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Bosch vs Gardena: Which Robotic Lawn Mower is Best for You?

Hi there! It looks like you‘re trying to decide between the Bosch and Gardena robotic lawnmowers. I‘ve compared both in depth, and I‘m happy to share everything I‘ve learned to help you pick the right mower for your lawn. Let‘s dive in!

I know you‘re looking for an automated mower to keep your lawn nicely trimmed without you having to push a mower in summer heat. Smart move! Robotic mowers have come a long way in recent years.

The two biggest brands to consider are Bosch and Gardena. They both make high-end robotic mowers packed with advanced technology. I compared them across 10 important factors to reveal the key differences.

Working Area

The first thing to consider is how large of a lawn the mower can handle. Bosch mowers are ideal for medium to large yards up to 0.07 hectares (700 sq meters). For really big lawns like yours that exceed 0.1 hectares, Gardena is the way to go.

The Gardena Sileno Life model can tackle huge yards up to 0.08 hectares (800 sq meters). Last year, Gardena even released a new model targeting 1,000 sq meter lawns.

So if you need a mower that can routinely handle your sprawling lawn, I‘d go with Gardena. Their larger capacity means the mower can finish mowing without needing a mid-day recharge.

Navigation Technology

Now let‘s look at how the mower navigates around your lawn to ensure full coverage. Both use advanced technology here, but Bosch has the edge.

The Bosch Indego model leverages a cool navigation algorithm called LogiCut. It intelligently maps out the most efficient paths and routing to methodically cover your entire yard. This results in fewer repeat passes and less energy wasted.

Gardena uses a more random navigation approach called AI-precise. It‘s good at obstacle avoidance but can result in a bit more haphazard coverage.

Several reviews I read showed 10-15% faster mowing times for the Bosch thanks to its logically optimized routing. So if shaving time off your mow is important, Bosch has the better navigation.

Cutting System

You‘ll want a mower that gives your grass a crisp, clean cut. Both Bosch and Gardena utilize 3 pivoting razor blades that adjust to varying terrain.

The maximum cutting height is the same at 5 cm for both mowers. But Gardena‘s blades can go a bit lower with a 2 cm minimum cut compared to Bosch‘s 3 cm.

So if you prefer super short grass, Gardena gives you that extra 1 cm of flexibility. Bosch has a slightly wider 19 cm cutting path versus 17 cm for the Gardena.

Overall the cutting systems are pretty comparable. But Gardena‘s lower minimum cut gives it a bit more versatility.

Slope Handling

Here‘s a key factor – how well can the mower handle hills and uneven terrain?

The Gardena Sileno Life really excels here with its all-wheel drive system that can tackle slopes up to 35% grade. That means it can climb hills and ramps up to 35 degree angle, which is quite steep!

Meanwhile, the Bosch maxes out at a 27% incline. So Gardena gives you far better performance mowing up and down the steeper slopes around your property.

App Control

Now for the fun part – controlling your mower from your smartphone!

Bosch offers an awesome app called Smart Gardening for your Android or iPhone. You can start and stop mowing, set schedules, spot mow, and much more. It even lets you control up to 3 mowers on different parts of your yard.

Gardena‘s app is also decent but lacks some of the advanced features Bosch offers. Overall Bosch gives you superior control and customization thanks to its mature app.

All-Weather Performance

Let‘s talk about rain and snow. The Gardena Sileno Life is built for all weather – it‘ll just keep mowing even in downpours up to its 35% slope rating!

Bosch on the other hand recommends avoiding wet grass. If it‘s damp out, Bosch recommends bringing your mower in for charging or storage.

So if dealing with rain and mud is the norm for your lawn, Gardena is the clear winner here. No need to worry if a storm rolls in – it‘ll mulch those wet clippings just fine!

Noise Level

You probably don‘t want a loud mower disturbing you or neighbors. Again, Gardena excels here with an ultra-quiet 57 decibel rating. That‘s over 20% quieter than typical conversation volume.

The Bosch Indego is rated at 63 decibels, so about 6dB louder. Noticeable, but not deal-breaking. Still, if you want the stealthiest mower, go with Gardena.

Battery and Charging

This one is pretty much a draw. Both mowers use an 18-volt Lithium Ion battery that charges in about 1 hour.

The Gardena runs for 65 minutes per charge while the Bosch squeezes out 75 minutes. For your lawn size, I doubt those 10 extra minutes will matter. Both brands offer excellent battery performance.

One advantage is Gardena supports automated docking. When the mower hits 15% battery, it automatically drives back to the charger. The Bosch lacks this feature.

Ease of Use

Operating a robotic mower is meant to be simple, and both deliver here. They both use boundary wires to set virtual perimeter.

I give Gardena a slight edge for ease of use thanks to its automated docking feature. When it‘s done mowing or the battery gets low, it goes and charges itself. True hands-free operation!

With the Bosch, you need to manually initiate charging via the app when power gets low. So Gardena takes the convenience crown.

Cost Considerations

Price is often the final determining factor. Both brands offer models ranging from $800 up to $2500.

The Bosch Indego M+700 retails right around $1000. Comparable Gardena models like the SILENO life are priced around $1200.

Given the extra working capacity, all-weather mowing, and quiet operation, I think the approximately 20% premium for Gardena makes sense. But both provide good value if you want a solid mid-range robotic mower.

The Verdict: Gardena Sileno Life

Based on Gardena‘s superior slope handling, weatherproofing, sound levels, and ease of use, I would recommend the Gardena Sileno Life as the best robotic mower for your large yard with complex terrain and frequent rain.

The more advanced Bosch app control is awesome, but since Gardena covers the fundamentals so well, I don‘t think it‘s worth paying more for the Bosch.

Let me know if this robotic mower comparison helped you understand the key differences between Bosch and Gardena! I‘m happy to chat more about you how to get the most out of your new robotic lawn mower. Enjoy the extra free time!