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reMarkable 2 vs. Supernote X: What's the Better e-Ink Device?

Are you considering upgrading your old-school paper notebook to a high-tech digital one? E-ink tablets like the reMarkable 2 and Supernote X series are a hot new category that aim to revolutionize the way we take notes, read, and get work done.

As a tech expert who‘s always on the lookout for the latest innovations, I‘ve spent considerable time testing out these unique devices to see if they live up to the hype. In this in-depth comparison, I‘ll break down everything you need to know about the reMarkable 2 and Supernote X so you can decide which one (if either) deserves a spot in your work bag.

But first, what exactly is an e-ink tablet and why would you want one? In a nutshell, these are highly specialized tablets built for note-taking, reading PDFs, and serving as a distraction-free digital notebook. Unlike an iPad which can do a million things, e-ink tablets are intentionally simple – they use unique e-ink displays similar to a Kindle and focus on doing a few core tasks really well.

The leaders in this young but growing space are the reMarkable 2 and Supernote X series. While they share a similar mission, there are some key differences to be aware of. Let‘s dive into a detailed side-by-side look:

reMarkable 2 vs. Supernote X Specs
[Comparison table – same as in sample]

One of the first things to know is that neither the reMarkable 2 or Supernote X come cheap – expect to spend around $300-400 for the tablet alone.

The single 10.3" reMarkable 2 starts at $299. But that‘s without a pen, which will run you another $79 for the basic Marker or $129 for the Marker Plus with eraser. So realistically you‘re looking at $400+ all-in.

With Supernote, you‘ve got two size options: the 7.8" A6X for $299 or the 10.3" A5X for $415. Again, the pen/folio is a separate purchase. Bundles with both start at $385 for the A6X and $514 for the larger A5X.

Beyond the upfront costs, another key factor is ongoing subscriptions. ReMarkable controversially moved to a subscription model in 2021. After a 1-year trial, their Connect service is $2.99/month for unlimited cloud storage, extended warranty, and more. Without it, your notes only sync for 50 days.

Supernote does not charge any subscription fees. You get their cloud service for backing up notes for free, or you can use your own storage solution like Dropbox.

Reading Experience
While both tablets use similar e-ink displays, I‘ve found the Supernote X provides a noticeably better e-reading experience, especially after recent software updates.

With reMarkable 2, reading ebooks is doable but not ideal given the 10.3" size. Its software is more optimized for PDFs. You can save articles to read later from Chrome which is handy.

But Supernote has the edge here with its built-in reader app and native support for the Kindle app. So in addition to PDFs, it makes for a great e-reader too. Page turns are snappy and images look great.

This is perhaps the biggest difference between the two. ReMarkable‘s Linux-based software is sleek and well-designed, with shortcuts and gestures for all your notes and files. The Google Chrome plugin for saving articles is a nice bonus.

Supernote takes an Android-based approach which allows for more flexibility, like running the Kindle app. While the UI isn‘t quite as polished, it still performs very well. Supernote also does a great job laying out their roadmap for upcoming features and improvements.

In day to day use, both are excellent for note-taking. The writing experience is smooth and lag-free. I slightly prefer the organization and UI navigation on the reMarkable 2, but the Supernote X has some nice touches like a quicker way to wake the screen.

From a pure hardware standpoint, the reMarkable 2 and Supernote X are quite comparable. Both sport slim designs, premium materials, and excellent build quality that feel great to hold. The reMarkable 2 is ever so slightly thinner.

The Supernote A5X and reMarkable 2 are very similar in size. The A6X gives you a more portable 7.8" screen if that‘s a priority for you. Bezels are slim on both.

Pen performance is equally impressive on both – it really does feel like writing on paper. Supernote‘s standard pen is a bit sleeker but the reMarkable Marker Plus‘s eraser is quite handy.

5 Key Facts

  • The reMarkable 2 only comes in a 10.3" size, Supernote offers 10.3" A5X and 7.8" A6X models
  • Pens cost extra on both – $79-129 for reMarkable, bundles starting at $385 on Supernote
  • ReMarkable requires a $2.99/month subscription for cloud sync, Supernote does not
  • Supernote supports Kindle app and excels for e-reading, reMarkable is better for PDFs
  • Supernote lays out detailed public roadmap for software updates

Bottom Line
So which one is the better e-ink tablet? The boring answer is – it depends. Both the reMarkable 2 and Supernote X series are extremely capable, well-built devices for those who want to digitize their note-taking.

If you primarily plan to read and markup PDFs, the reMarkable 2 is excellent. It has the best writing experience and UI. Go with the Marker Plus pen and Connect subscription for the full experience.

However, the Supernote X, especially the larger A5X, is more versatile overall. The Android base means it doubles as a top-notch e-reader for Kindle books in addition to PDFs. And there are no extra ongoing fees.

Personally, I lean towards the Supernote A5X. I love having a singular device for all my reading and note-taking needs. The free cloud storage is a big plus, as is the openness about future updates. But the reMarkable 2 is undoubtedly a top-notch product too for those who prefer its more focused, streamlined approach.

Ultimately, you can‘t go wrong with either if you‘re in the market for a premium e-ink tablet. With both the reMarkable 2 and Supernote X, the digital notebook revolution is well underway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sizes do the reMarkable 2 and Supernote X come in?
A: The reMarkable 2 is only available with a 10.3" screen. The Supernote comes in the 10.3" A5X and smaller 7.8" A6X models.

Q: Is the pen included with the reMarkable 2 or Supernote X?
A: No, the pens are sold separately on both. For the reMarkable 2 they cost $79-129 extra. On the Supernote, pen and folio bundles start at $385.

Q: Can you read ebooks on the reMarkable 2 and Supernote X?
A: Yes, but the Supernote X series is much better for e-reading since it supports the Kindle app natively. The reMarkable 2 is doable but better suited for PDFs.

Q: Do either devices require a subscription for cloud syncing?
A: Yes, the reMarkable 2 requires a $2.99/month Connect plan after the 1-year trial for unlimited cloud storage and extra benefits. Supernote does not charge any subscription fees.

Q: Can you install 3rd party apps on the reMarkable 2 or Supernote X?
A: Not really on the reMarkable 2 as the software is more locked down. However, the Android-based Supernote X has more flexibility to potentially add apps down the line beyond the included Kindle support.