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The 6 Best 50-Inch TVs Under $300 in 2023

Shopping for a 50-inch TV on a budget? With so many options on the market, it can be tricky to determine which model offers the best value and performance.

In this buying guide, I‘ll highlight my top recommendations for 50-inch TVs available for under $300 based on extensive research into critical factors like resolution, smart features, gaming specs, and more. I evaluated numerous models from brands like TCL, Hisense, LG, Samsung, and VIZIO to select budget-friendly picks that stand out in areas like 4K resolution, low input lag, built-in streaming apps, and overall picture quality.

Whether you want an affordable TV mainly for watching movies, keeping up with live sports, or gaming in your downtime, these best 50-inch TVs under $300 have you covered without breaking the bank.

How to Choose the Best 50-Inch TV Under $300

With so many TVs to pick from, it helps to know what features to prioritize when evaluating 50-inch models under $300. Here are some of the most important factors to consider:

Resolution – Look for 4K TVs in this price range, which offer four times the detail of 1080p Full HD models. Richer colors and increased clarity make shows, movies and games really pop.

Refresh Rate – 60Hz is typical among affordable 50-inch sets, but some feature motion enhancing technology to reduce blur during fast on-screen motion.

Smart Features – Built-in Wi-Fi and streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu let you watch popular shows without any extra equipment.

Ports – Multiple HDMI inputs ensure you can easily connect soundbars, game consoles and more.

Gaming Features – Low input lag and dedicated gaming modes optimize performance when playing video games.

Getting a mix of strong picture quality with decent smart functionality and connectivity is realistic even with a $300 budget for a 50-inch 4K TV. Keep reading for my top recommendations that fit the bill!

1. Best Overall: TCL 50-Inch Class 4 Series

Key Features:

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Roku TV platform built-in
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • Dolby Digital+ audio

As an affordable 4K TV with smooth smart features thanks to Roku TV, the TCL 50-inch Class 4 Series is a very well-rounded choice perfect for most buyers.

It delivers a detailed 4K picture, vibrant color accuracy and support for HDR content. The easy-to-use Roku platform also gets you quick access to thousands of streaming apps.

For gaming, it has an Auto Game Mode to reduce input lag as well as a 60Hz refresh rate. The three HDMI inputs ensure you can hook up multiple devices too.

Considering everything the TCL 4 Series brings from stunning 4K streaming to lag-free console gaming, it‘s a fantastic value and the best 50-inch TV you can buy for under $300.


2. Runner Up: Hisense U6 Series

Key Features:

  • Quantum Dot Wide Color Gamut
  • Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10/HDR10+ support
  • DTS Virtual:X audio
  • Motion Rate 120

As a very affordable TV line with performance that punches above its price class, Hisense‘s U6 series stands out. The picture pops thanks to Quantum Dot technology and Dolby Vision HDR support, creating livelier images.

For gaming, it has a dedicated Game Mode to reduce lag along with Motion Rate 120 technology to smooth out fast action. The powerful DTS Virtual:X sound is another nice bonus you wouldn‘t expect on such a cheap 4K television.

If you want quantum dot color and advanced gaming features under $300, the Hisense 50-inch U6 Series fits the bill.


3. Best Visuals: LG UP7070 Series

Key Features:

  • 4K IPS LED display
  • Active HDR and HDR effect
  • Quad-core processor 4K upscaling
  • LG webOS smart platform
  • Gaming mode and settings

LG‘s affordable UP7070 line manages to pack in up to 90 local dimming zones for deep black levels along with lively, accurate colors. This results in an extremely vibrant 4K picture that‘s closer to premium TVs.

LG‘s user-friendly webOS platform also makes navigating streaming apps smooth and easy. Support for both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice controls gives you hands-free options too.

While lag could be lower for competitive gaming, the UP7070 4K TV handles modern consoles very responsibly thanks to Auto Low Latency Mode. For media duties, it excels beyond its price with stunning 4K streaming and Blu-Ray playback.


4. Best Smart TV Features: Samsung TU700D Series

Key Features:

  • Crystal UHD 4K resolution
  • Tizen smart platform with Bixby voice assistant
  • Universal guide content aggregation
  • Game Enhancer mode
  • 2 HDMI ports

Samsung‘s TU700D TVs excel when it comes to smart connectivity, offering a robust Tizen platform that makes finding and watching content very smooth. Bixby voice controls work reliably for hands-free navigation as well.

It also uses Samsung‘s Crystal UHD engine to upscale HD video to near 4K quality, which is handy since only two of the ports are HDMI. You still get solid HDR support too.

For gaming, Game Enhancer mode offers extra performance tuning to reduce lag for a better experience. It even optimizes audio based on game genres.

If having the latest smart TV features with Bixby voice commands matters most, the Samsung 50-inch TU700D Series shines among sub-$300 models.


5. Best Budget Option: Amazon Fire TV Omni Series

Key Features:

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Alexa voice remote included
  • Fire TV platform built-in
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+ support

Amazon‘s own Fire TV Omni Series focuses its strengths into providing a comprehensive smart TV package at an affordable price. By integrating the Fire TV streaming platform and supporting Alexa voice assistance out of the box, it offers robust entertainment options.

It builds on that media prowess with Dolby Vision HDR support for enhanced picture quality from HDR-mastered movies. The inclusion of the handy Alexa Voice Remote rounds out a great cord-cutting option on the cheaper side.

Consider the Fire TV Omni series if you want the Fire TV ecosystem and handy voice remote without having to buy extra gear. Given the low price yet solid 4K and smarts, it‘s one of the best values going for 50-inch displays.


6. Best Portability: LG UP8170D Series

Key Features:

  • Thin, lightweight design
  • Built-in carry handles
  • Magic Remote and motions controls
  • HDR effect for enhanced contrast
  • LG Channels free streaming content

LG designed its UP8170D line with portability in mind, right down to integrated handles on the back panel. Tipping the scales at just over 15 pounds, it‘s easy to transport to other rooms or bring along on trips.

Despite its travel-ready design, picture quality doesn‘t take a hit. You still get rich colors and deep blacks thanks to HDR Effect processing. WebOS also brings smooth access to top streaming video apps when a Wi-Fi connection is available.

For those seeking a 4K TV providing solid visuals and smart features in a package made for moving room to room, LG‘s portable UP8170D Series delivers.


What to Expect from a 50-Inch 4K TV Under $300

Can a budget-friendly 50-inch 4K TV still deliver good performance? While premium OLED or QLED models provide the absolute best quality, limiting costs to $300 for a 50-inch display means some tradeoffs:

  • Picture quality will be very good with accurate colors and nice contrast rather than the best.

  • Peak brightness usually maxes out at around 300-400 nits, limiting HDR pop compared to bright 800+ nit screens.

  • Sound from built-in speakers is passable quality rather than room-filling volume and bass.

  • Smart platforms have all the main video apps but can be a bit slower to respond thancostlier models.

Even with these drawbacks compared to high-end televisions, I found the overall 4K streaming, gaming and smart functionality prove highly usable on affordable 50-inch sets. Focusing on core aspects of resolution, refresh rates, ports and gaming modes pays off with pleasing results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 50-inch TV for gaming under $300?

For gaming, I recommend the Hisense U6 Series. It combines a dedicated Game Mode to reduce input lag with Motion Rate 120 technology that makes fast on-screen motion smoother. The vibrant colors produced thanks to quantum dot technology also make games very visually appealing.

Do 50-inch smart TVs under $300 have Wi-Fi built-in?

Yes, having built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for accessing streaming apps and catch-up services is common even among affordable 50-inch smart TVs. Brands know how important access to streaming video apps like Netflix is, so they integrate this wireless functionality standard.

Which smart TV platform is best?

It depends on your usage habits and preferences. Roku TV makes finding and organizing streaming content very simple. LG‘s webOS emphasizes ease of use with some handy motion controls added in. Meanwhile, Android TV provides wider app selection given its ties to the Google Play Store ecosystem. Any of these smart TV systems will suit most mainstream users well.

Is a 60Hz refresh rate ok for movies and gaming?

For most standard TV watching and gaming usage, a 60Hz refresh rate is perfectly fine. While 120Hz displays create a bit more smoothness, especially noticeable during sports and shooters, 60Hz remains a capable target. Focus on finding a responsive Game Mode to help reduce controller input lag for responsiveness.

Do budget 50-inch TVs still offer good 4K picture quality?

Absolutely. While premium TV technologies like OLED panels and quantum dot enhance color and contrast further, even budget LED-lit LCD 4K televisions like those covered here provide four times the detail of 1080p resolution. Vibrant, accurate colors and solid black levels give an engaging image that‘s great for both movies and games.

Getting immersed in your favorite films, keeping up with live sports and enjoying the latest video games doesn‘t require emptying your wallet on a deluxe television. These best 50-inch 4K TV picks under $300 balance performance and value for hours of stellar entertainment.