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The Ultimate Guide to RGB PSU Cables for Next-Level Gaming PCs

RGB PSU cables are taking gaming PC builds to the next level with brilliant, customizable colored lighting. Once reserved for only the most high-end rigs, addressable RGB cables have become widely accessible and affordable in recent years.

But with so many cable options flooding the market, how do you determine which RGB PSU cables are right for your system and budget? This comprehensive guide will illuminate everything you need to know.

What Are RGB PSU Cables?

RGB stands for "red, green, blue" – the primary light colors that combine to create the rainbow spectrum in LED lighting. PSU cables connect your computer‘s power supply unit to critical components like the motherboard and graphics card to deliver power.

RGB PSU cables integrate tiny LEDs into the cable housing or sleeving, allowing the cables themselves to emanate colorful lighting effects. This takes ordinary power cables from dull to dazzling.

Why Choose RGB PSU Cables?

Beyond aesthetics, RGB PSU cables offer these key benefits:

  • Customization: With full RGB color spectrum and a wide variety of patterns to choose from, the lighting possibilities are endless. Match your rig‘s color scheme or complement other RGB components.

  • Visibility: Illuminated cables increase visibility inside your case, making builds and upgrades easier. No more guessing which cable goes where!

  • Accent Lighting: Cables snaking through your case can enhance ambient lighting and create unique glow effects.

  • Next-Level Cool Factor: RGB cables up the "wow" factor of any gaming PC, whether on display at a LAN party or streaming setup.

Types of RGB PSU Cables

Addressable vs Non-Addressable RGB

Addressable RGB offers color customization, while non-addressable features set color modes. Addressable is preferred for tuning cable lighting precisely.

Light Strip vs Light Mesh

LEDs are arranged in either strips or a flexible mesh. Light strips have a uniform lines, while mesh scattering creates a diffused glow.

Single vs Double Light Source

Double light source cables have brighter, more saturated colors by powering the LEDs from both ends of the cable.

Individual Cables vs Extension Kits

Kits include the 24-pin ATX, PCIe cables, and other wires needed to replace a whole PSU cable set. Single cables target specific connections.

5 Best RGB PSU Cables Reviews

After extensive research comparing popular RGB PSU cable options using criteria like pricing, construction quality, lighting modes, and reviews – here are 5 top recommendations:

1. Lian Li Strimer Plus V2

The Strimer Plus V2 takes first place as the best overall RGB PSU cable available. Lian Li‘s cables feature vibrant addressable RGBs, aluminum housing for flexibility, a handy controller, and compatibility with RGB sync software.

Price: $60-70
Lighting: Addressable RGB strip
Cables: 24-pin, Triple 8-pin, Dual 8-pin PCIe

See Lian Li Strimer Plus V2 on Amazon >

2. Asiahorse PSU Extension Cable Kit

For those seeking an affordable full extension kit, Asiahorse delivers reliable quality and performance. While lighting effects are limited, their combo pack gets the job done on a budget.

Price: $36
Lighting: Fixed RGB modes
Cables: 24-pin ATX, Dual 8-pin PCIe, EPS

See Asiahorse Extension Kit on Amazon >

3. Antec RGB PSU Cable 24-Pin

As a bestseller with over 7000 global ratings, Antec‘s RGB cable offers basic color customization at a reasonable single-cable price point.

Price: $21
Lighting: Addressable RGB
Cables: 24-pin ATX

See Antec RGB Cable on Amazon >

4. Uphant RGB Cable Extension Kit

For those wanting the brilliance of a double light source at an affordable cost, Uphant‘s extension combo kit takes the lead. Reviewers compliment the bright, consistent lighting.

Price: $36
Lighting: Addressable RGB double light strip
Cables: 24-pin ATX, Dual 8-pin PCIe

See Uphant Extension Kit on Amazon >

5. EZDIY-FAB RGB Cable Extension Kit

If you‘re willing to trade fully illuminated cables for brightly colored combs on quality extensions, EZDIY-FAB‘s combo pack offers lots of lighting modes at the best budget pricing.

Price: $30
Lighting: Addressable RGB combs
Cables: 24-pin ATX, Dual 8-pin PCIe, EPS

See EZDIY-FAB Extension Kit on Amazon >

How to Choose the Best RGB PSU Cables

Keep these key considerations in mind when selecting RGB PSU cables for your specific build:

  • Cable compatibility – Ensure cables match required PSU wattage and connections.
  • Addressable vs non-addressable – Get preferred level of color/effect customization.
  • Cable lighting type – Pick light strips or mesh style based on appearance preference.
  • Number of light sources – Single vs double source affects LED brightness.
  • Individual cables vs full kit – Buy exactly the specific cables needed or a multi-cable pack.

Additional factors like cabling quality, length needed, lighting modes, and budget play a role as well.

Carefully measuring inside your PC case and mapping all necessary connections beforehand ensures getting perfectly sized RGB cables tailored for your system.

Installing and Using RGB PSU Cables

Installing aftermarket RGB PSU cables follows the same process as regular power cables.

Here are the simplified steps:

  1. Turn off and unplug the computer
  2. Open the case and remove old cables
  3. Carefully connect new RGB cables to correct ports
  4. Manage cable routing for optimal lighting and airflow
  5. Power on system and configure lighting with controller or software

Using quality PSU cable extensions with integrated LED lighting provides unmatched brilliant color effects while avoiding any voltage regulation issues caused by lower-quality direct PSU cable replacements.

RGB Cable Lighting Controls

Most RGB PSU cables include an RF wireless controller for selecting colors/effects. For full customization, cables with addressable RGB can be synced with motherboard lighting software.

Controlling all case lighting components from one intuitive app like ASUS AURA Sync, MSI Mystic Light, or Gigabyte RGB Fusion takes your RGB game to pro level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are RGB PSU cables safe?

Quality extensions like those recommended above are completely safe. We don‘t recommend direct PSU cable swaps unless you‘re an electrical expert.

What RGB software is compatible?

If cables have addressable RGB, lighting can be controlled through ASUS Aura, MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte Fusion, Razer Chroma and more.

Can any PSU use RGB cables?

Extensions work safely with any PSU. But for direct replacements, cables must be specifically designed for your exact PSU model.

Where can I buy RGB PSU cables?

Online retailers like Amazon stock all the RGB cable options mentioned in this guide. Local computer stores may also carry selections.

With brilliant addressable lighting, durable sheathing, and easy plug-and-play extensions, RGB PSU cables make a gorgeous addition to any gaming PC build.

By keeping RGB cable compatibility, lighting controls, and budget in mind while deciding between top market options, you‘ll be rewarded with a stunning customizable showcase taking your battlestation to the next level.