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The 5 Best Baseball Video Games to Play on Your PC in 2023

Hey there! As a fellow baseball fan, I know you‘re searching for the absolute best baseball video games to play on PC this year. With fewer new baseball titles releasing on computer compared to consoles, it can be tricky finding the right PC games that truly capture the essence of America‘s favorite pastime.

But don‘t worry – I‘ve got you covered! I‘ve extensively played and analyzed the top baseball video games available for PC gamers in 2023. Based on realism, depth, customization, and pure fun, these are the 5 best baseball games you can play on your computer today.

#1 Out of the Park Baseball 24

When it comes to sheer depth and authenticity, Out of the Park Baseball 24 stands at the top of the mound. This management simulation is renowned for its realism and customization, earning a stellar 90% critic average on Metacritic.

As GM, you control every aspect of your favorite MLB franchise. OOTP 24 features all official team and player licenses, allowing you to manage the Dodgers, Yankees, or any club to a championship. The game’s AI accurately replicates real-world decision making – you’ll deal with injuries, roster changes, unpredictable player development, and strategic Gambles just like real MLB executives.

The sheer customization is astounding. You can craft fictional leagues, build your own ballpark, customize team logos and uniforms, and even create fictional players or edit MLB stars. OOTP’s play-by-play mode lets you call the shots from the dugout during games for an extra layer of strategy.

While the game doesn’t have 3D graphics, its depth is unparalleled. From scouting and drafting to executing trades and contracts, OOTP 24 gives you unrivaled control over your baseball dynasty.

Key Stats

  • 2,400+ accurately rated real MLB players
  • 28 international leagues and over 100 minor league systems
  • 13 different game modes covering multiple eras and styles
  • Millions of possible starting points across 150+ years of historical MLB seasons


  • Extremely deep and authentic simulation
  • Fully licensed MLB teams, logos, and players
  • Massive customization capabilities
  • Active modding community expands longevity


  • Steep learning curve for new players
  • No 3D match simulation engine
  • Dated text-based interface

#2 Super Mega Baseball 4

If you prefer your baseball with a side of lighthearted arcade action, Super Mega Baseball 4 serves up a home run. The latest entry in the SMB series hits all the fun of baseball in a pick-up-and-play style with oodles of charm.

The cartoonish presentation is delightful, with exaggerated player designs and colorful stadiums. Matches are fast paced at around 30 minutes per 9-inning game, perfect for quick sessions. Local multiplayer supports up to 4 players for competitive couch play.

Gameplay is easy to grasp but still offers depth via multiple control schemes and simulation mechanics. RPG elements even let you level up teams for buffs like improved plate discipline. Reviews praise SMB4‘s snappy batting, smart baserunning AI, and impressive ball physics.

While it lacks MLB licensing, SMB4 oozes an endearing personality all its own. With well-crafted mechanics, this arcade-style title serves up an enjoyable complement to hardcore sims.

Key Stats

  • 16 fictional teams with 5 unique stadiums
  • Exhibition, Season, Franchise, and Custom modes
  • 120 eccentric player archetypes and traits
  • Average 9-inning game lasts 25-30 minutes


  • Accessible controls and gameplay
  • Quickly complete matches and seasons
  • Addicting couch multiplayer
  • Charismatic art style and animation


  • Lacks MLB licensing
  • Less depth than hardcore sims
  • No creation suite for teams, players, etc

#3 Baseball Mogul 2022

For budding GMs seeking strategic franchise management, Baseball Mogul 2022 offers robust authenticity with lighter learning demands.

As team manager, you wield all front office duties from drafting and trades to lineup changes and contract negotiations. The game strives for realism with its simulation engine – player development, aging, and injuries react dynamically based on real-world logic.

Historical accuracy is another strong suit. You can manage any MLB club across 140 years of seasons starting from the early 1900s, with historically accurate rosters. Baseball Mogul also lets you change history by simulating "what if" scenarios – What if Babe Ruth was never traded to the Yankees?

While not as deep as Out of the Park, Baseball Mogul 2022 provides a satisfying management challenge. For a mere $39.99, this strategic sim is a great value for baseball nuts seeking realism without the intense complexity of pricier series.

Key Stats

  • 140+ years of historical MLB seasons, teams, and players
  • Roughly 37,000 MLB draft picks simulated since 1965
  • 28 unique player rating categories feeding into performance
  • Average season takes 10-12 hours to complete


  • Realistic GM simulation and management
  • Extensive MLB historical data
  • Straightforward interface and menus
  • Lower cost than competitors


  • Less depth than Out of the Park
  • No MLB licensing
  • Text-heavy game modes

#4 R.B.I. Baseball 22

R.B.I. Baseball 22 takes a streamlined approach delivering official MLB action in digestible bursts.

This arcade-inspired release captures the core fun of baseball in short, pick-up-and-play exhibition matches. With quick 5-7 minute games, it‘s perfect for squeezing in a few innings over lunch break.

While light on modes and customization, R.B.I. nails the most exciting parts of baseball with easy controls and smooth presentation. All 30 MLB teams feature accurate rosters and logos. The dynamic batting impacts hits based on timing and analog stick direction. Packs let you unlock MLB stars and boosts to improve your squad.

For a modern baseball experience minus the complex sim details, R.B.I. Baseball 22 is a budget-friendly option. At just $29.99, it serves up official MLB flavor in an accessible package.

Key Stats

  • Full MLB licensing – all 30 teams with real logos, uniforms, and rosters
  • Quick 5-7 minute exhibition matches
  • Online Head-to-Head mode
  • 117 legendary MLB players to unlock


  • Official MLB license
  • Intuitive batting and pitching
  • Smooth animations and graphics
  • Inexpensive at $29.99


  • Light on modes and customization
  • Arcade-style lacks realistic depth
  • No franchise features

#5 MLB The Show 22 (via PS Remote Play)

Widely hailed as the king of modern baseball titles, MLB The Show 22 amazes with its realism, polish and modes. The lone catch? It‘s only available natively on PlayStation.

However, PS5 and PS4 owners can stream The Show 22 to PC using PS Remote Play. You‘ll need a constant high-speed internet connection and DualShock controller. But it opens The Show‘s photorealistic visuals and silky smooth animations to computer gamers.

The Show shines with officially licensed teams, stadiums, and laser-scanned MLB superstars like Mike Trout and Fernando Tatis Jr. Batters benefit from improved hitting mechanics and strategic PCI placement. Franchise mode lets you steer an organization for decades as owner, manager, and player.

For the ultimate baseball fix on PC, MLB The Show 22 is worth the hurdles…if you have the required PlayStation console and internet speeds. Just be prepared for occasional streaming hiccups disrupting the lifelike simulation.

Key Stats

  • 130+ legendary MLB legends including Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron
  • 1 million+ earnable cards and items in Diamond Dynasty mode
  • 40+ sliders controlling nearly every gameplay aspect
  • PS5 DualSense haptic feedback for hits, catches and throws


  • Best-in-class polish and broadcast quality
  • Granular control over teams in Franchise mode
  • Addicting Diamond Dynasty card collector
  • Realistic physics and animations


  • Requires PS console + fast internet
  • Streaming can cause occasional lag
  • Significant learning curve across modes

Well, that rounds the bases on the top baseball video games available for PC right now! From the incredible depth of Out of the Park Baseball, to the pick-up-and-play fun of Super Mega Baseball 4, there‘s an experience for every fan. I hope this overview helps you knock your next baseball game out of the park on computer. Enjoy and let‘s play ball this season!