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The 10 Coolest Batman Funko Pops Every DC Fan Needs

As a digital technology expert and lifelong Batman fan, I‘ve been fascinated by Funko‘s meteoric rise from niche collectibles startup to a pop culture merchandising juggernaut valued at over $1 billion. A big part of Funko‘s success has been their ability to leverage bleeding-edge digital sculpting, 3D modeling and precision manufacturing at mass scale to create collectible vinyl figures with an incredible range of stylized likenesses.

Nowhere is Funko‘s dedication to digitally-enabled creative variety more apparent than in their exhaustive Batman lineup. Funko has released over 300 distinct Batman Funko Pops covering every conceivable iteration of the Dark Knight across 80+ years of comics, movies, TV shows, video games and more.

As an avid Batman collector, I‘ve tracked the Funko Bat-releases with an excited (and sometimes overwhelmed) eye. With so many Batman Pops to choose from, it can be hard to know which to target first. Never fear, Bat-fans: I‘ve donned my own utility belt of Funko collecting expertise to grapple up the 10 absolute coolest, rarest and most unique Batman Pops deserving of a place in your Batcave.

1. Batman: First Appearance (1939)

Let‘s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start) with the Pop honoring Batman‘s historic first appearance in 1939‘s Detective Comics #27. Funko‘s ability to recreate the vintage golden age aesthetic of young Bruce Wayne‘s OG outfit shows off the advantages of their cutting-edge digital sculpting process. From the shorter ear length to the imperfect hand-stitched look of Batman‘s purple gloves, Funko has accurately translated the old-school art style of co-creator Bob Kane into three dimensions.

The 1939 Batman First Appearance Pop was released in 2019 as part of a Funko series marking Batman‘s 80th anniversary. It‘s a fitting tribute to the scrappy, rough-around-the-edges Batman that started it all and laid the foundation for 80+ years of stories. This Pop can go for upwards of $100 on the resale market, making it a prized piece for serious collectors.

2. Batman (1989)

1989 was a pivotal year for Batman in pop culture and Funko form alike. Tim Burton‘s iconic film Batman starring Michael Keaton reignited public interest in the character and spawned a deluge of Bat-merchandise that made over $500 million. 30 years later, Funko released a series of Batman ‘89 Pops showing how digital tech has fueled a collectibles revolution.

Using digital sculpts and precision molding, Funko created an uncannily accurate Michael Keaton likeness in the classic black suit. But the detail really shines in the Pop‘s accessories: the subtle purple sheen on Batman‘s gauntlets and boots, the intricate utility belt paint apps, and the flowing vinyl cape. This Pop shows the difference three decades of digital progress makes.

The Batman ‘89 Pops are a perennial favorite, consistently ranking among Funko‘s top sellers since their release. Batman ‘89 is the standard bearer for the power of onscreen source material to drive Funko demand.

3. Batman Beyond

Fast forward 10 years from 1989 and Batman was still on the digital cutting edge with the cyberpunk Batman Beyond animated series. This late ‘90s gem introduced fan favorite character Terry McGinnis, a hip teen mentored by an elderly Bruce Wayne to become a futuristic Dark Knight in neo-Gotham.

Funko knocked it out of the park with their Batman Beyond Pops, using the signature wide-eyed, cartoonish Pop style to pay homage to the show‘s iconic angular art deco look. The crouching Batman Beyond Pop with Terry ready to rocket off into the night sky is an A+ recreation of a quintessential hero pose.

At 2020‘s virtual NY Toy Fair, Funko brand manager Reis O‘Brien cited Batman Beyond as his favorite Bat-Property: "Beyond was ahead of its time and I love how Funko could translate that future-retro vibe into Pops. Funko is always trying to capture the energy of a character or franchise in toy form and I think we crushed it with Terry." The Batman Beyond Pops are a testament to Funko‘s finesse for stylized animated likenesses.

4. Rainbow Batman (Pride 2020)

This 2020 release really pushes the boundaries of what a Batman Pop can be. As part of Funko‘s Pride series fundraiser for LGBTQ+ non-profits, they created a Batman figure decked out head-to-toe in rainbow colors. The eye-popping cascade of color takes the typically monochromatic Dark Knight to a radically inclusive new level.

More than just an incredible eye-catching design, the Rainbow Batman Pop represents Funko‘s laudable efforts to diversify their character roster and use digital-driven collectibles as a force for social good. In a 2020 blog post, Funko CEO Brian Mariotti spoke to their Pride line‘s mission: "We are proud to leverage our platform and products to rally our fans behind inclusivity, representation and acceptance. Everyone deserves to see themselves reflected in Pop culture and this is one way we can make a positive difference for the LGBTQ+ community."

5. The Dawnbreaker (Dark Nights: Metal)

One of my absolute favorite Funko deep cuts is this Pop version of the Dawnbreaker, an evil alt-universe Batman fused with a Green Lantern ring from the totally bonkers 2017 Dark Nights: Metal comics event. The Dawnbreaker Pop takes all of Funko‘s detail-work skill with translucent plastics, metallic paints, and intricate sculpted elements and cranks them up to 11.

From the cracked texture of the glowing green Batsymbol to the razor-tipped fingers to the translucent flames flowing off the shoulder, this Pop is an insane, "metal" masterpiece. Released in 2019, it‘s become a favorite of hardcore Bat-collectors like YouTube‘s Top Pops, who praised the mix of Batman and Lantern elements. "When I first saw this design I thought it was overkill, but once I got the Pop in hand I appreciated all the crazy detail Funko put in. It‘s just an incredibly unique Batman Pop."

6. Zur-En-Arrh Batman

Another gloriously strange deep dive from Batman‘s long publishing history is the Zur-En-Arrh Batman Pop. Based on an outlandish alien version of Batman originating from a bizarre 1950s story, this Pop revels in the goofy excesses of the silver age of comics.

Funko went all out on this Pop‘s hilariously garish color palette, from the purple cowl and bright red suit to the yellow elfish booties. The level of vintage comic detail on display, like Batman‘s impractical chest emblem and bright yellow utility belt, shows how digital sculpting allows Funko to zero in on the most iconic (or in this case, craziest) visual elements of a character‘s design.

First released in 2017 at New York Comic Con, Zur-En-Arrh Batman has become an ultimate trophy for dedicated Funko Batman fans. Top Pops host Tristan ranked it as his #1 most wanted Pop of all time. "Of all the insane Batman Pops out there, Zur-En-Arrh takes the cake. Or maybe the rainbow-colored space cake. You just have to respect Funko‘s commitment to Batman in all his bonkers glory."

7. Batman (1966)

To millions of fans, the Batman ‘66 TV series starring Adam West remains the definitive on-screen depiction of the Caped Crusader. West‘s delightfully deadpan delivery, the pop art sets and costumes, the cheeky celebrity cameos, the alliteratively-named bat-gadgets—it all crystalized the lighthearted, comedic side of Batman in the cultural consciousness.

Funko released a wave of Batman ‘66 Pops in 2017 to rapturous fan response. The Batman ‘66 Pop perfectly translates Adam West into the signature Funko style, from the smirking cowled head to the comic book "fighting" pose. Funko even released a blue metallic chase variant holding a Bat-radio.

The Batman ‘66 Pops became an instant hit with both Bat-fans and vintage TV geeks. Funko historian noted the ‘66 Batman line was a top seller for the company in 2017-18. "Funko really captured the cheeky boomer nostalgia with these Pops. They‘re the perfect collectible commemoration of a show that meant so much to generations of fans."

8. Batcave Batman with Chase

I don‘t often believe in luck, but I must have had Lady Luck on my side the day I stumbled across this ultra-rare Batman Pop. Released in 2018 as a DC subscription box exclusive, this deluxe Batman Pop depicts the Dark Knight swooping out of the Batcave. The real treasure is if you manage to snag the chase variant that replaces Batman with a sleek black Batmobile zooming out of the cave!

The Batcave set shows off Funko‘s increasingly elaborate and ambitious Pop designs as the digital-driven collectibles arms race heats up. From the deluxe display box resembling the cliffside Batcave entrance to the intricate diorama environment, this Pop offers a whole tableaux that takes you into Batman‘s secret headquarters.

According to collectibles data analyst Pop Price Guide, the Batcave Batman with Batmobile chase regularly sells for over $200 on the aftermarket. I feel incredibly fortunate to have scored this ultimate centerpiece for my Batman Funko shelf.

9. Batman (Hush)

Any serious Batman fan knows Hush, the twisting, ambitious 12-part storyline from 2002-03 that saw Bruce Wayne doing battle with a mysterious bandaged villain manipulating his entire rogues gallery. Written by Jeph Loeb with iconic art by Jim Lee, Hush raised the bar for blockbuster Batman storytelling in the 2000s.

It also raised the bar for Funko‘s ability to craft dynamic, art-driven Pops with this Batman Comic Moments figure from 2021. The Hush Batman comes in a displayable window box replicating Jim Lee‘s famous cover art of the Dark Knight leaping into action surrounded by a flurry of card suit symbols.

The Pop itself is a pitch perfect, almost eerily accurate mini Jim Lee Batman, with the flowing cape, white slitted eyes, and clenched fists rendered in exacting detail. This is about as close as you can get to reaching into the comics page and pulling out a Batman figure, and it‘s all thanks to Funko‘s cutting-edge digital translation.

10. Red Rain Batman

Last but certainly not least is one of the hands-down most unique and impressive Batman Pops Funko has ever released. The Red Rain Batman hails from a beloved 1991 DC Elseworlds tale that reimagined Bruce Wayne as a blood-sucking creature of the night, fighting to save Gotham from a horde of vampires led by Dracula himself.

Funko really used every new-fangled trick in their toolbox to translate Batman‘s undead makeover into a Pop, from the unsettling pale white skin and piercing red eyes to the razor-sharp fangs and intricately tattered batwing cape. The overall sculpt is part grotesque, part oddly beautiful and 100% faithful to the brilliant Kelley Jones art from the original Red Rain comics.

Speaking with horror culture outlet Bloody Disgusting, Funko designer Reis O‘Brien cited Red Rain Batman as a dream project. "I‘ve been pitching Red Rain since I started at Funko. The comic design was just begging to be a Pop with the creepy details and expressiveness. I knew with our modern digital sculpting tools and talented factory artists we could do it justice. I‘m so proud of how it turned out and the fan response has been mind-blowing."

And there you have it, folks: a fang-tastic top 10 list of the raddest, baddest, and straight up weird-assed Batman Pops Funko has released so far. Of course, this is just one Bat-geek‘s opinion culled from years of collecting and trawling through hobbyist forums and Facebook groups. But the beautiful thing about Funko is that the deeper you dive, the more you find.

With over 300 Batman Pops and counting, the Funko Bat-hole goes deep, and half the fun is comparing favorites with other collectors, arguing over which mold has the best nose sculpt, or geeking out when Funko drops a reference so obscure only the most hardcore fans will get it. In the age of digital fandom, Funko Pops have become a kind of global geek language we can all speak.

The Batman Pops also exemplify Funko‘s uncanny ability, aided by the latest in digital sculpting, molding and paint apps, to translate every iteration of Batman across his 80+ year history into stylized vinyl figures that capture the essence of each version. With Funko Batman Pops, you can literally trace the visual evolution of the Dark Knight from his earliest comic origins through his multimedia franchise dominance today.

At the same time, amassing a mighty Funko Bat-collection has never been easier thanks to the rise of digital marketplaces, hobbyist databases, and social media groups that have connected a global Funko collecting community. What used to be the domain of in-the-know toy hawkers at comic shops and conventions has now been democratized through digital tech.

So whether you‘re a Batman fan looking for the ultimate geeky collectible, a Funko fanatic who bleeds black and yellow, or just someone who appreciates the impact that stylized lumps of vinyl can have on pop culture at large, I hope this Batman Funko guide has given you a new appreciation for the Dark Knight in the age of digital collecting.

Now if you‘ll excuse me, I have to rearrange my Bat-shelves to make room for whatever rad and ridonkulous new Batman Pop Funko is dreaming up next.