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Zach King: Master of Digital Magic

Age 33
Birthday February 4, 1990
Birth Place Portland, Oregon, United States
Occupation YouTuber, Influencer, Filmmaker
Years Active 2009–present
Spouse Rachel Holm (m. 2013)
Children 1 daughter
Followers 55+ million across social media

Zach King is an online magician famous for his inventive stop-motion films, often made with major youth brands like Lego and Disney. With over 55 million followers across social platforms, he has mastered the art of creating 6-second videos that showcase mind-bending magic tricks and illusions.

Path to Digital Stardom

King‘s passion for filmmaking started in childhood. He spent hours making stop-motion videos with his action figures and Legos. This early interest in visual effects paved the way for his future career.

In high school, King started posting comedic vines. As he honed his video editing skills, his 6-second loops went viral. By 2013, he had amassed over 3 million followers on Vine. Fans couldn‘t get enough of his funny magic tricks and clever video edits that created mind-bending illusions.

When Vine shut down, King successfully translated his unique style to YouTube. He steadily expanded into vlogs, longer-form videos, and brand collaborations. Today he has over 18 million YouTube subscribers and scores of videos with tens of millions of views.

Master of Illusion Videos

King has captivated millions worldwide with his digital illusions. Some of his most iconic tricks include:

  • Making his head disappear with a swipe of a hand
  • Getting attacked by a lightsaber-wielding Darth Vader
  • Walking through the screen into an alternate universe
  • Unfolding an iPhone box to reveal an actual giant phone inside
  • Bringing Disney characters to life by interacting with their figurines

Each short clip can take days of preparation with careful storyboarding, camera angles, and hidden edits. The final illusion feels like magic.

Beyond just technical skills, King‘s videos showcase tremendous creativity. He incorporates pop culture icons, plays with viewer perception, and adds humor to build engaging plots within mere seconds.

By the Numbers

  • 55+ million followers across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok
  • 18.4 million YouTube subscribers and 5 billion views
  • Over 2.5 billion video views in 2021 alone
  • Scored #1 on Forbes‘ 2017 Top Influencers – Entertainment list
  • Has collaborated with brands like Oreo, Disney, Uber Eats and BMW
  • Published the book "My Magical Life" in 2015

His Creative Spirit

Beyond the mind-blowing stats, King represents an optimistic, friendly face on social media. His videos bring out a sense of childlike wonder in viewers across generations. As King himself has said:

"I want to inspire others to think creatively, to pursue joy, and to make magic with whatever abilities they‘ve been given."

For over a decade, Zach King has pushed boundaries and spread joy through 6-second magic tricks. He has cemented himself as a pioneer of short digital video content. As new platforms arise, we can expect King to continue wowing audiences with his one-of-a-kind magical illusions.