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Introduction to Christian Hip Hop Artist Zauntee

Full Name Zauntee
Age 24
Birthday May 21, 1999
Birth Sign Gemini
Born United States
Relationship Single
Height 5‘11
Net Worth $300,000
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

Zauntee is an American rapper and songwriter from South Carolina who is known for his chart-topping singles, "No More" and "God‘s Got It". He has become a prominent voice of inspiration for many.

Early Life and Musical Influences

Born in South Carolina in 1999, Zauntee grew up singing in church choirs and listening to gospel music. However, in his teens he fell in love with hip hop and started writing his own raps and songs. Some of his biggest influences were Christian rappers like Lecrae, NF, and Trip Lee.

Zauntee has shared how he almost got caught up in the wrong crowds and activities as a teen. But his faith kept him grounded and focused on music. He would often rap his personal struggles and triumphs over beats in his bedroom.

In 2016 at just 17 years old, Zauntee recorded his first mixtape "The Introduction" in a small local studio. The mixtape really showcased his potential, catching the ear of producers in South Carolina. They helped him start recording more music and performing live shows.

Breakthrough Single "Jesus Music"

Zauntee‘s big break came in 2019 when he released the smash single "Jesus Music", which fused hip hop with electronic dance elements. The high-energy worship song resonated with a wide audience, quickly accumulating millions of streams.

Within months "Jesus Music" had over 3 million Spotify streams. It peaked at #2 on the iTunes Christian charts. Moreover, it earned Zauntee a coveted spot on Complex‘s Best New Music list – a rare achievement for an unsigned Christian hip hop artist.

"Jesus Music" remains Zauntee‘s most popular song to date. It showed his ability to blend genres and make inspirational music that appeals to the masses. The runaway success of this single marked a turning point in his career.

Uplifting Messages in His Music

The driving force behind Zauntee‘s music is a passion for crafting uplifting songs centered on faith. His lyrics aim to motivate and inspire listeners through autobiographical storytelling.

Songs like "Set Me Free" reflect on the liberation that comes from letting go of anxiety and fear. "Against the Enemy" is an anthem of resilience about standing firm in your identity when facing life‘s challenges.

Zauntee also incorporates scripture, worship lyrics, and overcoming adversity into his music. But he delivers these messages gently through personal anecdotes rather than preaching. His relatable style helps listeners see themselves in the songs.

Overcoming Hardships

One recurring theme in Zauntee‘s music is overcoming the hardships he has faced in life, including suicidal thoughts, depression, violence, and poverty in his community. Songs like "Enough" and "Scars" confront these struggles head-on.

Rather than glamorizing his past troubles, Zauntee aims to inspire those experiencing similar battles. His music spreads the message that no matter what you‘re going through, there is always hope.


Zauntee has worked with both Christian and mainstream artists on collaborative tracks. These include…

Passion for Fashion

Beyond music, Zauntee has a vibrant fashion sense that reflects his creative spirit. He loves combining streetwear with a retro flair, often sporting colorful patterns and statement pieces. Zauntee also designs custom apparel and merchandise for his musical projects.

In interviews, he‘s stated fashion allows him to fully express himself. His bold aesthetic mirrors the innovation found throughout his catalog.

Continued Success and Dedicated Fanbase

Since his breakthrough, Zauntee has continued riding a wave of success within the Christian hip hop scene. He has over 750,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and 550,000 Instagram followers.

His concerts consistently sell out, fueled by his passionate fanbase. At shows Zauntee brings an explosive energy, performing songs back-to-back while diving into the crowd. Fans love that he stops to pray with them and take photos after shows.

In 2022 Zauntee released his debut studio album ‘God Taught Me‘ which topped numerous Christian music charts. He continues dropping new singles every few months, averaging over 1 million streams per song.

Given his uniqueness and talent, Zauntee seems poised to keep growing his audience and impact. At just 24, he is only beginning to tap into his potential as an artist.