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Discover the Most Expensive LEGO Set in the World

For over 90 years, LEGO has inspired children and adults alike to build incredible creations out of simple plastic bricks. But these are far more than just toys – elaborate and intricate LEGO sets featuring thousands of pieces sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. They require immense dedication to construct, becoming showpieces for serious collectors and LEGO enthusiasts.

The current Guinness World Record holder for the most expensive LEGO set is the #75912 LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon. This stunning replica of Han Solo‘s iconic starship from the Star Wars saga contains a whopping 7,541 pieces and originally retailed for $849.99 when it was released in 2017.

Let‘s explore the fascinating history of LEGO, this set‘s meticulous details, and why it has commanded such premium prices among collectors.

How LEGO Became a Global Phenomenon

LEGO began modestly in 1932 in the workshop of Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen. For over a decade, the company focused on manufacturing wooden toys. Then, in 1949, LEGO made the shift to producing early plastic-based toys, finally patenting the interlocking brick design in 1958.

Over the next 20 years, LEGO accelerated its global expansion. By the late 1990s, LEGO was selling over 100 million bricks per year in over 140 countries! Some major milestones included:

  • 1958: Brick design patented
  • 1960: LEGO DUPLO larger bricks for young kids introduced
  • 1978: Minifigures debut
  • 1980s: Themed sets like Space and Castles launched
  • 1997: First licensed sets from Star Wars films

As LEGO grew in sophistication, the target audience expanded far beyond just children. Adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs) emerged as a sizable community – an estimated 1-5 million strong in the US alone. The surfaces of childhood bedrooms increasingly transitioned to home offices and hobby spaces.

LEGO fed this AFOL market with progressively more complex sets aimed at ages 16+ and selling for up to $500. In 2017, the Millennium Falcon set shattered existing records and barriers.

The Most Iconic Starship, Reimagined in LEGO

The Millennium Falcon set was LEGO‘s most ambitious attempt ever at recreating an iconic Star Wars vehicle with LEGO bricks. Previous versions of Han Solo‘s famous Corellian freighter had been produced, but this set took it to new heights.

Some key stats on set #75912:

  • 7,541 pieces
  • Measures over 32 inches long
  • Weighs over 20 pounds
  • Includes 7 detailed minifigures
  • Originally retailed for $849.99

While not the largest LEGO set in pure brick count, the level of detail is astonishing – from the cockpit to rotating turrets to the holographic Dejarik (chess) table inside. The intricate internal mechanics visible under removable hull panels stay true to the Star Wars lore.

Side by side photos reveal how much more imposing and accurate this Millennium Falcon is compared to previous LEGO versions. For example, the 2007 Ultimate Collector‘s Edition contained 5,195 pieces and retailed for $499.99 – 70% of the price but only 69% of the pieces.

This painstaking attention to recreating an iconic fictional vehicle struck a chord with both serious LEGO builders and passionate Star Wars fans.

Availability and Collectibility

Initially, the Millennium Falcon saw widespread release globally and was readily available at major retailers like Amazon and Walmart. But within 2 years of its 2017 launch, LEGO retired the set which meant supplies soon dried up.

Its production run was likely limited to under 100,000 units in total. Precise quantities are hard to ascertain since LEGO considers exact production figures a trade secret. This level of scarcity soon made the Millennium Falcon set very desirable to collectors.

According to one LEGO insider:

"When we release a Star Wars set like the Millennium Falcon, we produce it in limited quantities based on forecasts of demand. But impressive sets like these often attract collector interest, leading to very short availability."

Prices on sites like eBay and BrickLink skyrocketed for the few unopened boxes still left in circulation. In late 2017, some Millennium Falcon sets were selling for as high as $15,000 – nearly 20X the original retail value!

But the record sale came in mid-2018 when an unopened, signed version of the set sold privately for close to $35,000 in an auction arranged on social media. This beat the previous record for most expensive LEGO sale ever recorded.

Worth the Investment for Serious Hobbyists

Constructing a LEGO masterpiece like the Millennium Falcon is not for the faint of heart. It can easily absorb hundreds of hours over multiple weeks or months. But LEGO experts agree it‘s a rewarding journey for serious builders.

According to Paul, founder of the popular BrickFanatics blog:

"A set like the UCS Millennium Falcon is meant to be the pinnacle for LEGO Star Wars collectors and AFOLs in general. Taking on a challenge that big is intimidating but also exhilarating. Getting to display something so iconic in your home at the end is why people devote themselves to the hobby."

For those bitten by the LEGO building bug, the Millennium Falcon delivers an unmatched feeling of accomplishment. No shortcuts like glue or other aids are allowed for official LEGO builders – just determination and creativity in bringing an unbelievable number of pieces together.

Owning this ultimate LEGO trophy also confers a degree of status and admiration within the AFOL community. But LEGO fandom is ultimately about the joy of building rather than prestige. As one fan puts it:

"I‘d never part with my Falcon – it‘s too special. Sure, it‘s probably the crown jewel in my collection. But it‘s what I learned and how I grew during the entire journey that matters to me."

Pushing the Limits of LEGO

The Millennium Falcon set marked a new milestone for LEGO by demonstrating just how intricate a LEGO model could be. Later in 2019, LEGO released an even larger Star Wars kit – the Imperial Star Destroyer containing 7,662 pieces for $699.99.

Each new record-breaker expands the boundaries of what‘s possible with these classic interlocking bricks. But the Millennium Falcon maintains an iconic status thanks to its central place in the Star Wars series and impact on LEGO fandom. It showcases LEGO‘s ability to render pop culture vehicles in stunning brick-built form.

Next time you see a child playing with a box of LEGO bricks, remember that those same toys can provide endless challenge and fulfillment pursuing ever greater masterpieces. For those willing to embark on the quest, building the Millennium Falcon is a LEGO adventure like no other.