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Yeji – The Talented Leader of ITZY

With her captivating stage presence and powerful vocals, Yeji has quickly become one of the most popular K-pop idols of her generation. As the leader and main vocalist of the hit girl group ITZY, Yeji is a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop industry.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Yeji was born on May 26, 2000 in South Korea. From a young age, she was passionate about singing and dancing. She joined a dance troupe in high school and even won first place in the National Dance Competition in South Korea at age 11. Her talent was evident early on.

In 2016, while still in high school, Yeji won the Korean National Music Competition, showcasing her impressive vocals. She made her television debut on the show "High School Rapper" in 2017, gaining attention for her well-rounded skills.

Debut with ITZY

In 2019, Yeji joined JYP Entertainment‘s new girl group, ITZY, as the leader and main vocalist. The group made their debut in February 2019 with the single "Dalla Dalla", which was a huge hit. Yeji‘s unique vocal tone and dance skills were a standout part of their debut.

ITZY quickly rose to fame with popular singles like "Icy", "Wannabe", and "Not Shy". They won their first music show award in 2020 with "Wannabe", and made their Billboard chart debut in 2021. As ITZY‘s leader, Yeji plays an important role in the group‘s success.

Solo Activities

Aside from her group activities, Yeji has taken on some solo projects over the years. In 2018, she released her first solo EP called "It‘s Yeji". She was also the first K-pop idol to be featured in Vogue magazine in their June 2019 edition.

In 2021, Yeji made her solo debut with the single "Hear Me" and its music video. Her solo tracks have allowed her to showcase her artistry outside of ITZY.


Yeji‘s talents have earned her numerous accolades over the years. In 2019, she won Best New Female Artist at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. She also won Best Dance Performance Female Solo in 2020 for her song "What You Waiting For".

What Makes Yeji So Captivating

There are many reasons why Yeji has become such a popular idol:

  • Her unique vocal tone – Yeji has a warm, husky timbre to her voice that makes her stand out.
  • Dance skills – She is an incredible dancer, blending power and precision.
  • Stage presence – Yeji has the "it factor" that immediately draws eyes to her during performances.
  • Work ethic – She is known for her strong discipline and work ethic as ITZY‘s leader.
  • Personality – Yeji has a bright and fun-loving personality that shines both on and off stage.

Fun Facts About Yeji

  • Her nicknames are ≤Ggamji (puppy) and ≤Short Hair Fairy.
  • She trained for 2 years under JYP before debuting with ITZY.
  • Her role models are IU and Hwasa from Mamamoo.
  • She loves eating jokbal (pig‘s feet dish).
  • Yeji is scared of heights and ghosts.

Yeji‘s Future

At just 23 years old, Yeji still has an incredibly bright future ahead of her. She continues to impress fans with her vocals and performances as ITZY promotes their latest singles. We can expect great things from Yeji as she develops further as an artist and performer over the coming years. With her drive and talent, the sky is the limit for this K-pop star!