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The Top 8 PC Fishing Games for 2023

Genre Game Metacritic User Score Key Features
Simulator Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour 8.3 Career mode, multiplayer tournaments, realistic environments and fish A.I.
Arcade Rapala Fishing: Pro Series 7.8 Varied game modes, upgraded equipment unlocks, dynamic weather conditions
Simulator Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 8.1 Huge variety of fish species and customizable equipment, 4 seasons depicted
MMO Fishing Planet 7.6 Realistic rod and reel physics, 150+ fish types, cooperative multiplayer
Arcade Bass Pro Shops: The Strike 7.2 14 fantasy locations based on real fisheries, career mode and co-op/competitive multiplayer

Evaluating Great Fishing Games

With such an extensive library of fishing games available spanning over 20 years, determining the best virtual angling experiences in 2023 requires in-depth evaluation across several criteria:

  • Realism – Sophisticated fish A.I., accurate lake topography, realistic angler animations and tackle behavior
  • Environments – Detailed lake environments transforming through dynamic weather and seasons
  • Species Variety – Diverse fish catalogs spanning both popular sport species like bass alongside record-setting trophies
  • Equipment – Extensive catalogs of rods, reels, line, bait and other accessories to match species and conditions
  • Progression Systems – RPG elements such as careers unlocking new locations and gear upgrades driving rewarding progression
  • Activities – Additional content like boat navigation challenges and minigames supplementing core fishing
  • Multiplayer – Cooperative and competitive online modes facilitating playing with friends
  • Accessibility – Controls and tutorials catering to both veterans and newcomers

Measuring the latest releases against these benchmarks positions us to determine the cream of the PC fishing crop.

A Brief History of Fishing Games

Fishing games have come a long way from crude sprites on early home consoles to recent triple-A simulations boasting photoreal visuals and advanced mechanics.

The 1982 Atari 2600 release Reel Fishin‘ is considered the first true fishing game, using simple 2D sprites and random button presses to reel fish. Evolving console tech in the early 90‘s saw improved simulations like Sega Bass Fishing and more immersive first-person views in Rapala Pro Fishing.

Major leaps came with the Xbox 360/PS3 era – 2008 brought Rapala Tournament Fishing boasting functioning lure physics and realistic fish behavior. The debut of multiplatform engines like Unity also empowered smaller developers to create dedicated fishing sims for PC and consoles.

Recent times have achieved new heights of realism via detailed 3D environment rendering, advanced fish A.I., complex equipment mechanics and integration with specialist peripherals. Leveraging powerful PC hardware, today‘s games deliver stunningly lifelike angling.

Fishing games have evolved substantially from early 2D titles to recent VR-compatible simulators (Image credit:

Do You Need A High-End PC?

With console dominance waning as mobiles claim more gameplay time, PCs remain the best platform for maximizing fishing games‘ graphical potential thanks to upgradable tech.

Many modern fishing titles include both minimum and recommended specs accommodating both aging and recently purchased desktops/laptops. For smoothly maxing settings at 1080p/60FPS, a system like this would suffice:

  • Core i5 CPU e.g. 9400
  • Dedicated GPU – Nvidia GTX 1060 or Radeon RX 570
  • 16GB RAM
  • SSD Storage

Supplementing this foundation are immersive fishing peripherals like rods/reels from respected manufacturers Turtle Beach and Thrustmaster featuring realistic cranks and tension to make hard-pulling bass fights more engaging.

The Virtual Angling Experts‘ Top Picks

Drawing on over 20 years of combined fishing and gaming enthusiasm, this list represents the pinnacle of PC angling experiences guaranteed to satisfy gaming itches whether you‘re a tournament pro or someone who‘s never even held a rod!

#1 Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour

Claiming the crown as 2023‘s definitive fishing simulator is Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour from veteran British developer Dovetail Games under the stewardship of Simbin AB.

Unleashing the power of current gaming hardware through Dovetail‘s proprietary Cobra game engine, FS World‘s digitizations of world fisheries set new standards in recreating true-to-life angling.

FS World‘s highlight is undoubtedly its career mode – spanning 10 meticulously crafted US and European venues including famous professional competition waters like Lake Guntersville and Lake Travis.

Casting lifelike lures while watching dynamic weather roll in demonstrates astonishing technological achievement. Over 100 licensed pro anglers like Brett Hite and Ishi Woods guide your talent development through objectives tailored to each location.

Detailed performance metrics track lure efficiency ratings, most lucrative targeted spots and streak records frame progression in professional terms – it truly puts you in a pro tournament mindset.

For multiplayer, Pro Tour stands unmatched with fully implemented esports leagues and both co-operative and competitive online tournaments supporting bracketed match play with cash prizes.

Real rods and reels from Turtle Beach and professional-specification equipment from Shimano and Garmin further blur lines between simulation and reality. For the deepest virtual angling trip money can buy, this is the undisputed 2023 kingpin.

Pros: Ultimate realism, online esports integration, Shimano/Garmin/TB partnerships

Cons: Steep learning curve, DLC focused on European fisheries leaves some disappointed

#2 Rapala Fishing: Pro Series

A perennial contender in both fishing and sports gaming circles, Rapala after over 20 franchise entries has finely honed its trademark blend of authenticity and accessibility spanning Pro Series’ North American tour stops.

Veteran development powerhouse Concrete Games wields Unreal Engine 4 to dazzling effect – rich color palettes and higher-resolution textures make both tranquil backwaters and surging rapids shine. Carefully curated visual effects accentuate storms rolling through mountain valleys and light penetrating shallow backwaters.

Distinct from pure simulations, Rapala concentrates on conveying raw fun and variety underpinned by accuracy – plentiful alternate game modes, daily challenges and collectible unlock progressions widen appeal beyond fishing fanatics to engage both casual dabblers and score attack enthusiasts.

Depending on mood, choose relaxed free fishing, white-knuckle eight-angler tournaments or engaging boss hunts pursuing legendary record-class beasts – even shoot ducks during downtime waiting for bites! Career options also hit sweet spots between brief sessions or marathon multi-hour odysseys to conquer each Pro Tour destination while building an ultimate arsenal of rods, reels, lures and line.

Approachable real fishing recreation combined with old-school arcade sensibilities cements Rapala’s legacy as a pace-setting franchise now better than ever on PC.

Pros: Varied game modes, sharp next-gen visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4, satisfies both veterans and newcomers

Cons: Environments less impressive than dedicated current-gen simulators

#3 Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2

Polish developer Ultimate Games scores again improving 2018‘s original into a budget-friendly fishing sandbox doubling content and playtime across familiar US hotspots recreated with care.

Concentrating efforts on refining what worked well before, tweaked visuals meet modern standards while extra polish on animations and effects heighten realism – ripples spread satisfyingly from casts, reeling handles spin appropriately and battling behemoths now convey palpable heft.

Significantly upgraded from UFC1‘s lakes are transformed by new dynamic weather impacting fishing conditions while advanced A.I. delivers more intelligent fish behaviors – smallmouth bass now demonstrate learned avoidance of lures while Northern pike exhibit appropriate mid-water aggression. Such dedication to incremental improvements pays substantial dividends.

Nowhere else can anglers access so much variety at this price point – over 30 species including all major US game fish are catchable via rods, reels and assorted bobbers, jigs, spinners and crankbaits. Memorably intense battles against muskies and lake trout will live long in the memory for their realistically frantic direction changes in strong current.

Presenting fantastic value fishing with scope rivaling costlier alternatives, UFS2 is sterling proof polish produces gaming gold as a leading contender for PC anglers wanting quality action without breaking budgets.

Pros: Great value, huge variety in species and gear, upgraded animations and A.I. heighten realism

Cons: Less impressive graphics than newer competitors

#4 Fishing Planet

Claiming “world‘s realistic online fishing”, Fishing Planet backs this bold boast with immense scope as a leading free-to-play destination now excelling into its 8th year.

Developers Fishing Planet LLC astutely avoid pay-to-win issues plaguing other F2P titles by limiting purchases to cosmetics and gear variety rather than exclusive “best” equipment. Sustainably fueled by DLC avoiding gameplay advantages, everything needed to progress exists for free players.

Over 75 North American species across bass, carp, catfish and more ensures endless targets for perfecting skills – advanced gear and tactics separate novices from trophy winners. Thousands of customization combinations allow unique looks, with bass boats and ATVs unlocking serious mobility for seeking secret honey holes.

Supplementing solo hunting, ongoing live events and contests enable competing among fellow anglers for limited edition collectibles and bragging rights Four-person online team modes allow friends to chase high scores cooperatively.

While F2P hooks understandably breed some skepticism, Fishing Planet‘s feature set cannot be understated – for an unlimited free fishing getaway rather than short-term demos, this is the premiere PC destination as long as balanced fun outweighs progression impatience.

Pros: Enormous content variety, cooperative online play modes, avoids “pay to win” trappings

Cons: Requires discipline to avoid spending for quick unlocks rather than steady progression

#5 Cabela’s: The Angler’s Dream

Demonstrating niche fishing experiences beyond conventional casting, Cabela‘s absorbing Angler‘s Dream places players aboard a detailed charter boat to live seasonal Alaskan salmon runs escorted by an authentic Cabela‘s pro guide.

Traversing Prince William Sound‘s stunning vistas chasing prized trophy kings inspires true awe – witnessing epic fits from 80lb monsters filmed with help from TV‘s Deadliest Catch crew conveys heavyweight excitement rivaling any big game pursuit.

Beyond battling leviathans, comprehensive tutorials teach advanced skills like using downriggers and dodgers while identifying behaviors of five salmon species. Even picking appropriate rods, reels and line for target fish keeps engagement high during downtime stretches.

For armchair adventurers, comprehensive Alaskan atmosphere creates a supremely relaxing vicarious getaway – sightseeing between prime spots remains compelling thanks to historical insights into customs of native Tlingit communities and thriving ecosystems supporting millions of migrating salmon.

Offering a uniquely focused angling itinerary impossible in reality, Cabela‘s remarkable Alaskan odyssey transports fishermen directly into fulfilling a challenging bucket-list dream.

Pros: Highly unique Alaskan salmon charter setting, Deadliest Catch cinematography provides unrivaled spectacle

Cons: Scope limited compared to broader fishing games

Other Notable Mentions

Beyond the top entries, these fishing games also provide memorable virtual trips for PC anglers:

  • Monster Hunter World – Quests hunting elusive mega-fauna force mastering rigorous fishing and resource prep
  • Euro Fishing – Old-world angling charm across intricately crafted UK/European fisheries
  • Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt – Polished arcade nostalgia online or local co-op with family and friends
  • The Fisherman: Fishing Planet – Accessible mobile favorite now excelling on PC

Optimizing Fishing Games on PC

While default controls are fully functional, dedicated fishing controllers transform struggling against powerful fish like northern pike and muskie into intense battles of reflex and endurance.

Major manufacturers including Turtle Beach, PDP and Thrustmaster offer excellent replicas emulating handles, cranks and adjustable drag for supreme immersion. Look also for rod sensitivity ratings ensuring responsiveness to the slightest nibbles but stability against sudden lunges.

Specialty controllers like the Turtle Beach Recon (pictured) offer enhanced realism (Image credit:

Consider also VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 – several titles support VR for unparalleled visual immersion. Standing aboard virtual boats handling lines conveys unmatched realism about baiting hooks, estimating lure paths and landing Trophy catches!

Key Questions from Fellow Anglers

To wrap up this analysis of PC fishing gaming peaks, let‘s address some common questions:

Which games provide the most realistic experience?

For unmatched realism, Fishing Sim World Pro Tour stands atop the pack while Russian Fishing 4 also presents extremely authentic mechanics within its namesake fisheries.

Are fishing games playable on lower spec PCs?

Absolutely – well optimized titles like Rapala Pro Series scale nicely downward for midrange CPUs/GPUs while keeping strong visuals.

What peripheral gear helps gameplay?

Specialty fishing controllers transform battles against heavy fish while VR headsets provide unrivaled immersion and accurate lure trajectory estimation.

I hope this guide has charted a clear course to the most satisfying virtual angling available on PC right now. Let fellow readers and I know which destinations call your name loudest this year!