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Hi there! Let‘s explore the 7 most expensive Nerf blasters ever made.

Thanks for joining me today as we dive into the world of rare and pricey Nerf toys. As a fellow Nerf enthusiast, I‘m excited to share details on some of the most coveted blasters out there. These rare finds can sell for hundreds of dollars!

In this guide, I‘ll reveal 7 record-breaking Nerfs and provide tips to help you understand this fascinating collectible market. My goal is to equip you with insider knowledge so you can discover the perfect addition to your arsenal. Are you ready? Let‘s do this!

The Longstrike CS-6 Sniper Blaster

Kicking things off, we have the imposing Longstrike CS-6. This discontinued blaster from 2010 resembles a military-grade sniper rifle thanks to the massive 3-foot long barrel and built-in bipod stand.

According to Nerf Haven, the Longstrike remains highly desired for its superior range and accuracy. Shooting distances up to 35 feet outperform other N-Strike models.

Here are some key features that make the CS-6 so special:

  • Intimidating sniper rifle styling
  • Bipod and flip-up sight for stability
  • Fires all N-Strike clip system darts
  • Accommodates two 6-dart clips in tandem
  • Includes one quick reload clip out of the box

So how much does this blaster command today? Well, according to completed eBay sales data, mint-in-box Longstrikes average around $250-$500. Even used examples in great shape run $100-$200 regularly.

As Nerf fan site Urban Taggers explains, the realistic military design and performance keep demand high among collectors. If long-range domination is your goal, the CS-6 delivers!

The Glowing Rayven CS-18

Next up we have the glow-in-the-dark Rayven CS-18, an incredibly novel blaster. Part of the rare Light It Up series, this flywheel blaster charges up and shoots glowing darts using an 18-round Firefly Tech clip.

Fellow Nerfers, let me tell you, battling opponents in a dark room using glowing ammo is an absolute blast!

Aesthetically, the Rayven CS-18 stands out thanks to its angular contours and dazzling light-up accents. Additional details include:

  • 18-inch glowing barrel
  • Nearly silent flywheel motor
  • Two tactical rails for accessories
  • 18-dart Light It Up clip
  • Onboard storage for 4 batteries

The unique glowing darts paired with special effect lights really set this blaster apart. But having been produced in limited supplies, it understandably comes with a hefty price tag today.

Based on recent sold listings, you can expect to pay $150-$200 for a Rayven CS-18 new-in-box. Even used blasters still run over $100. The glow factor makes this a favorite for nighttime Nerf wars!

Dude Perfect‘s Trick Shot Bow

Now this one is perfect for the Nerfer who wants to master long-range archery shots. Endorsed by YouTube‘s popular Dude Perfect crew, this massive 42-inch bow can launch arrows over 100 feet!

Made in 2017, the Dude Perfect Bow mimics a real compound hunting bow. The dual stretchy strings provide some seriously heavy pull tension. According to BlasterHub, you‘ll need above average strength just to cock it.

Once loaded, included whistling arrows zip through the air and accurately hit targets from football field distances. The huge DP-branded target lets you practice those tricky angled shots.

This officially licensed bow was only produced for a short time. So today, prices sit between $250-$400 for new-in-box examples based on eBay sales data. Even open box bows can top $100.

If you love demonstrating outrageous trick shots, this classic nerf crossbow is a must-own!

The Rival Artemis XVII-3000

Shifting gears, the Artemis XVII-3000 brings some serious full-auto firepower to the table. Part of the popular Rival ball blaster line, this beast accommodates 30 high-impact rounds in total.

Here‘s an overview of the key specs:

  • Slam fire slide-action reloading
  • 3 integrated 10-dart rotating chambers
  • Tactical rail for add-ons
  • Choose from red or blue shells
  • Fires at 100 FPS velocities

The pump-action reload keeps the chambers continuously stocked for lightning-fast follow up shots. According to Nerf fan site Foam From Above, the high-speed firing and 30-round capacity make the Artemis incredibly fun to shoot in action.

Having been discontinued in 2019, prices now exceed $150 for new-in-box examples based on recent eBay sales. Even used blasters maintain $100+ price tags due to Rival series scarcity.

If maximum dart spraying chaos is your objective, this beast absolutely delivers!

The Futuristic TerraScout RC Drone

Now for some cutting-edge innovation – the motorized TerraScout RC drone! This exceedingly rare kit includes a Nerf tank drone alongside a massive 35-dart drum magazine.

Check out these awesome high-tech features:

  • Video camera streams live footage
  • Pilot and fire the drone via remote
  • Detachable 18-round N-Strike clip
  • Drone travels 66 meters per minute
  • Rotating turret barrel for dart blasting

Foam From Above explains that the sophisticated smartphone-style controller with integrated screen makes you feel like an Apache Gunship pilot!

Given the ultra-advanced tech, it‘s no surprise that TerraScout prices are sky-high. New-in-boxes easily exceed $300 based on eBay, with even used drones maintaining $150-$250 price tags.

If futuristic foam warfare is your style, this RC tank definitely delivers a one-of-a-kind experience!

The Vulcan EBF-25 Belt Fed Blaster

The imposing Vulcan EBF-25 channels some serious heavy machine gun inspiration. This discontinued belt-fed blaster measures over 3 feet long and unleashes a torrent of whistler darts from the ammo box.

Details on the EBF-25:

  • Holds 25 darts per belt
  • Firing rate of 3 darts per second
  • Crank belt feeder for automatic loading
  • Removable swinging tripod for stability
  • Powerful motorized firing mechanism

Per Gizmodo, the motorized firing action combined with 25-dart capacity allow this beast to literally hose down targets with foam ammunition. It‘s incredible fun!

Originally just $90, mint-condition Vulcans now trade for $300-$500 based on eBay‘s completed listings. Even used blasters maintain $150+ price tags due to enduring popularity.

If you seek the ultimate in dart-blasting domination, the EBF-25 absolutely delivers!

The Original 1995 Nerf Crossbow

Last but not least, we have a true vintage classic – the original Nerf Crossbow. First released in 1995 under the Kenner brand, this old-school blaster features a sleek crosslimb design with wooden accents and colorful logos.

According to Nerf Haven, key features include:

  • Real pull-back cocking action
  • Rotating barrel holds 4 mega darts
  • Side-loading arrow holder
  • Vintage collectible styling

Despite an original MSRP of just $10, the OG Crossbow today sells for $250+ consistently among collectors. The retro charm and scarcity make this a prized piece of Nerf history.

eBay listings show mint-in-box examples exceeding $400 in some cases. Even loose crossbows maintain $150+ valuations, speaking to nostalgic appeal.

For the vintage Nerf collector, the original Crossbow is a must-own for displaying or gently plinking cans in the backyard. Just take care not to dry-fire, as the fragile strings can snap without darts loaded.

As we‘ve seen, rare and special edition Nerf blasters can sell for big money these days. But what factors actually make them so valuable to collectors? Here are a few of the key elements driving aftermarket prices:

Limited Production Runs

Nerfs produced in smaller batches naturally have lower supply. Out-of-production toys especially fall into this category. Limited edition collector sets also often command premium pricing due to exclusivity.

According to NerfHaven, short production spans ranging from just several months to a year or two typically create the most scarce, coveted blasters.

Novel or Innovative Designs

Nerfers eagerly seek out toys with unique dart types, futuristic styling, or special lighting effects. Anything that stands out from standard blasters piques collector interest.

Integrated technologies like smartphone connections, cameras, and digital displays also qualify as highly desirable innovations commanding higher values.

Discontinued Items

Once a novelty Nerf gets discontinued, secondary market prices invariably climb in the coming years. NerfHaven explains this is simply due to fading supply meeting steady enthusiast demand.

Out-of-production toys get harder to find as time passes, forcing motivated buyers to pay collector premiums. Discontinuation often coincides with short production runs as well.

Condition and Box Completeness

Mint-in-box (MIB) Nerfs with pristine, unopened packaging fetch enormous premiums, regularly 2X+ a loose blaster value. Even still-sealed box samples in less than perfect condition cost more than open toys.

Completeness is also key – including all manuals, accessories, darts/clips and other original components. Missing pieces substantially reduce resale value to collectors.

So you took the plunge and invested in a prized Nerf blaster! Awesome. Now here are some tips to safely enjoy your rare toy as a collector:

  • Carefully open boxes away from edges/creases
  • Never dry-fire – always use soft foam ammo
  • Avoid firing at point blank hard surfaces
  • Do not attempt to modify or repaint vintage models
  • Use a light glue to fix minor wear, but avoid permanent alterations
  • Regularly inspect o-rings, seals, springs for functionality
  • Only use fresh alkaline or rechargeable batteries to avoid corrosion
  • Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and humidity

I know it can be tempting to maiden voyage your expensive blasters in backyard wars. But use good judgement – perhaps consider gently plinking low-impact targets instead to avoid damage.

Most importantly, know that mint-condition boxes and accessories command the highest collector values long-term. So preserve all that when possible!

Well, that wraps up our tour through some record-setting rare and expensive Nerf blasters! I had a blast sharing these special toys with a fellow Nerf fan. Let me know if you have any other favorite rare finds I should check out!

Owning a prized piece of Nerf history sure brings out the enthusiast in us all. But just remember – always be a responsible collector to ensure your investment retains value. And of course, have fun! After all, Nerf blasters are meant to be played with. Just maybe not the super expensive ones!

So until next time my friend, may your darts fly straight and true. I‘ll catch you later for more Nerf insight and trivia!