir Amor
Age 32
Birthday [December 26, 1990](
Birth Sign [Capricorn](
Born Atlanta, Georgia
Relationship Single
Height 6‘2"
Net Worth $8 million
Social [Instagram](

Woop, born Amir Amor, is an American rapper and songwriter known for his illustrious career in the trap and hip-hop music scene. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Woop has become one of the most promising and influential young talents in rap thanks to his melodic flows, unforgettable hooks and vivid storytelling.

With hits like "Back At It Again," "Office Musik" and "Computers Freakin‘," Woop has earned multi-platinum certification and developed a dedicated fanbase drawn to his unique vocal delivery and lived-in lyrics. His music pays homage to Southern trap sounds while weaving in nostalgic R&B hooks and references that give his songs widespread appeal across hip-hop audiences.

About Woop

Woop first made waves in 2015 with his breakthrough mixtape ‘Liquor & Music‘, which highlighted his raspy, soulful flow and knack for catchy choruses. Songs like "Pour Me Another" and "Zones" showed off his signature blend of mellow production and hard-hitting bars.

While Woop started out as just another street rapper, he quickly gained more artistic depth, incorporating compelling storylines and socially conscious themes into tracks like "Letter to My Son" and "Dreams & Nightmares." As XXL Magazine notes, "Woop‘s music matures with each release as he delves into lyrics that motivate and uplift just as much as they turn up."

Woop has cited artists like Tupac, Nas, Andre 3000, Jeezy and Gucci Mane as influences, and you can hear echoes of their styles in his vocal delivery and beat selection. However, Woop ultimately has a musical identity all his own thanks to his syrupy melodies and layered harmonies that float over bass-heavy trap foundations.

Woop Timeline

  • 1990 – Born Amir Amor in Atlanta, GA
  • 2007 – Starts rapping and performing locally at high school talent shows
  • 2012 – Releases first tracks on SoundCloud under name "Woopie"
  • 2015 – Drops breakthrough mixtape ‘Liquor & Music‘
  • 2016 – Changes name to Woop and hits #2 on Billboard Hip-Hop chart with "Back At It Again"
  • 2017 – Releases sophomore mixtape ‘Zones‘ followed by viral hit "Office Musik"
  • 2018 – Tours with Drake and J. Cole, collabs with Travis Scott on "Computers Freakin‘"
  • 2019 – Wins Best New Hip-Hop Artist at the BET Awards
  • 2020 – Releases debut studio album ‘The Introduction‘, achieves first #1 single with "Mo Cash"
  • 2021 – Launches record label "Woop World" to sign up-and-coming artists
  • 2022 – Drops personal documentary "The Woop Tapes" on YouTube

Why We Love Woop

There are many reasons Woop has resonated so strongly with hip-hop fans:

  • Melodic, raspy flow – Woop‘s unique gravelly vocals give his music an instantly recognizable sound. His voice drips with soul.
  • Infectious hooks – Whether it‘s "Back At It Again" or "Mo Cash," Woop has a knack for crafting catchy, sing-along choruses that stick in your head for days.
  • Vivid storytelling – Tracks like "Letter to My Son" showcase Woop‘s talent for crafting cinematic tales full of emotion and life lessons.
  • Southern sound – Coming from ATL, Woop reps the South with his slowed-down beats, impactful basslines and nods to trap music.
  • Artistic versatility – While he can bang out turn-up anthems, Woop also layers his tracks with social commentary and uplifting messages.

5 Interesting Facts About Woop

  1. His stage name "Woop" comes from his childhood nickname "Woopie."
  2. Before rapping, he was a point guard for his high school basketball team.
  3. He has a diamond tattoo on his right hand in honor of achieving diamond certification (10 million units) for his hit "Back At It Again."
  4. Woop is a sneakerhead with a collection of over 500 pairs of rare Jordans and Nikes.
  5. He cites Tupac as his greatest musical inspiration and has a tattoo of Tupac on his back.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Woop get his start in rap?
Woop first started rapping and performing locally in Atlanta as a teenager in 2007. He began releasing tracks online under the name "Woopie" in 2012 before adopting the moniker "Woop" with his breakthrough mixtape in 2015.

What producers has Woop worked with?
Woop is closely affiliated with Atlanta producers like Zaytoven, Metro Boomin and Sonny Digital. He‘s also collaborated with super producers like Murda Beatz, Vinylz and Allen Ritter over the years.

How did Woop get discovered?
Woop‘s early tracks created local buzz in Atlanta‘s hip-hop scene. His mixtape ‘Liquor & Music‘ ended up in the hands of labels like 300 Ent, leading to his first record deal.

Who has Woop collaborated with?
Woop has released popular collabs with Drake, Travis Scott, J. Cole, Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Future and more top rappers. He‘s considered one of the hottest featured artists.

Is Woop currently on tour?
Yes, Woop is touring nationally through the end of 2022 in support of his latest album ‘The Introduction.‘ He‘ll be hitting major venues in over 25 cities.