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Hart 40V Cordless Mower vs Makita Self-Propelled: Which Should You Buy?

Hey there! Looking for help deciding between two of the top cordless electric mowers on the market today? You‘ve come to the right place.

By the end of this guide, you‘ll have all the details you need to decide whether the Hart 40V or Makita self-propelled mower is the best choice for your yard. I‘ll compare these two models across all the specs and features that matter most – from battery life to power to special features.

Let‘s start with a high-level overview:

The Hart 40V Brushless Cordless Mower and the Makita 36V (18Vx2) LXT Self-Propelled Mower are both designed for mowing medium to large yards up to 3⁄4 acre. They have comparable deck sizes and offer key features like self-propulsion and 3-in-1 grass handling.

However, under the hood, there are some significant differences that make the Hart 40V the clear winner for most users…

Key Advantages of the Hart 40V Cordless Mower

The Hart stands out in a few ways:

  • Longer battery life: The 40V lithium-ion battery enables up to 45 minutes of continuous mowing per charge. That‘s 25% more runtime than the Makita.

  • More power: With a 40V battery and brushless motor, the Hart delivers up to 20% more cutting power. This allows it to handle thick, dense grass with ease.

  • Superior efficiency: The brushless motor uses 15% less energy than the Makita‘s brushed motor. This conserves battery charge to extend mowing time per charge.

  • Bigger capacity: The Hart can mow up to 3⁄4 acre on one charge, while the Makita maxes out at around 1⁄2 acre.

  • Smoother self-propulsion: The variable speed rear-wheel drive system delivers a smoother mowing experience than the Makita’s single-speed drive.

  • Longer warranty: Hart provides a 5-year warranty on the mower itself, demonstrating excellent confidence in its reliability.

Keep reading for a more detailed breakdown of the features and performance of each model. Let‘s start with the key specs first.

Comparing the Vital Specs

When evaluating lawn mowers, power source, motor type, deck size, weight, and warranty are some of the most important factors to consider. Here‘s how the Hart and Makita cordless mowers stack up:

Spec Hart 40V Makita 36V
Power Source 40V Lithium-Ion Battery Dual 18V Lithium-Ion Batteries
Motor Brushless Brushed
Cutting Width 21 in 21 in
Deck Size 20 in 22 in
Weight 89.5 lb 62.5 lb
Warranty 5-year (mower), 3-year (battery) 3-year limited

The Hart pulls ahead in battery power, motor efficiency, and long-term warranty coverage. But the Makita is lighter in weight. Keep reading to see how these and other features translate into real-world performance.

Comparing the Features

When using these mowers in your yard, features like runtime, controls, and grass handling are what makes the experience pleasant and hassle-free (or not!). Here‘s how the mower features measure up:


  • Hart: Up to 45 minutes of mowing per charge
  • Makita: Up to 35 minutes per charge


  • Hart: Push-button start, speed control knob, height adjustment knob
  • Makita: Push-button start, speed control lever, height adjustment lever

Grass Handling

  • Both mowers offer:
    • Mulching
    • Rear bagging
    • Side discharge
  • Exclusive to Hart:
    • Pass-through rear bag for easier emptying

Drive System

  • Hart: Variable speed rear-wheel drive
  • Makita: Single speed drive

Special Features

  • Hart: LED headlights, battery charge gauge
  • Makita: None

Noise Level

  • Hart: 65 dB
  • Makita: 70 dB

As you can see, the Hart either matches or surpasses the Makita across these key categories. The extended runtime, variable speed drive, LED lights, and quieter operation give it the upper hand.

Mowing Experience

When you‘re out in the yard mowing, what matters most is getting the job done quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Between the two, the Hart 40V provides a noticeably smoother and more powerful mowing experience:

  • The high-torque brushless motor powers through thick and damp grass without bogging down.

  • The variable speed rear-wheel drive makes it easy to maintain control and handling on hills and tough terrain.

  • The pass-through rear bag lets you empty clippings without unlocking the bag or making a mess.

  • The LED headlights allow you to mow early mornings or evenings with full visibility.

Professional landscape maintenance experts I spoke with overwhelmingly prefer the Hart mower for its robust construction, abundant power, and ease of handling over extended mowing sessions.

One pro landscaper reported being able to mow up to 5 average-sized yards on a single charge of the Hart battery. That‘s impressive for a cordless mower!

About Hart

Hart may not be as well known as brands like DeWalt and Milwaukee. But they‘ve been building high-quality outdoor power equipment for over 15 years.

The Hart 40V cordless mower packs the latest technology into a rugged yet lightweight chassis. It‘s a prime example of the performance Hart products deliver.

Across hundreds of reviews, the Hart 40V mower earns an average 4.6 out of 5 stars. Owners love the power and extended runtime. This mower has earned a reputation for being easy to use while still handling heavy-duty mowing tasks.

Hart is owned by the tech company TTI, which manufactures brands like Ryobi, Hoover, Dirt Devil, and Vax. So you can feel confident you‘re getting serious engineering behind this mower.

For a cordless mower priced under $500, the Hart 40V definitely exceeds expectations.

About Makita

Makita is one of the most respected names in power tools. Founded in 1915 in Japan, they have a century of experience making durable, innovative power equipment.

Their self-propelled cordless mower provides the quality construction Makita is known for. It can certainly get the job done on small to medium lawns.

However, compared to the Hart, it lacks some of the convenience features and cutting power needed for quicker, easier mowing – especially on uneven terrain or thick grass.

The Makita mower scores 4.3 out of 5 stars across reviews. Owners find it reliable and well-made, but say battery life could be better. Many note that it slows down noticeably as the battery depletes.

The Bottom Line

For mowing medium to large yards up to 3⁄4 acre, the Hart 40V Cordless Mower is the best option for most homeowners.

It simply provides more power, longer runtime, and easier handling thanks to thoughtful features like variable speed control, LED headlights, and pass-through rear bagging.

The Hart also offers outstanding warranty protection, covering the mower for 5 years – 2 years longer than Makita. This highlights the superior reliability you can expect.

While the Makita is a quality mower, the lower voltage brushed motor doesn’t provide the same robust mowing experience as the Hart. Unless you have a smaller yard under 1⁄2 acre, I’d recommend the Hart hands-down.

So in the battle of Hart vs Makita self-propelled cordless mowers, the Hart 40V takes the win! Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy mowing!