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The 5 Best Laptops for Writers in 2023

Writers in the modern age rely on technology to craft their stories and articles. And for those looking for the best blend of portability, capabilities and comfort, laptops are often the top choice. I‘ve evaluated today‘s top options to select the best laptops for writers across different needs and budgets.

What To Look For In a Writing Laptop

Before diving into model recommendations, let‘s overview the prioritized features for writers evaluating laptops:

Display Quality – As writers stare at text all day, a quality display with strong brightness, contrast, viewing angles and eye comfort tech helps reduce fatigue. 13-15 inches tends to be the sweet spot.

Battery Life – Writing on the go is a laptop‘s strength. So try to get 8+ hours of real-world runtime. Features like fast charging also help.

Weight & Size – Ultra portable laptops under 3 pounds are ideal for tossing in your backpack and writing anywhere.

Keyboard & Trackpad – You‘ll be typing for hours on end. Ensure the keyboard has comfortable, snappy keys with enough spacing. And the trackpad should be highly responsive.

Performance – You don‘t need cutting edge specs, but 4GB+ RAM and solid processors enable comfortable app/browser tab multitasking.

With these factors prioritized, let‘s see this year‘s top laptop recommendations for writers across needs and budgets:

1. LG Gram 17 – Best Overall Writing Laptop

Best Overall: LG Gram 17

With its vivid 17" display, featherweight design and excellent battery life, the LG Gram 17 strikes the ideal blend of screen real estate, portability and endurance for writers.

Despite its spacious screen, the Gram 17 incredibly weighs just 2.98 pounds. So it‘s easy to pack up and write from anywhere. That display is also a standout, with high 2560 x 1600 resolution, 99% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage and 350 nits brightness combatting glare. Throw in a comfortable keyboard and surprisingly capable Intel 13th Gen Core i7 performance, and the LG Gram 17 brings an outstanding overall experience.

The only downside is the high price – but for those who can afford it, the LG Gram 17 brings best-in-class writing capabilities.

Key Specs:

  • 17" WQXGA Display
  • Intel Core i7-1360P CPU
  • 1TB NVMe SSD
  • 2.98lb weight
  • 80Wh battery (~19 hour runtime)


  • Large, vivid 17" 16:10 display
  • Incredibly lightweight at sub-3lbs
  • All-day 19 hour battery life
  • Comfortable backlit keyboard


  • Very expensive
  • Fans can get loud when stressed

The LG Gram 17 provides an uncompromising writing experience, if you can afford the premium price.

2. MacBook Air M2 – Best Apple Writing Laptop

Best Apple: MacBook Air M2

For writers invested into Apple‘s ecosystems, the latest MacBook Air M2 delivers an ideal blend of performance, portability and ecosystem connectivity.

Apple‘s custom M2 chip brings a giant performance leap over previous MacBook Airs, rivaling even the MacBook Pro 13‘s power. Yet battery life still reaches an excellent 15+ hours thanks to the chip‘s efficiency. The Air‘s slim 2.7lb chassis with razor-thin bezels is easy to pack up and write from anywhere too.

And enjoying deep iOS/iPadOS ecosystem ties is the MacBook Air‘s differentiator. You can seamlessly AirDrop files between devices, sync iMessage conversations across screens, and more. The display sharpness, keyboard quality and Force Touch trackpad also stand out. Just note the scant port selection and premium pricing.

For writers tied to Apple‘s world though, the perfectly balanced MacBook Air M2 is hard to beat.

Key Specs:

  • 13.6" Liquid Retina Display
  • Apple M2 chip
  • 16GB Unified Memory
  • 512GB SSD Storage
  • 2.7lb weight
  • MagSafe 3 charging


  • Blazing M2 chip performance
  • Excellent 15+ hour battery life
  • svelte 2.7lb design
  • Seamless Apple ecosystem integration


  • Just 2 ports (MagSafe 3, USB-C)
  • Premium pricing

If you‘re an iPhone/iPad-centric writer, the MacBook Air M2 offers an amazing experience.

3. HP Envy x360 2-in-1 – Most Versatile Writing Laptop

Best 2-in-1: HP Envy x360

For writers who appreciate tablet functionality alongside laptop versatility, the HP Envy x360 15" 2-in-1 convertible brings welcome flexibility.

Between its responsive touchscreen, versatile hinge flipping into tablet mode, included stylus and top-firing speakers, the Envy x360 truly feels at home as an digital writing slate for notes, illustrations and more. Yet it still works excellently as regular laptop too – the keyboard and trackpad are both great, and the AMD Ryzen 7 5825U CPU + 8GB RAM deliver smooth performance.

Battery life is rated for 9.5 hours as well, allowing decent mobility. And while on the heavier side at 4.11lbs, build quality is excellent. If you see yourself splitting writing time between typing and drawing, the HP Envy x360‘s agile convertible design is highly recommended.

Key Specs:

  • 15.6" FHD IPS Touch Display
  • AMD Ryzen 7 5825U CPU
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD
  • x360 convertible design
  • 4.11lb weight


  • Versatile x360 convertible functionality
  • Top-firing speakers with great sound
  • Good keyboard and extremely smooth trackpad
  • Includes Stylus Pen for drawing/notes


  • On the heavier side at over 4lbs
  • Mediocre 9.5hr maximum battery runtime

For convertible-seeking writers, the HP Envy x360 brings welcome versatility alongside strong tech capabilities.

4. Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5i – Best Budget Writing Laptop

Best Budget: Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5i

If your writing needs are simple, and you primarily live in the cloud, Lenovo‘s IdeaPad Flex 5i Chromebook brings surprisingly capable 2-in-1 functionality at just $499.

Between its bright 1080p 13" touchscreen folding into tablet mode, respectable 11th Gen Intel Core i3 processor + 8GB RAM performance, sub-3lb weight and USB-C fast charging, the Flex 5i Chromebook can actually compete with far pricier laptops as an on-the-go writing companion. integrated.

Just expect only 256GB of storage and middling battery life lasting around 8 hours on a charge. But for writers on a budget seeking cloud simplicity, the affordable yet well-built Flex 5i Chromebook punches far above its weight.

Key Specs:

  • 13.3" FHD Touch Display
  • Intel Core i3-1115G4 CPU
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 256GB eMMC Storage
  • 2-in-1 convertible design
  • 2.97lb weight


  • Bright 1080p touchscreen with x360 functionality
  • Surprisingly good performance
  • Impressively lightweight under 3lbs
  • Great value at just $499


  • Mediocre 8 hour battery life
  • Small 256GB storage capacity

Delivering great cloud-focused versatility on a budget, the Lenovo Flex 5i Chromebook packs impressive value.

5. HP Pavilion – Best Budget Windows Writing Laptop

Best Cheap Windows: HP Pavilion

If you want a fully-capable Windows laptop on the cheaper side for writing, the HP Pavilion brings a surprising amount of value.

For under $500, you‘re getting a responsive 15" 1080p touchscreen, capable 11th Gen Intel Core i3 processor with 16GB RAM, huge 1TB SSD and decent connectivity options like USB-C. Battery life is rated for 11 hours as well, allowing strong mobility. The 3.75lb weight won‘t break backs either.

Just expect a lower-quality 720p webcam and occasional fan noise. But for the price, the HP Pavilion gives an excellent Windows experience for writers on budgets.

Key Specs:

  • 15.6” HD Touch Display
  • Intel Core i3-1115G4 CPU
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1TB PCIe SSD
  • 3.75lb weight


  • 1080p 15" touchscreen display
  • Surprising 16GB RAM and big 1TB SSD
  • Rated for 11 hours of battery
  • Great value at under $500


  • Processor is almost 2 years old now
  • Laptop casing and screen feel a bit cheap

Delivering impressive specifications and Windows capabilities at a budget price point, the HP Pavilion punches above its weight.

What To Consider When Buying a Writing Laptop

Beyond the top recommendations above, keep these key criteria in mind when evaluating laptops for your writing needs:

Your Budget – Set realistic expectations for specs and build quality based on how much you can spend

Operating System – Chrome OS for simplicity? MacOS for Apple ecosystem? Windows for power?

Display & Battery Life – As outlined earlier, optimize for comfort, portability

Weight & Size – Ultrabooks under 3lbs for maximal portability? Or bigger screens worth carry tradeoff?

Capacity Needs – Lower for cloud docs? Higher for multimedia projects?

Also evaluate warranty coverage, availability of writing accessory ports if helpful , and narrow choices by reading many expert and buyer reviews. Consider your specific writing scenarios too – are you primarily writing at home? Do you create on the go? These factors help inform ideal laptop decisions.

Final Thoughts

The best laptop for writers ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. But generally, you‘ll want to optimize for a comfortable typing experience, easily portable chassis and long battery to enable writing from anywhere. And if you‘re on a budget, even cheaper options today can work well when you leverage the cloud.

I hope these 2023 laptop recommendations and buying considerations help you make the perfect choice to maximize your writing productivity over the coming years!