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Full Name Félix Lengyel
Age 27
Birthday November 12, 1995
Birthplace Laval, Quebec, Canada
Occupation Streamer, Personality, Former Pro Gamer
Net Worth $10 million (estimated)

Félix Lengyel, better known by his online alias xQc, is one of the most popular and influential streamers on Twitch. As a long-time fan who‘s been watching since his early Overwatch days, it‘s been incredible to witness his meteoric rise to stardom.

Early Life and Background

Félix grew up in Laval, Quebec alongside his older sister. From a young age, he was drawn to gaming and competition. He played hockey competitively in his youth before discovering a passion for eSports.

After hitting high ranks in games like World of Warcraft, Félix decided to pursue professional gaming. He studied computer science at CEGEP Saint-Laurent, balancing his education with competing in various games. It was during these college years that he laid the foundation for his future career.

Professional Gaming Career

When Overwatch launched in 2016, Félix immediately dedicated himself to mastering it, gaining recognition as one of the best tank players in North America. After excelling on amateur teams, his skills earned him a contract with Dallas Fuel for the inaugural Overwatch League season.

As main tank, Félix helped lead Dallas Fuel using his elite skills on Winston and Reinhardt. He delivered several standout performances, like the time he gained 56% of his team‘s kills against Seoul Dynasty. However, he was released in 2018 for repeated code of conduct issues.

After Dallas, Félix continued competing professionally, representing Team Canada at the Overwatch World Cup. But soon, his passion shifted to full-time streaming.

Rise to Twitch Stardom

Félix began casually streaming Overwatch in 2016 under the name xQcOW. But after joining Dallas Fuel, he started taking streaming more seriously.

In early 2018, his charismatic personality and high-energy streams led him to become the most followed channel on Twitch, surpassing Ninja. His viewer count and sub numbers skyrocketed.

By mid-2020, xQc was averaging over 20,000 subs per month and had over 60,000 active subscribers. In April 2021, he reached the incredible milestone of 9,035 active subs in a single day – more than any other channel.

Today, xQc streams daily to over 11 million followers and holds several all-time streaming records. It‘s been surreal watching his rise over the years.

Controversies and Bans

With great popularity comes scrutiny. xQc has faced some major controversies over the years:

  • Repeated bans from Twitch for showing inappropriate content
  • Public feuds with other streamers and players
  • Promoting gambling websites despite having a young audience
  • Downplaying COVID-19 during early days of the pandemic

While he‘s made mistakes, I believe he has grown significantly as a streamer. He appears to have learned from past errors and is focused on maturing professionally.


Despite the scandals, xQc‘s impact on streaming culture cannot be understated. His rise signals a shift in entertainment towards energetic, relatable personalities who engage intimately with fans.

After following his journey all these years, it‘s been amazing to witness firsthand the meteoric rise of one of Twitch‘s biggest stars. His non-stop hustle and work ethic are unmatched. Even beyond streaming, Félix‘s legacy is sure to impact internet culture for years to come.