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7 Different 4K Laptops You Can Buy in 2023

Hey there! If you‘re thinking about getting a new laptop in 2023, I highly recommend considering a 4K model. The clarity and detail you get with a 4K laptop display is just stunning.

Now I know what you might be thinking – aren‘t 4K laptops still expensive and rare? Not so much anymore! There are now lots of great options available from mainstream brands that won‘t completely destroy your budget.

In this guide, I‘ll highlight seven of the best 4K laptops you can buy in 2023. From lightweight ultraportables to powerful creative workstations, there‘s a 4K laptop perfect for virtually any need. Let‘s dive in!

1. Dell XPS 15 (2022) – The 4K All-Rounder

The Dell XPS 15 has always been one of my favorite laptops, and the latest 2022 model is better than ever. It now comes equipped with a gorgeous 15.6-inch 4K+ OLED touchscreen display.

With a resolution of 3840 x 2400, 500 nits brightness, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage and DisplayHDR 500 support, this display is stunningly vivid and accurate. Images and video look incredible, with the OLED panel delivering perfect blacks and excellent contrast.

And this isn’t just a pretty screen – the Dell XPS 15 packs serious performance for demanding creative work, coding, number crunching and even light gaming. You can configure it with a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 or i9 processor, up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti dedicated graphics, up to 32GB DDR5 RAM and up to a 2TB SSD.

Despite all that power, the XPS 15 remains surprisingly portable at just 4.22 pounds. It‘s only 0.71 inches thick too, so it slips easily into a bag or backpack. You can expect around 8 hours of real-world battery life with the 4K display as well.

With a premium and durable CNC machined aluminum chassis, excellent keyboard and trackpad, plenty of ports, and a 1080p webcam, the Dell XPS 15 really does it all. If you want one highly versatile 4K laptop for work and play, this is my top recommendation.

Key Specs:

  • 15.6-inch 4K+ OLED touchscreen
  • 12th Gen Intel Core i7/i9 CPU
  • Up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti GPU
  • Up to 32GB DDR5 RAM, 2TB SSD storage
  • Starts at $1,899

2. LG Gram 17 (2022) – The Lightweight 17-incher

Maybe you want a big screen 4K laptop but don‘t want to lug around a heavy device all day. Well, the LG Gram 17 is here for you!

This is a rare 17-inch laptop that remains astoundingly lightweight at just 2.98 pounds. So you get a nice big display while barely feeling it in your bag.

The Gram 17 is available with a gorgeous 17-inch IPS LCD 4K display reaching 400 nits brightness and covering 99% of the DCI-P3 color spectrum. It looks incredibly sharp and vivid, while keeping energy efficiency high.

Under the hood, the Gram 17 packs decent performance for office work, content creation and coding thanks to 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processors and Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics. While not a gaming or workstation powerhouse, it handles everyday tasks, photo editing, video calls, multi-tasking etc very well.

The large 83Wh battery keeps the Gram 17 running for nearly 20 hours on a charge. And it charges rapidly when needed, reaching 50% in just 35 minutes. That‘s pretty amazing longevity for a 4K laptop this size.

If you want a big, beautiful screen for immersive viewing but need incredible portability, the 17-inch LG Gram is an outstanding choice.

Key Specs:

  • 17-inch 4K IPS display
  • 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor
  • 16GB LPDDR5 RAM, 1TB SSD storage
  • 2.98 pounds weight
  • Up to 20 hour battery life
  • Starts at $1,699

3. Asus Zenbook Pro Duo 15 – Dual 4K Screen Powerhouse

Here‘s an incredibly futuristic and powerful 4K laptop – the Asus Zenbook Pro Duo 15. This machine features not just one, but TWO gorgeous 4K OLED touchscreen displays!

The main 15.6-inch 4K OLED screen is stunning all on its own, with 3840 x 2160 resolution, a blistering 550 nits brightness, excellent color accuracy, and HDR support. It‘s one of the best laptop displays out there.

But Asus takes things to another level by adding a secondary 14-inch 4K ScreenPad Plus touchscreen above the keyboard. It tilts up to 9.5 degrees for easy viewing. This gives you expanded workspace for extra controls and multitasking. It‘s amazing for creative work like video editing, illustration and 3D modelling.

Powering these brilliant dual displays is top-tier hardware including a 12th Gen Intel Core i9 CPU, up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 GPU, up to 32GB DDR5 RAM and 1TB of fast SSD storage. This hardware crushes demanding tasks like 3D rendering, programming, simulations etc.

With military-grade durability, a 94Wh battery, lots of ports and Windows Hello IR facial recognition, the Zenbook Pro Duo 15 has it all. For creatives needing serious power and an ultra-immersive dual 4K screen setup, it‘s the ultimate choice.

Key Specs:

  • 15.6-inch + 14-inch 4K OLED touch displays
  • 12th Gen Intel Core i9 CPU
  • Up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 GPU
  • Up to 32GB DDR5 RAM, 1TB SSD storage
  • Starts at $2,499

4. Razer Blade 15 (2022) – Serious 4K Gaming

Alright, let‘s switch gears to gaming! If you demand the very best 4K gaming experience, look no further than the 2022 Razer Blade 15.

It packs a magnificent 15.6-inch 4K OLED touch display running at a buttery-smooth 144Hz refresh rate. With 100% DCI-P3 color coverage and 500 nits peak brightness, this screen renders games and media with striking clarity and fluidity.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics and a 12th Gen Intel Core i9 processor deliver elite frame rates, even when gaming in 4K. You‘ll enjoy silky gameplay in titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Elden Ring with settings maxed out.

The Blade 15 continues Razer‘s tradition of premium design with a precision CNC aluminum unibody chassis. At just 0.67 inches thick and 4.4 pounds weight, it‘s slim and portable considering the power inside. And Razer‘s immersive Chroma RGB system lets you customize the lighting.

With 1TB of SSD storage, up to 32GB of DDR5 RAM, lots of ports, Windows Hello IR camera and a vapor chamber cooling system, the Blade 15 really is the ultimate 4K gaming laptop. If you want the absolute best, this is it.

Key Specs:

  • 15.6-inch 4K OLED 144Hz touchscreen
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPU
  • 12th Gen Intel Core i9 CPU
  • Up to 32GB DDR5 RAM, 1TB SSD storage
  • Starts at $2,899

5. HP Spectre x360 16 – Brilliant OLED 2-in-1

Maybe you‘d like the flexibility of a convertible 2-in-1 design along with a stunning 4K OLED display? Well you‘re in luck, because the HP Spectre x360 16 offers exactly that.

Let‘s start with that display. It‘s a superb 16-inch 4K (3840 x 2400) OLED touchscreen with a 3:2 aspect ratio, 400 nits brightness, 100% DCI-P3 gamut coverage and stylus support. Colors are rich and images are extraordinarily detailed. It‘s a joy for creative work.

Convertible hinges let you rotate the display a full 360 degrees into tablet, tent and stand modes. This 2-in-1 functionality makes the Spectre x360 16 great for notetaking, drawing, presenting and watching movies on planes or in bed.

Performance is speedy too thanks to a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU, Intel Arc integrated graphics, 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD. It handles productivity, content creation and gaming well.

Other highlights include the machined aluminum design, quad speakers tuned by Bang & Olufsen, a 5MP IR camera, thunderbolt 4 ports, up to 17 hours of battery life and included stylus. For the ultimate do-it-all convertible, the Spectre x360 16 is superb.

Key Specs:

  • 16-inch 4K OLED touchscreen
  • 360 degree convertible design
  • 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor
  • Intel Arc graphics, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD
  • Stylus included
  • Starts at $1,669

6. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 5 – 4K Powerhouse

Some professional and creative users demand no-compromise performance and graphics capabilities along with a top-tier 4K display. For you, Lenovo‘s legendary ThinkPad X1 Extreme checks all the boxes.

You can configure this premium laptop with a magnificent 16-inch 4K OLED touchscreen. It supports Dolby Vision HDR for unbelievable contrast and color depth when viewing movies or editing video.

Powering that screen is bleeding-edge processing up to a 12th Gen Intel Core i9 CPU and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics. With up to 64GB of RAM, 8TB of SSD storage and excellent cooling, this machine crushes intensive workloads like 3D modelling/rendering, engineering simulations, AI/ML development and more.

Despite the sheer power, the ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 5 retains a fairly slim and professional appearance along with military-spec durability. With tons of I/O, blazing Wi-Fi 6E, and trademark red TrackPoint nub, it‘s the best of productivity and performance. Professional creatives and performance users seeking a no-compromise 4K laptop need look no further.

Key Specs:

  • 16-inch 4K OLED touchscreen w/ Dolby Vision
  • 12th Gen Intel Core i7/i9 CPU
  • Up to NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti GPU
  • Up to 64GB RAM, 8TB SSD storage
  • Mil-spec tested durability
  • Starts at $2,639

7. Gigabyte Aero 16 – The Ultimate Creator‘s Laptop

Finally, we have a new contender for the best 4K creator‘s laptop – the Gigabyte Aero 16. This machine was engineered from the ground up for design professionals.

It centers around a superb 16-inch 4K OLED panel with X-Rite Pantone color certification for extreme color accuracy. Covering 100% of the DCI-P3 gamut at an impressive 400 nits max brightness, creative work will look stunning. The OLED screen also delivers perfect blacks.

NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti graphics and 13th Gen Intel Core i7 or i9 processors supply elite performance for 3D modelling/animation, video production, game/VR development and more. There’s up to 64GB of RAM and 2TB of fast SSD storage to boot.

Despite packing flagship-level power, the Aero 16 remains quite slim at just 0.75 inches thick and 4.4 pounds. It’s crafted from a solid aluminum chassis with clean aesthetics. You also get a 94Wh battery, comprehensive I/O and a 1080p webcam.

For design professionals who won’t settle for anything less than the best display and cutting-edge performance, the new Aero 16 is set to impress. It goes toe-to-toe with top workstations.

Key Specs:

  • 16-inch 4K OLED display
  • 13th Gen Intel Core i7/i9 CPU
  • NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti GPU
  • Up to 64GB RAM, 2TB SSD storage
  • X-Rite Pantone color certified
  • Starts at $2,299

How to Pick the Best 4K Laptop for You

With more and more 4K laptops available in 2023, how do you decide which one is right for your specific needs? Here are some key factors to consider:

Display Quality

A 4K resolution alone doesn’t guarantee an exceptional viewing experience. You’ll want to look at the display type, brightness rating, color accuracy and refresh rate.

  • OLED screens offer the best black levels and contrast. IPS/LCD panels score high marks for color accuracy.

  • Look for at least 400 nits brightness for comfortable viewing, HDR support is a plus.

  • 100% DCI-P3 or above color gamut coverage provides true-to-life colors for creative work.

  • 120Hz, 144Hz or 240Hz refresh rates make visuals smoother and gameplay more responsive.


Make sure to get a laptop with enough power for your usage. Prioritize CPU and GPU depending on tasks:

  • For everyday productivity, light gaming and content creation, an Intel Core i5/i7 or AMD Ryzen 5/7 CPU is sufficient.

  • For intensive workloads like 3D modelling/CAD, video editing, data science and coding, get a high-end Intel Core i7/i9 or AMD Ryzen 7/9 CPU.

  • 8-16GB RAM is standard for most needs, while 32GB+ RAM benefits cutting-edge creative projects.

  • For AAA gaming and GPU-accelerated tasks, get a laptop with at least an NVIDIA 3060/3070 or AMD Radeon RX 6600M/6800M GPU.

Battery Life

4K displays generally consume more power. But technology advancements have improved efficiency and longevity:

  • Look for at least 8 hours of real-world battery life under a 60-80% brightness level.

  • OLED screens tend to offer shorter runtimes (5-7 hours) due to high brightness capabilities.

  • LED/LCD panels typically achieve longer runtimes around 10-12+ hours for productivity.

  • Gaming rigs average 1-3 hours of 4K gameplay, but 5+ doing lighter tasks.


4K laptops span a wide range, but expect to pay a premium over 1080p models:

  • Entry-level 4K laptops start around $1,200 but make some sacrifices.

  • For a great mainstream 4K experience, plan to budget $1,500 – $2,000.

  • High-end 4K gaming/workstation laptops range from $2,500 – $4,000+.

  • Watch for sales around major holidays when 4K laptops see big discounts!

My Experience Using a 4K Laptop

I‘ve been using various 4K laptops for both work and play over the past few years. And let me tell you, the difference compared to 1080p screens is remarkable!

After getting my first 4K laptop, I immediately noticed how incredibly sharp text looked. Icons and UI elements also appeared extremely crisp. Photos and videos really came alive with the enhanced clarity and detail.

Having so many extra pixels makes multitasking much easier too. I can comfortably have 4-6 windows or programs open side-by-side. Everything remains readable without straining my eyes.

Working through photos in Lightroom is a dream with the added resolution. I can zoom to 1:1 and see every pixel in crystal clear sharpness. And video editing is way more immersive – it almost feels like watching raw footage on a 4K monitor.

For gaming, the level of environmental and object detail you get with 4K is stunning. Explosions and magical effects are mesmerizing to watch at higher resolutions. And everything looks incredibly fluid and smooth on a high refresh rate 4K screen.

Now 4K does use more power, so I do have to charge a bit more frequently compared to a 1080p laptop. And some programs have tiny UI elements in 4K, so I occasionally need to scale things up slightly.

But overall, using a 4K laptop has been a game-changing experience. Once you see the incredible clarity and high resolution, you won’t ever want to go back to 1080p. The visual experience is just on another level compared to normal HD screens.

So if you‘re considering the jump to 4K, I couldn‘t recommend it enough, especially with more affordable and capable models available in 2023. Let me know if you have any other questions!