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Are Spider-Man Funko Pops Worth Collecting? An Expert‘s In-Depth Analysis

As a long-time Funko Pop collector and digital technology expert, I‘ve seen firsthand how the world of vinyl figure collecting has exploded in recent years. And there‘s one character that seems to consistently generate more buzz and excitement than any other: Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

With well over 200 different Spider-Man Funko Pops released since 2011, the Wall-Crawler has become a staple of the Funko universe. But are these pint-sized Peter Parkers actually worth your time and hard-earned money to collect? Let‘s swing into the data and find out!

By The Numbers: The Spider-Man Funko Pop Market

To truly evaluate the collecting potential of Spider-Man Funko Pops, we need to look at the cold, hard data. And boy, is there a lot of it! Here are some key statistics from Pop Price Guide and other collector resources:

  • As of 2023, Funko has released a staggering 228 unique Spider-Man Pop figures across all product lines (Pop! Vinyl, Pop Rides, Movie Moments, etc.)
  • Of those 228 Pops, 81 are classified as retailer or convention exclusives, while 9 are rare "Chase" variants – that‘s nearly 40% of all Spider-Man Pops!
  • The most valuable Spider-Man Pop is the 2011 San Diego Comic Con Metallic #03, which has sold for as high as $6200 in mint condition.
  • Other high-value Spidey Pops include the Silver SDCC 2013 exclusive ($2950), Black Suit GitD Gemini Collectibles exclusive ($1850), and Punk Rock Spider-Man Freddy Funko ($1390).
  • Even some of the more common Spider-Man Pops like Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 2099 routinely sell for $40-80 on the secondary market.

Looking at sales volume, Spider-Man Pops are consistently among Funko‘s bestsellers. In PPG‘s 2022 "Pop of the Year" voting, 5 different Spider-Man figures made the Top 10 across categories. And in their list of the Top 100 most-owned Pops, Spider-Man claims 4 slots including Amazing Spider-Man 2 at #1 overall with nearly 19,000 collections tracked!

Clearly there is a huge market for Spider-Man Funko Pops, with collectors eager to snap up both the ultra-rare grails and the mass-market commons alike. But what is it about this particular character that makes his Pops so popular and valuable?

Impact of the MCU Spider-Man Films

There‘s no denying that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has taken Spider-Man‘s popularity to new heights in recent years. Tom Holland‘s youthful, quippy take on Peter Parker has resonated with moviegoers, making him the most financially successful Spidey to date by a wide margin. And of course, Funko has been there every step of the way with Pop figures to commemorate each film.

The impact of the MCU on Spider-Man Pop collecting is significant:

  • Each MCU Spider-Man film has had at least 8-10 tie-in Pop releases, including commons, exclusives, and deluxe "Movie Moment" dioramas.
  • Key Pops like the "Homemade Suit" from Homecoming and gitd Stealth Suit from Far From Home have become grails in their own right, selling for hundreds on the aftermarket.
  • Besides Peter Parker himself, MCU-inspired Pops of villains like Vulture and Mysterio and supporting heroes like Michelle "MJ" Jones have expanded the Spider-Verse dramatically.
  • The value of older comic-based Spider-Man Pops has also risen in the wake of the MCU‘s popularity, as new fans backtrack to build more well-rounded collections.

What‘s particularly interesting is the symbiotic relationship between the MCU Spidey films and the Funko Pop market. Not only do the movies inspire Pop purchases, but the Pops help drive excitement and anticipation for each upcoming film. Seeing Holland‘s latest Spidey suit in Pop form builds buzz for the next big-screen adventure. It‘s a collecting feedback loop that should continue with future MCU installments.

Spidey‘s Funko Reach Across Product Lines

Spider-Man‘s Funko popularity isn‘t just limited to the standard 4" vinyl Pops either. Funko has utilized the license in creative ways across their entire product catalog, giving collectors even more ways to showcase their Spidey fandom. Some highlights include:

  • Pop Rides featuring Spidey on various vehicles like his Spider-Mobile and the Anti-Ock Suit
  • Movie Moments and Deluxe Dioramas capturing key scenes from the films and comics
  • Funko Soda vinyl figures (and chases!) featuring iconic Spidey poses and costumes
  • Pint Size Heroes and Mystery Minis blind box figures
  • Pop! Pez dispensers with Spider-Man helmet heads
  • Funko‘s own line of articulated action figures under the "Legacy Collection" branding

Each of these provide collectors with fun new form factors and display options beyond the standard Pop aesthetic. Some of them, like the Funko Sodas and Legacy figures, even come with their own chase variants and rarities to keep things interesting for hardcore collectors. It‘s a great example of Funko‘s mastery at maximizing the collectibility of an evergreen character like Spider-Man.

Spider-Sense Tingling: How Spidey Stacks Up To Other Funko Favorites

So we‘ve established that Spider-Man is an undeniably popular and lucrative Funko property. But how does he compare to other heavyweight Pop franchises like Star Wars, DC Comics, Disney and more? Let‘s break it down:

  • In terms of sheer volume, Spider-Man‘s 228 total Pops ranks him 3rd among Marvel characters behind Iron Man (252) and Deadpool (234). However, he outpaces other A-list heroes like Captain America, Hulk and Thor.
  • Compared to the Distinguished Competition, Spidey has a sizable lead over DC‘s top Pop character Batman, who clocks in with 183 releases. Only the Caped Crusader comes close to matching Spider-Man‘s Funko output.
  • Looking at Funko‘s biggest overall licenses, Spider-Man falls a bit short of franchises like Star Wars (501 Pops), Harry Potter (304 Pops), and Dragon Ball Z (262 Pops). But he‘s nipping at their heels and rising fast.
  • Where Spider-Man really shines is in the premium aftermarket prices his rarest Pops command. While few characters can compete with the sky-high values of holy grails like Freddy Funko, Alex DeLarge, or Clockwork Orange, Spider-Man has a deeper bench of high-dollar Pops than most. Over 20 different Spider-Man Pops have sold for $500+ in the past year alone!

So while Spidey may not be the most Funko‘d character in the land (yet), he more than holds his own against the heaviest hitters in the Pop game. His unique combination of long-term comic book pedigree and explosive multimedia popularity make him a cornerstone of any serious Pop collection.

Tips for Collecting Spider-Man Funko Pops

Now that you‘re convinced Spider-Man Funko Pops are worth your time, where do you start? Here are some tips I‘ve gleaned from my years in the collecting game:

  1. Set a focus for your collection. Are you only interested in comic-based Spidey Pops? Movie tie-ins? Exclusives and chase variants? Deciding on a collecting lane early will help you stay focused and avoid getting overwhelmed.

  2. Do your research on value and rarity. Before you pull the trigger on a big-ticket Spidey Pop, make sure you know what a fair market price looks like. Use price guide sites like PPG and Hobbydb to gauge trending values. And learn to spot the telltale signs of fakes and bootlegs.

  3. Be patient and persistent. Some of the rarest Spider-Man Pops may take months or even years to track down at a price you‘re willing to pay. Set up eBay alerts, cultivate relationships with trusted collectors and retailers, and don‘t be afraid to walk away if a deal isn‘t right.

  4. Collect what you love. It‘s easy to get caught up in the hype of a pricey exclusive or limited piece. But at the end of the day, make sure you‘re collecting Spider-Man Pops that genuinely resonate with you on a personal level. Trust your Spidey sense!

  5. Take proper care of your collection. If you‘re in the Spider-Man Pop game for the long haul, then it pays to be diligent about storage and display. Keep your boxes and inserts in good shape, use soft protector shells, and avoid exposing your Pops to extremes of light, temperature or moisture. Your collectibles will thank you!

The Amazing, Spectacular, Ultimate Spider-Man Funko Legacy

When you collect Spider-Man Funko Pops, you‘re not just amassing hunks of molded plastic. You‘re curating a tangible tribute to one of the most enduring and iconic characters in pop culture history. From his humble beginnings in 1962‘s Amazing Fantasy #15 to his box office-busting MCU adventures, Spider-Man has inspired and entertained generations.

And with Funko‘s ever-expanding roster of Spider-Man products, there‘s never been a better or more exciting time to be a Spidey collector. Whether you‘re chasing the most elusive grails or just enjoying the thrill of the hunt for your favorite costume variants, Spider-Man Pops offer a little something for every collector.

Even after 200+ releases, the Spider-Man Funko train shows no signs of slowing down. With two more MCU films on the horizon and an entire Spider-Verse of characters still to be Funko‘d, it‘s safe to say we‘ll be collecting Spider-Man Pops for years to come. And if recent trends hold, they‘ll likely only continue to rise in value and desirability over time.

So go ahead and dive headfirst into the amazing world of Spider-Man Funko Pops. Build your collection to your heart‘s content, whether that means one Pop or 100. Display them with pride and revel in the sense of community that comes with being a true believer in all things Spidey.

Because with great collectibility comes great responsibility – the responsibility to have fun and enjoy this wonderful hobby for all it‘s worth. Happy hunting, true believers!