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PlayStation Plus Delivers Exceptional Lineup of Free Games for October 2022

PlayStation Plus has long been a favorite among gamers for its rotating selection of free monthly titles. The service allows subscribers to build up a library of games across multiple genres, ensuring there‘s always something new and exciting to play. October 2022 is shaping up to be one of the strongest months yet, with an uncommonly diverse and high-quality trio of games on offer.

The October 2022 PS Plus Games

Starting October 1st, PlayStation Plus subscribers at all tiers will be able to download the following titles:

  1. Hot Wheels Unleashed (PS4 & PS5)
  2. Injustice 2 (PS4)
  3. Superhot (PS4)

This lineup caters to a wide variety of gaming tastes, from arcade racing to fighting to first-person shooting with a twist. Players have until October 31st to add them to their libraries.

Hot Wheels Unleashed: Miniature Racing Mayhem

Milestone‘s Hot Wheels Unleashed brings the iconic die-cast toy cars to life in a racing game that‘s as adventurous as it is nostalgic. The key hook is that the action unfolds from the perspective of a tiny toy car, with tracks winding through oversized real-world environments full of everyday objects.

The PS5 version takes full advantage of the console‘s power, displaying the colorful cars and creative tracks in crisp 4K resolution at a smooth 60 frames per second. Load times are nearly instant thanks to the SSD, and the DualSense controller‘s haptic feedback lets you feel every twist, turn, and jump.

Originally released in September 2021, Hot Wheels Unleashed was a surprise hit, selling over 1 million copies by the end of the year. It holds a solid 76 Metascore on PS5, with critics praising its inventive track designs, accessible yet deep gameplay, and wealth of content.

Comparisons can be drawn to other arcade racers like TrackMania and Mario Kart, but Hot Wheels Unleashed carves out its own niche with its unique perspective and imaginative use of the license. The fact that it has both local and online multiplayer makes it a great option for family game night or friendly competition.

Injustice 2: Gods Among Us

Superhero fighting games have a spotty track record, but NetherRealm Studios‘ Injustice 2 bucks the trend with its rock-solid gameplay and impressive production values. Set in an alternate DC Comics universe, it imagines a world where Superman has become a tyrant following a tragic loss.

The masterstroke of Injustice 2 is how it translates the powers and personalities of its iconic characters into distinct fighting styles. From Batman‘s gadget-enhanced martial arts to Supergirl‘s laser eyes and freezing breath, each fighter feels authentic and fleshed-out.

A robust story mode and plethora of single-player content give Injustice 2 plenty of staying power, while the online multiplayer has a dedicated playerbase to this day. The PS4 Pro enhancements, which are also present when playing on PS5, allow the game‘s detailed character models and explosive effects to shine.

With the recent release of MultiVersus and the enduring popularity of games like Mortal Kombat 11 and Street Fighter V, Injustice 2 remains a relevant and essential part of the fighting game landscape in 2022. Its inclusion in October‘s PS Plus lineup is a great opportunity for fans of the genre or the DC license to see what they‘ve been missing.

Superhot: Time is on Your Side

Superhot is a tricky game to describe without spoiling its best surprises. At a glance, it looks like a fairly basic FPS, with a stark polygonal art style and little in the way of story or context. The hook, however, is that time only moves when you do, allowing you to carefully plan your path through chaotic firefights.

This time-bending mechanic turns every encounter into a slow-motion puzzle, where you must dodge bullets, disarm enemies, and make clever use of your limited resources. The game constantly finds new ways to challenge your temporal powers, keeping the action fresh across its brief but memorable campaign.

While the base game is a few years old at this point, having originally launched in 2016, its central conceit remains every bit as innovative and exciting to this day. Many shooters claim to make the player feel like an action movie hero, but Superhot actually succeeds by giving you direct control over the flow of time.

The stylish minimalism of the visuals also helps Superhot stand out from the crowd of military shooters and battle royales, while its thumping techno soundtrack sets the perfect tone for its balletic violence. It may be a shorter experience than the other two PS Plus titles this month, but it‘s one that will stick with you long after the credits roll.

PS Plus Extra and Premium: The Icing on the Cake

Of course, PS Plus subscribers at the Extra and Premium tiers have even more to look forward to in October. At the end of September, the Game Catalog added 17 new titles across PS4 and PS5, including heavy hitters like Deathloop, Assassin‘s Creed Origins, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

This constant influx of new games is one of the main draws of the higher PS Plus tiers, which were introduced in June 2022 as part of a major overhaul of the service. For a higher monthly fee, Extra and Premium members get access to hundreds of on-demand titles, spanning first-party exclusives, third-party blockbusters, and indie gems.

The competition for subscription gaming services has never been fiercer, with Microsoft‘s Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo‘s newly expanded Switch Online vying for players‘ time and money. But Sony‘s renewed focus on delivering value and variety with PS Plus shows they‘re not content to rest on their laurels.

The Importance of Strong Monthly Lineups

In the console gaming space, PlayStation Plus is the grandfather of monthly "free" game offerings. The service was introduced on PS3 in 2010, with the Instant Game Collection of rotating titles becoming a core part of the membership in 2012. Since then, PS Plus has been a key factor in Sony‘s success, driving player engagement and loyalty.

But as the gaming landscape has shifted and subscription services have become more common, it‘s no longer enough to just offer a couple of older titles each month. Players expect newer releases, bigger names, and a diverse selection that justifies the recurring cost.

This is where Sony‘s partnerships and deep pockets come into play. By securing high-profile games like Final Fantasy VII Remake and Control in recent years, as well as supporting smaller developers with the exposure boost of a PS Plus feature, Sony has kept the service feeling fresh and essential.

It‘s also important to consider the longer-term impact of these monthly offerings. A game like Fall Guys, which was included with PS Plus in August 2020, can go on to become a global phenomenon, attracting millions of new players to the PlayStation ecosystem. Similarly, featuring a title like Injustice 2 in October 2022 could rejuvenate interest in the franchise ahead of the inevitable Injustice 3.


Ultimately, the measure of a great PS Plus month is not just the quantity or name recognition of the games on offer, but how they complement each other and cater to different tastes. October 2022‘s lineup succeeds admirably on this front, with a varied selection that spans multiple genres and appeals to both casual and hardcore audiences.

As a digital technology expert, it‘s exciting to see Sony leverage the unique capabilities of the PS5 to enhance these experiences, whether it‘s the lightning-fast load times of Hot Wheels Unleashed or the haptic feedback of Superhot‘s weighty weapons. At the same time, the inclusion of beloved PS4 titles ensures that players who haven‘t yet upgraded still have plenty to enjoy.

With PSVR 2 on the horizon and Sony continuing to invest in new studios and IP, the future looks bright for PlayStation Plus. If October 2022 is any indication, subscribers can look forward to many more months of diverse, high-quality gaming experiences as the service continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing industry landscape.