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Hello Friend – Let‘s Compare Sun Joe vs Greenworks Cordless Mowers

Lawn mowing is one of those tasks that needs to get done, rain or shine. But pushing a heavy, loud gas mower that spews fumes isn‘t much fun. Thankfully, cordless electric mowers provide a modern, green alternative. And two brands – Sun Joe and Greenworks – stand out for their budget-friendly prices.

In this guide, we‘ll compare Sun Joe‘s iON cordless mower to the Greenworks 40V model. By looking closely at the specs and features, we can figure out which mower is the right fit for your yard.

A Brief History of Sun Joe and Greenworks

First, let‘s look at where these two brands came from:

Sun Joe

Sun Joe is a subsidiary of Snow Joe, LLC, a company founded in 2004 that specializes in electric and battery-powered lawn and garden tools. They are based in New Jersey and aim to provide quality green tools at affordable prices. The Sun Joe brand focuses specifically on electric mowers and outdoor power equipment.


Greenworks Tools is owned by Globally Gateway Solutions, founded in 2008 in North Carolina. They manufacture outdoor power equipment including lawn mowers, blowers, chainsaws, and more. Their mission is to provide environmentally responsible, battery-powered tools for home use.

Both brands have established themselves as leaders in the cordless electric mower space. Next let‘s see how their flagship models compare.

Key Specs and Features

When it comes to cordless mower performance, power source, cutting width, and weight are some of the most important factors. Here is an at-a-glance overview:

Specs Sun Joe iON Greenworks 40V
Power Source 40V 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery Dual 40V 4Ah + 2Ah lithium-ion batteries
Cutting Width 16-inch deck 20-inch deck
Weight 37.3 lbs 42.5 lbs
Motor 600W brushless Brushless (wattage not disclosed)
Cutting Height 1.18 – 3.15 inches (6 height positions) 1 3⁄4 – 3 3⁄8 inches (5 height positions)
Special Features None Dual blades, mulching and bagging options

Reviewing the basic specs shows us that the Greenworks model has more power with its dual battery design, a wider cutting deck, and extra features like dual blades and mulching/bagging. But it‘s also heavier than the Sun Joe by about 5 pounds.

Now let‘s dig into the details on those key factors like power source, cutting width, runtime, and more.

Power Source

The power source – the batteries and motor – largely determine how efficiently and effectively a cordless mower can do its job mowing your lawn.

Sun Joe iON

The Sun Joe iON mower runs on a single 40V, 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery powering a 600W brushless motor. The 40V battery provides sufficient voltage, while the 4.0Ah rating indicates the amount of energy the battery can store.

So the Sun Joe offers a solid power source, but with only one battery you have a limited runtime before needing to recharge.

Greenworks 40V

Greenworks packs a punch with its dual 40V battery system, using one 4.0Ah and one 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery together. The wattage of the brushless motor is not specified, but having two batteries means more energy and longer runtime.

The dual battery design gives Greenworks an edge when it comes to power and the ability to mow for longer periods uninterrupted.

Cutting Width

The cutting width determines how much grass you can cut in a single pass – a wider deck means getting the yard mowed faster.

Sun Joe iON

The Sun Joe uses a 16-inch cutting deck. This narrower width is best suited for smaller yards under 1⁄4 acre. It will require more passes to mow larger areas.

Greenworks 40V

Greenworks built their mower with a 20-inch cutting deck, giving it a 4-inch advantage over the Sun Joe. The wider cutting path can shave significant time off mowing medium or bigger sized lawns.

If you have a small, simple yard, the Sun Joe‘s 16-inch width may suffice. But for larger areas, the Greenworks 20-inch cutting swath is much more efficient.


One of the biggest concerns with any battery-powered tool is runtime – how long can you use it before the battery dies? With cordless mowers, you want maximum mowing time before needing a recharge.

Sun Joe iON

The 4.0Ah 40V Sun Joe battery provides up to 40 minutes of mowing time on a full charge. For small spaces, you may be able to complete your whole yard in one session. But for larger areas, you‘ll be stopping to recharge multiple times.

Greenworks 40V

Thanks to the dual battery system, Greenworks touts a runtime upwards of 70 minutes when using both batteries in sequence. That‘s almost double the Sun Joe‘s operating time. You can mow for over an hour straight, providing more flexibility for larger yards.

The Greenworks‘ exceptional battery life is a major selling point for people who don’t want to have to stop repeatedly to recharge batteries while mowing.

Special Features

Today‘s cordless mowers provide features that make mowing easier and improve cutting efficiency. Let‘s see how Sun Joe and Greenworks compare in this regard.

Sun Joe iON

The Sun Joe takes a basic, no-frills approach. It does not offer any standout features beyond the cordless convenience itself. There is no mulching plug or dual blades to enhance cutting performance. For people seeking just a straightforward mowing experience, the lack of extra features won‘t matter.

Greenworks 40V

Greenworks beefed up their mower with a few useful add-ons:

  • Dual blades: Two blades instead of one improve cutting power and grass discharge.

  • Mulching capability: The mulching plug allows you to recycle clippings into the soil.

  • Battery fuel gauge: See how much charge is left in each battery.

While not necessary, these extras provide added value for the increased price of the Greenworks model.


One benefit of battery-powered mowers is they tend to weigh less than bulky gas mowers. But weight still affects maneuverability, so let‘s look at the difference:

Sun Joe iON

Weighing in at just 37.3 lbs, the Sun Joe is incredibly lightweight for a walk-behind mower. Its compact size and lower weight make it very easy to steer and move.

Greenworks 40V

Despite having dual batteries, the Greenworks mower still tips the scales at only 42.5 lbs. While slightly heavier than the Sun Joe, it‘s still easy to maneuver thanks to the cordless design.

In summary, both mowers are significantly lighter than gas models. But the Sun Joe does have the weight advantage for maximum portability.


The warranty provides important insight into how long each manufacturer expects their mower to last.

Sun Joe iON

Sun Joe protects the iON mower with a 2-year limited warranty covering defects and workmanship. Two years is the standard for most consumer outdoor power equipment.

Greenworks 40V

Greenworks offers outstanding coverage with a 4-year limited warranty, double that of Sun Joe. The extra warranty duration demonstrates Greenworks‘ confidence in their mower‘s durability.

The Greenworks 4-year warranty is almost unheard of for equipment in this price range.


Of course, price plays a major role in any purchasing decision. Here‘s how the mowers compare:

Sun Joe iON

The Sun Joe iON 40V cordless mower sells for $287.99 (for the mower, battery, and charger). This very affordable price makes it accessible for most homeowners. If your budget is tight, Sun Joe offers great value.

Greenworks 40V

The Greenworks 40V cordless mower retails for $379.99 including both the 4Ah and 2Ah batteries plus the charger. While costing nearly $100 more than the Sun Joe, you are getting a higher-powered machine with premium features.

The Bottom Line

Now that we‘ve looked closely at the specifications, performance, features, and costs of the Sun Joe vs Greenworks mowers, which model comes out on top?

For smaller yards on a budget, the Sun Joe iON is the winner. At under $300, it‘s an incredible value for a basic cordless mower. It will handle small lawn maintenance efficiently.

For large yards wanting premium features, Greenworks 40V is worth the upgrade. With 70+ minutes of mowing time, a 20-inch cutting deck, and extras like a 4-year warranty and dual blades, Greenworks is the heavy duty choice for big lawns.

Both companies make high-quality, affordable cordless electric mowers. Choose the one tailored best to your specific lawn care needs. And say goodbye to the headaches of corded or gas mowers!