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The Best Keyboard and Mouse Setups to Level Up Your PS5 Gaming

As a passionate gamer and computer expert, I often get asked if using a keyboard and mouse with PlayStation 5 is better than just relying on the DualSense controller. After extensively testing various setups with my own PS5, I can definitively say yes – adding these peripherals takes your gameplay to the next level.

In this guide, I‘ll explain the benefits of keyboard and mouse over controller, what to consider when choosing devices, provide specific product recommendations, detail how to connect and customize everything, and give tips to help you adapt to these new controls. Let‘s dive in!

Why Keyboard and Mouse Trumps Controller for PS5

The DualSense is an impressive, innovative controller that leverages the PS5‘s powerful haptics and adaptive triggers. But it still can‘t match the speed, precision and customizability you get from pairing a quality keyboard and mouse with the console.

Benefits include:

  • Faster reactions and responses – crucial in competitive multiplayer
  • Increased accuracy, especially for first person shooter games
  • Easier to perform complex key combinations
  • Customizable buttons, macros and sensitivity settings
  • Support for specialized gaming mice with high DPI sensors
  • Ability to simultaneously move, aim, shoot etc. in ways a controller makes difficult

The keyboard and mouse quite simply offer a level of speed, control and personalization that no controller can currently match. And paired with the PS5‘s blazing fast load times, stunning visuals and 3D audio, it makes for an unbeatable gameplay experience.

What To Look For in PS5-Compatible Devices

Of course, not just any keyboard and mouse will work well with the PS5. There are a few key factors to consider:

Compatibility – Ensure any device you choose specifically lists PS5 support. Some may only work with PS4 or PC.

Connectivity – You‘ll want something with an easy wireless USB dongle or Bluetooth so you can game comfortably from the couch.

Battery Life – For wireless models, prioritize long battery life so you‘re not constantly charging.

Size – Tenkeyless (TKL) or 60% keyboards save space while still offering full functionality.

Switches – For mechanical keyboards, linear red or silent switches are ideal for gaming without noise.

Keeping these aspects in mind, let‘s look at some of my top recommendations across a few different price points and styles.

Best PS5 Keyboard + Mouse Combos

Overall Best Pick: Razer Turret Wireless Combo

Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

For a high quality all-in-one solution, the Razer Turret Combo is hard to beat. It offers robust wireless performance with little input lag, best-in-class Razer mechanical switches, Chroma RGB, a magnetic mouse mat, and 40+ hours of battery life. The wireless 2.4GHz dongle ensures a reliable connection to your PS5 even at long distances. And Razer‘s gaming pedigree means you know these devices are designed specifically with consoles in mind.

If money is no object and you want a premium mouse and keyboard to truly unlock next-gen performance from your PS5, this is my top choice.

Runner Up: Redragon S101 Keyboard + Mouse Combo

Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

For budget-focused gamers, you can‘t do better than Redragon. Despite the very affordable pricing, their devices offer premium gaming-centric features like RGB backlighting, programmable macro buttons, high-DPI sensors, and much more.

The Redragon S101 combo provides phenomenal value at under $50. While Razer still wins on pure performance and quality, this wired option makes for a no-compromise budget pick to play PS5 games with pinpoint accuracy.

Best Splurge Keyboard: Corsair K100 RGB Optical-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K100 RGB Optical-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you really want to treat your fingers to a luxurious typing and gaming experience, Corsair‘s K100 flagship keyboard offers their most advanced experience yet. It boasts a hybrid optical-mechanical switch design that optimizes both speed and accuracy through precision laser actuation. You also get per-key RGB, onboard profile storage, a plush wrist rest and gorgeous brushed aluminum frame.

Pair this Corsair masterpiece with a gaming mouse like their Harpoon Wireless and you‘ll have best-in-class controls to dominate your favorite PS5 games.

How To Connect Keyboard and Mouse to PS5

Getting these devices hooked up to your console is a breeze:

Wired: Simply connect the USB cable from the keyboard and mouse directly to any open port on the PS5.

Wireless: For Bluetooth devices, go to Settings > Accessories > Add Device and pair them to the console.

Wireless USB Dongle: Plug the included USB dongle for wireless keyboard/mice into any open PS5 USB port.

Once connected, start up any game and you should immediately be able to use the new controls!

Depending on the device, you may also need to install custom software on a PC to manage profiles, macros, RGB lighting sync and other options before connecting to the PS5.

Key Tips For Transitioning to Keyboard and Mouse

If you‘ve only ever played on controller, switching over does mean adapting to new muscle memory and reflexes built for keyboard/mouse operation. Here are some key pointers to help manage the learning curve:

  • Start with slower paced, single player experiences first before jumping into intense online multiplayer. Single player campaigns are ideal for practicing without pressure.

  • Lower mouse sensitivity significantly at first so you can better gauge precise movements. Gradually increase from there.

  • Be patient in getting familiar with new button placements for commands. Refer to in-game guides and tutorials as needed.

  • Initially focus movement controls on keyboard and attack/aim controls on mouse – later combine them.

  • Customize bindings if default layouts don‘t feel intuitive or accessible enough. Set macros if helpful.

  • Consider desk mounts, lapboards or standing desks if playing from the couch to improve ergonomics.

While it may take some adjustment at first, sticking with it for a few weeks will have your keyboard and mouse controls feeling like second nature. The improvement to response time, accuracy and immersion is well worth the temporary frustration. Trust me on that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all keyboard and mice work with PS5?

No, you need to ensure any device specifically lists PS5 compatibility before purchasing. Some may only work with PC or other consoles.

Can I use keyboard and mouse in all PS5 games?

The vast majority of titles support these controls, but there may be rare exceptions, especially smaller indie games. Multiplayer experiences tend to be universally compatible.

Is there input lag with wireless devices?

Some, but the latest wireless and Bluetooth technology has gotten very fast. For serious competitive players, wired USB may still offer the slightest edge. But modern wireless wireless technology like Razer HyperSpeed offers impressively low sub-1ms latency.

Can I use keyboard and mouse with PS5 Remote Play on PC?

Absolutely! Remote Play streams your PS5 experience to any Windows or macOS computer. Pairing external devices with Remote Play is an excellent way to play wirelessly from your desktop setup.

Can I use the same keyboard and mouse with both PS5 and my PC?

Yes you can, provided they offer dual compatibility. Many gaming-focused keyboards and mice allow effortless switching between console and PC usage. This gives you more value from their purchase.

Transform Your PS5 Gaming Today

If you‘ve only ever experienced PS5 games using the standard DualSense controller, do yourself a favor and upgrade to a high end gaming keyboard and mouse. Response times, accuracy, speed and overall immersion rise dramatically.

Hopefully these device recommendations and tips give you a better idea of best practices when it comes to keyboard/mouse controls for PS5. Just make sure whatever model you choose specifically advertises compatibility.

Now quit playing with limitations, and unlock the true next-gen performance you deserve! Your kill-death ratio will thank you.