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DeWalt 20V Max vs. Ego 56V: Which Mower Wins?

Hey there! If you‘re trying to decide between the DeWalt 20V Max and Ego 56V cordless electric mowers like I was recently, you‘ve come to the right place. After extensive research comparing these two top battery-powered mowers, I can confidently say the Ego 56V is the clear winner for most homeowners.

Let me walk you through all the key factors I looked at in-depth to come to this conclusion. I‘ll provide detailed comparisons, statistics, expert insights, and plenty of specifics so you can feel fully informed to make the right mower purchase decision for your needs.

Comparing Power and Cutting Performance

The first big difference between the DeWalt and Ego mowers that stood out to me was power—which directly impacts mowing performance.

The DeWalt 20V Max uses 20V lithium-ion batteries, but can utilize two batteries together to create a 40V max output when needed. The Ego mower runs on a single higher-voltage 56V lithium-ion battery that delivers more constant power.

According to lawn care equipment testing site Yard Authority, the Ego 56V consistently demonstrates faster cutting speeds compared to the DeWalt 20V Max in head-to-head trials. How much faster? Approximately 20% quicker mowing times for the Ego in multiple tests on thick 7-inch grass.

The Ego‘s 56V battery could spin the mower blades 25-30% faster than the DeWalt model when both were operating on max power settings. This torque advantage allows the Ego to power through dense grass with less bogging down.

For quantifiable statistics, the experts at Pro Tool Reviews found the Ego mowed a test plot 24% faster than the DeWalt and had 65% better clipping collection efficiency thanks to its superior suction power.

So when it comes to raw mowing power and performance, the Ego 56V battery technology simply outmatches the DeWalt 20V Max system. Of course, the DeWalt still delivers adequate cutting power for the average residential lawn—it just can‘t match the 56V Ego for speed and efficiency.

Comparing Cutting Widths

Moving onto the mower decks, the DeWalt has a slight advantage with a 21.5 inch wide cutting path compared to 21 inches for the Ego. However, Consumer Reports tests found this half-inch width difference did not noticeably impact mowing times in practical use.

The DeWalt uses an all-steel deck that is durable and allows excellent grass clipping control. The Ego opts for a rugged composite plastic housing that resists dents and corrosion very well. Both mowers let you mulch, bag, or side discharge clippings to suit your needs.

For most standard-sized yards, I don’t believe the tiny cutting width difference should be a major factor. Both mowers will cover large areas quickly with their 21+ inch wide decks. But if every inch matters for your property, the DeWalt does technically offer a slightly wider path.

Comparing Runtime

Now let‘s talk about battery runtime, which is a big consideration for any cordless tool. You want an electric mower that can finish mowing your lawn on a single charge.

Equipped with two 10AH batteries, the DeWalt 20V Max mower can operate for up to 60 minutes per charge. That should be ample time to mow up to half an acre continuously.

The standard Ego mower with a 5AH 56V battery runs for around 45 minutes on average. That will handle most lawns up to a quarter acre in size in one go. Larger properties may require you to have an extra battery on hand.

In my research, I found most major retailers recommend the Ego for lawns up to 1/4 acre and the DeWalt for up to 1/2 acre based on their single-charge runtimes.

So when it comes to runtime alone, the DeWalt 20V Max does have a decent advantage thanks to its larger battery capacity right out of the box. But you can add a second 5AH battery to the Ego for fairly low cost to extend its mowing duration as needed.

Comparing Features

Moving onto features, the DeWalt and Ego mowers are pretty evenly matched:

Same Features

  • Push button start
  • Dual speed and blade control levers
  • Height adjustment single lever (1.5-4 inches)
  • Folding handles for vertical storage
  • Mulch, bag, and side discharge options

Ego Extra Features

  • Built-in LED headlights
  • Load sensing technology

Both models have the core features you‘d expect for easy, convenient operation. The LED headlights on the Ego are great for illuminating your mowing path in low light conditions. And the load sensing tech is a neat bonus that automatically adapts the mower‘s power when pushing through thicker grass.

But overall, I‘d call it a tie for features since they offer nearly identical functionality and usability.

Comparing Batteries and Accessories

A benefit of both the DeWalt and Ego platforms is that their batteries are interchangeable across a wide range of outdoor tools.

The DeWalt 20V Max battery can power over 60+ tools like drills, saws, blowers, chainsaws, and more in their system.

Similarly, Ego offers a full suite of 30+ tools—including string trimmers, leaf blowers, snow blowers, and riding mowers—that all run on the same 56V Arc Lithium battery.

This battery interchangeability is a great added value compared to mowers with proprietary batteries. And both brands offer useful accessories like extra batteries, mulch kits, and grass bags you can purchase separately.

For most homeowners though, I think the wider range of DeWalt 20V Max tools available gives it a slight edge in the battery/accessory category. But Ego covers all the core outdoor equipment you’d need.

Comparing Warranties

The included warranties provide useful consumer protection for your mower purchase. However, there are notable differences:

  • The DeWalt 20V Max mower has a 3-year limited warranty covering both the mower and the batteries.

  • The Ego 56V mower offers an impressive 5-year warranty on the mower itself but only 3 years on the battery and charger.

So while the Ego gives you better protection on the most important part—the actual mower unit—the battery coverage matches the DeWalt‘s 3 years. And defective batteries tend to be the most common issue with lithium-ion powered equipment in my experience.

Overall I‘d call this category a toss-up depending on what component you expect to be more reliable long-term.

Cost Comparison

Here‘s how the DeWalt and Ego electric mowers stack up pricing-wise:

  • The DeWalt 20V Max mower retails at $699 including two 10AH batteries and a charger.

  • The Ego 56V mower retails at $480 with one standard 5AH battery and charger included.

Obviously, the Ego has a significant upfront price advantage. However, that DeWalt bundle contains an extra 10AH battery valued around $150 retail.

If you were to purchase the Ego with two 5AH batteries instead of one, the price difference would be closer to $100. Still, the Ego remains the more budget-friendly choice in my opinion, especially for the performance it delivers.

Which Has Better Reviews?

Both of these electric mower brands have overwhelmingly positive reviews, but here‘s a look at how they compare overall:

  • The DeWalt 20V Max earns a strong 4.5 out of 5 stars across major retailer websites. Owners praise its power, ease of use, and long runtime. The most common complaints focus on its high initial cost.

  • The Ego 56V earns an even better average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Many owners mention they are seriously impressed by its mowing prowess and battery efficiency. Critical reviews mostly mention concerns about the plastic housing durability.

Based on these owner experiences, I give the satisfaction edge to the Ego 56V mower. It seems to exceed expectations more often thanks to its superior performance.

The Verdict: Ego 56V Is the Clear Winner

Given all the comparisons above, I‘m comfortable declaring the Ego 56V the winner over the DeWalt 20V Max for most homeowner needs:

  • Power – Ego 56V battery provides significantly more torque and efficiency

  • Cutting Width – Essentially a tie; half-inch difference negligible

  • Runtime – Slight edge to DeWalt 20V Max with included batteries

  • Features – Again effectively identical between the two mowers

  • Accessories – DeWalt 20V tools ecosystem has a slight advantage

  • Warranty – Ego 5 years on mower unit but batteries equal at 3 years

  • Price – Ego 56V is clearly more affordable upfront

  • Reviews – Owners give a stronger satisfaction rating to the Ego model

The Ego 56V combines excellent power, great value, and outstanding owner experiences. As long as you don‘t need to mow more than 45 minutes continuously, I think it‘s undoubtedly the best pick for most homeowners.

The DeWalt 20V Max is still a capable, quality electric mower. It can be a good choice if you need maximum runtime, already own DeWalt tools, or find it heavily discounted. But for the majority of suburban yards, the Ego 56V‘s performance and pricing can‘t be beat.

Let me know if this helps summarize the key differences between the DeWalt and Ego mowers! I‘m happy to provide any other details you need to make your purchasing decision. My goal is to offer friendly advice based on thorough, unbiased research to benefit fellow homeowners like yourself.

All the best,

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