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6 Best Soundboards for PCs in 2024

Are you a gamer, streamer, or content creator looking to take your audio to the next level? Adding a soundboard to your PC setup can open up a world of possibilities for enhancing your voice chat, streams, videos, and more. But with so many soundboard apps available, how do you choose the best one for your needs?

As a digital technology expert and PC enthusiast, I‘ve spent countless hours testing and comparing the top soundboard apps on the market. In this ultimate guide, I‘ll share my picks for the 10 best soundboards for PCs in 2024, based on factors like ease of use, customization, audio quality, compatibility, and price. Whether you‘re a soundboard newbie or a seasoned pro, you‘re sure to find the perfect app on this list.

First, let‘s clarify what a soundboard is and why you might want to use one. In simple terms, a soundboard is a type of software that lets you easily play pre-recorded audio clips and sound effects using your computer. You can trigger these sounds with a simple hotkey or button press, making it easy to add extra flair and personality to your gaming sessions, streams, podcasts, and more.

Some key features to look for in a great soundboard app include:

  1. Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  2. Wide range of customization options
  3. High-quality audio effects and voice changing
  4. Compatibility with popular games, streaming apps, etc.
  5. Affordable pricing (ideally with a free version available)

Now, let‘s dive into my top 10 soundboard app picks for 2024, complete with an honest assessment of each one‘s strengths and weaknesses:

  1. VoiceMod
    Strengths: Huge library of funny voice effects, integrates with all major streaming/chat apps, can use your phone as a remote control
    Weaknesses: Some voices sound unnatural, subscription required for best features
    Ideal for: Streamers and content creators who want a huge range of voice changing options

  2. Soundpad
    Strengths: Simple drag-and-drop interface, create your own soundboards from YouTube videos or your music library, affordable one-time price
    Weaknesses: No voice changing, a bit CPU-intensive
    Ideal for: Gamers and podcasters who want an easy way to trigger custom sounds

  3. Clownfish Voice Changer
    Strengths: Totally free, works with any app, decent selection of voices
    Weaknesses: Hasn‘t been updated in years, some voices are low quality, no soundboard functionality
    Ideal for: Beginners who want to experiment with voice changing

  4. Resanance
    Strengths: Clean modern interface, advanced audio controls, can play music and sound effects simultaneously
    Weaknesses: Expensive, steep learning curve
    Ideal for: Audio professionals and hardcore users who want the ultimate soundboard

  5. EXP Soundboard
    Strengths: Lightweight and easy to use, totally free and open source
    Weaknesses: Dated interface, no voice changing, limited audio formats
    Ideal for: Casual users who just need basic soundboard features

  6. MorphVOX Pro
    Strengths: Powerful voice changing engine with lots of tweaking options, can create your own voices
    Weaknesses: Expensive, goes overboard with features for some users
    Ideal for: Users who want really fine-grained control over voices

  7. Soundux
    Strengths: Modern, intuitive UI, built-in recorder and editor
    Weaknesses: No voice changing, Mac only
    Ideal for: Mac users who want an attractive, easy to use soundboard

  8. Audio Micro
    Strengths: Online soundboard that works in any browser, huge audio effect library
    Weaknesses: Requires internet connection, effects are short and generic
    Ideal for: Casual users who want a quick and easy soundboard without installing anything

  9. Voxal Voice Changer
    Strengths: Wide selection of natural-sounding voices, easy to use even for beginners
    Weaknesses: No soundboard features, some voices require additional purchases
    Ideal for: Users mainly interested in realistic voice changing without complicated extra features

  10. VB-Audio VoiceMeeter
    Strengths: Extremely versatile virtual audio mixer, can route any combination of mics, apps and audio devices
    Weaknesses: Significant technical know-how required, barebones UI
    Ideal for: Advanced users who want total control over their PC audio setup

Ultimately, the right soundboard for you will depend on your specific use case, technical comfort level, and budget. Gamers and casual users will likely gravitate toward simpler, more affordable options like Soundpad and EXP, while professional streamers and podcasters may prefer the advanced features of apps like VoiceMod and Resanance.

Whichever soundboard you choose, taking some time to learn the ins and outs of the software will help you get the most out of it. Most apps offer tutorials and user guides to help you get up and running quickly. With a little practice and experimentation, you‘ll soon be triggering audio memes, impersonating celebrities, and adding immersive background tracks to your voice chats like a pro.

Some creative ways to get the most out of your soundboard include:

  • Setting up different soundboards for specific games/scenarios with perfectly timed reaction clips
  • Using a soundboard to provide background music and effects for tabletop RPG sessions
  • Prank your friends by cycling through different voices mid-conversation
  • Create a "soundboard soundboard" by recording yourself imitating meme sounds
  • Sync up game events with immersive audio transitions to make streams more engaging

I hope this guide has helped demystify the world of soundboard apps and given you the knowledge you need to supercharge your PC audio. Armed with the right soundboard and a little creativity, you‘re sure to blow away your gaming pals and stream viewers.

Happy soundboarding!