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Cricket Wireless Family Plan Pricing and Details: Is It Worth It for You?

Cricket Wireless has earned a reputation for affordable and reliable family cell phone plans. With over 12 million subscribers nationwide, Cricket leverages AT&T‘s robust network to offer budget-friendly packages for families seeking to stay connected.

But are Cricket Wireless‘s family plans right for you? This comprehensive guide examines Cricket‘s latest family plan pricing, pros and cons, and how it compares to other major carriers. Read on to find out if Cricket Wireless is worthwhile for your family‘s needs.

A Brief Background on Cricket Wireless

Founded in 1999 as Leap Wireless International, Cricket Wireless initially targeted budget-conscious consumers unable to afford expensive cell phone plans from major providers.

In 2007, Cricket introduced the Cricket Family Plan, offering:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Shared data
  • Affordable rates

The family plans gained popularity by bundling multiple lines while keeping costs low.

A major turning point came in 2014 when AT&T acquired Leap Wireless and rebranded the service as Cricket Wireless. This allowed Cricket to utilize AT&T‘s widespread 4G LTE network, enhancing coverage and performance.

Today, Cricket Wireless continues AT&T‘s mission of providing reliable, low-cost cell phone plans to value-focused American households.

Cricket Wireless Family Plan Options

Cricket Wireless offers three main shared family plans:

1. Cricket More Family Plan

Cricket‘s flagship family plan starts at $90/month for two lines. With five lines, you save up to $140/month.

Highlights include:

  • Access to 5G network (with compatible device)
  • 15GB mobile hotspot data per line
  • Unlimited talk, text, and optimized streaming
  • HBO Max subscription
  • 150GB cloud storage

2. Cricket Core Family Plan

For those needing less data, the Cricket Core plan provides savings up to $150/month for a 5-line plan.

Pricing starts at $80/month for two lines with separate data allotments per user.

3. Cricket Group Save Family Plan

Prefer to mix and match plans? The Cricket Group Save option allows you to create a customized family plan with savings up to $70/month for five lines.

You can combine unlimited, metered data, or fixed data plans and still benefit from multi-line discounts.

Comparing Cricket Wireless Family Plans

How does Cricket Wireless stack up to other carriers? Here‘s a pricing breakdown across major providers:

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Wireless Carrier Starting Monthly Price (2 Lines) Max Savings (5 Lines)
Cricket Wireless $90 $140 savings
AT&T $120 $100 savings
T-Mobile $120 $140 savings
Verizon $140 $140 savings

As shown, Cricket Wireless boasts extremely competitive family plan rates compared to premium providers.

The savings become more pronounced when adding multiple lines. A 5-line Cricket plan saves up to $140 monthly, equaling brands like T-Mobile and Verizon.

Pros of Cricket Wireless Family Plans

What are the biggest advantages of choosing Cricket Wireless for your family?

1. Significant Monthly Savings

The most compelling reason for opting with Cricket is the cost savings, especially for large families.

With 5 lines, you can save up to $140 per month on recurring fees. Over two years, that equates to over $3,000 in savings.

2. Widespread Coverage via AT&T Network

Cricket Wireless rides on AT&T‘s network, which offers excellent overall coverage and performance. You‘ll enjoy reliable service across most of the country.

3. Flexible, Customizable Options

Cricket Wireless doesn‘t lock you into a single plan. With the Group Save program, you can mix and match plans to suit each family member‘s needs.

4. 5G Access Included

Cricket Wireless now includes 5G connectivity with compatible devices. This allows you to access next-gen network speeds at no extra cost.

5. Generous Perks Like HBO Max

Cricket Wireless perks like HBO Max subscriptions and cloud storage provide extra value on top of recurring cell service.

Cons of Cricket Wireless Family Plans

While Cricket Wireless has many positives, there are some drawbacks to note:

1. Limited Phone Selection

Cricket‘s phone selection tends to feature more budget-friendly models compared to flagships offered by AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

2. Data Speeds May Be Slower

To provide affordable rates, Cricket data speeds are capped. This may impact activities like HD video streaming.

3. Restrictions on Mobile Hotspot Usage

Mobile hotspot data is limited depending on your Cricket Wireless plan. Heavy hotspot users may need to pay overage fees.

4. Fewer Plan Upgrades Compared to Major Carriers

Cricket Wireless upgrades their core plans less frequently than Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. Features may become outdated over long periods.

Is Cricket Wireless‘ Family Plan Worth It For You?

At the end of the day, is joining a Cricket Wireless family plan beneficial over competitors? Consider Cricket if:

You Want Maximum Savings

If keeping your phone bill affordable long-term matters most, then Cricket Wireless delivers. You‘ll save over $3,000 in fees over two years.

You Primarily Use Talk/Text Over Data

Given excellent coverage via AT&T‘s network, Cricket Wireless shines for voice calls and messaging. If you don‘t need unlimited high-speed data, the savings are worthwhile.

You Can Bring Your Own Device

By activating an unlocked device on Cricket Wireless instead of financing the latest iPhone or Galaxy, you‘ll maximize long-term savings.

You may want to AVOID Cricket Wireless if:

Data Speeds/Performance Are Your Top Priority

While Cricket Wireless utilizes AT&T‘s robust network, data speeds are capped. If you require the fastest throughput, you may want to consider premium plans from Verizon or T-Mobile instead.

You Demand Regular Plan Enhancements

Cricket Wireless doesn‘t refresh plans as frequently as Verizon or AT&T. If you want regular upgrades with new features, another provider may suit your needs better.

The Bottom Line

Cricket Wireless deserves consideration for budget-friendly families wanting reliable coverage without overspending every month.

While speeds are capped, Cricket rides on AT&T‘s far-reaching service map with extensive LTE and growing 5G. For households focused more on voice and texting than HD video streaming, the unbeatable savings are highly compelling.

By mixing and matching custom plans tailored to each member‘s usage via Group Save program, Cricket brings welcome flexibility missing from other carriers. Plus, valuable perks like HBO Max and mobile hotspot data provide well-rounded experiences.

Before committing, be sure to check Cricket‘s coverage map in your neighborhood. But overall, Cricket Wireless family plans stand out as affordable and reliable options worth your consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cricket Wireless offer 5G?

Yes, Cricket Wireless offers nationwide 5G access on supported devices with no extra fees. Speeds vary depending on location.

Can existing Cricket Wireless customers switch to a family plan?

Absolutely. Visit a Cricket store or call customer support to transition your individual Cricket plan to one of their shared family plans.

How many lines can you have on a Cricket family plan?

Cricket Wireless supports up to 5 lines on all their family plan options. This includes the Cricket More, Cricket Core, and Group Save plans.

Does Cricket Wireless throttle data speeds?

Cricket does throttle video streaming speeds to 1.5 Mbps and may temporarily slow other data usage during periods of network congestion.