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Reddit‘s Authoritative Guide to the Best Gaming Mice of 2023

Choosing the right gaming mouse is one of the most important decisions you can make as a PC gamer. A quality mouse won‘t necessarily make you a better player, but a poorly-suited one can definitely hold you back. With so many options on the market, however, it can be daunting to find the perfect pointer.

Enter Reddit. The popular social news aggregation and discussion website has a thriving community of knowledgeable and opinionated PC gaming enthusiasts. Subreddits like r/MouseReview and r/buildapc are go-to resources for crowdsourced gaming mouse info.

I analyzed thousands of posts and comments to determine which gaming mice Redditors recommend most in 2023. Whether you‘re looking for the best overall performer, the best value, or the perfect mouse for your favorite game genre, these are the top picks according to Reddit.

Anatomy of a Gaming Mouse

Before we get into the recommendations, let‘s break down what makes a great gaming mouse. These are the key areas where top mice differentiate themselves:

The optical or laser sensor determines how accurately and consistently the mouse translates your hand movements into cursor movements. Key metrics are CPI/DPI (counts/dots per inch), IPS (inches per second), and polling rate (how frequently the mouse reports its position to the PC). High-end sensors like the Logitech HERO and Razer Focus+ have a CPI range up to 25,000 and 650 IPS for pinpoint precision.

Gaming mice use specialized switches beneath the main buttons to register clicks. Mechanical switches from brands like Omron, Kailh, and TTC are popular for their tactile, clicky feel and fast response times. Optical switches, which use a light beam to detect clicks, eliminate the physical contact and debounce delay for even faster and more consistent operation.

Build and Materials
Gaming mice need to be durable enough to withstand the rigors of intense gaming. Look for mice with a sturdy shell made of high-quality plastic like ABS. PTFE feet provide a smooth, low-friction glide. Braided cables, flexible paracord, or wireless operation prevent snagging and drag. A soft matte or rubberized coating improves grip.

Shape and Weight
The shape, size, and weight of a mouse determine how it feels in your hand. This is a highly personal preference that depends on your hand size, grip style, and gaming genre. Larger, wider mice suit palm grips while smaller, flatter mice work better for claw and fingertip grips. Lighter mice in the 50-80g range are popular for fast-paced FPS games.

Most gaming mice come with companion software that lets you remap buttons, customize CPI, polling rate, and RGB, and create macros. The ease of use and functionality of this software is important for getting the most out of a mouse.

Reddit‘s Most Recommended Gaming Mice

With those key factors in mind, these are the gaming mice that Redditors recommend most based on my analysis:

Best Overall: Logitech G Pro X Superlight

The Logitech G Pro X Superlight is Reddit‘s top recommended mouse for serious gamers who want the best possible performance. Virtually every post asking for the best gaming mouse on r/MouseReview suggests this mouse.

Spec Logitech G Pro X Superlight
Sensor HERO 25K, 100-25,600 CPI
Switches Omron 20M
Weight 63g
Buttons 5
Shape Ambidextrous
Connectivity Wireless (Lightspeed 2.4GHz)
Battery Life 70h
Price $150

What makes it the top pick? The Superlight‘s unique combination of high-end performance and ultralight weight give it a nearly flawless feel for any game or grip style.

Logitech engineering yields a mouse 63 grams without holes in the shell. Structural support, interior geometry, a zero-additive endoskeleton, and elimination of interior walls all reduce weight without sacrifice.

Then the HERO 25K sensor and Logitech Lightspeed wireless technology give the Superlight pixel-precise performance down to the microsecond without the wire. "As a former CSGO pro, this mouse is endgame for me. I can‘t find a single fault with it," said u/rammy25.

Best Budget: SteelSeries Rival 3

"The SteelSeries Rival 3 is the only mouse you should look at for under $50," declared u/riba2233 in one of many threads where the Rival 3 gets top budget billing on Reddit.

Spec SteelSeries Rival 3
Sensor TrueMove Core, 200-8,500 CPI
Switches SteelSeries mechanical
Weight 77g
Buttons 6
Shape Ergonomic
Connectivity Wired
Price $30

The Rival 3 is evidence a budget mouse doesn‘t have to mean major compromises. It has a smart, understated design with a comfortable shape suitable for most hand sizes and grip styles. Build quality is excellent with sturdy ABS plastic and pure PTFE feet.

The custom TrueMove Core sensor developed in partnership with industry-leader PixArt boasts true 1-to-1 tracking with 8,500 CPI and 300 IPS. New SteelSeries mechanical switches are rated for 60M clicks compared to 50M for the popular Omrons.

At 77 grams it‘s also very lightweight for a budget wired mouse. "Spectacular bang for buck option. The quality on the Rival 3 is quite good. Definitely would be my top recommendation for a budget wired mouse," said u/axaro1.

Best Wireless: Razer Viper Ultimate

While the G Pro X Superlight is Reddit‘s overall wireless pick, the Razer Viper Ultimate is the best Razer option and offers a few unique features some may prefer over the Superlight‘s spartan design.

Spec Razer Viper Ultimate
Sensor Focus+ 20K, 20,000 CPI
Switches Razer Optical
Weight 74g
Buttons 8
Shape Ambidextrous
Connectivity Wireless (HyperSpeed 2.4GHz)
Battery Life 70h
Charging Dock
Price $150

The Viper Ultimate uses similar lightweight engineering techniques with a slimmed down internal PCB and battery to trim weight to 74g. Razer‘s Focus+ optical sensor goes up to 20,000 CPI and tracks flawlessly on any surface.

Optical mouse switches use an infrared light beam for un-rivaled speed and durability. The low-profile design with rubberized side grips is ideal for fingertip and claw grip players. Convenient charging dock is a nice bonus.

"I think I prefer the Viper shape slightly and the optical switches and side buttons are better than the GPX for me," explained u/Nexuality, echoing a common sentiment that the choice between the GPX and RVU is mostly down to personal feel.

Best Ergonomic: Razer Basilisk V3

The Razer Basilisk V3 is Reddit‘s most recommended ergonomic mouse, especially for gamers with larger hands. Its shape resembles the ever-popular Logitech G502 but is lighter and longer.

Spec Razer Basilisk V3
Sensor Focus+ 26K, 26,000 CPI
Switches Razer Optical
Weight 101g
Buttons 11
Shape Right-handed ergonomic
Connectivity Wired
Price $70

The Basilisk V3 is loaded with premium Razer components. Focus+ 26K optical sensor, gen-2 optical switches, and a 11+1 HyperScroll tactile wheel with Virtual Acceleration. There‘s also a smart RGB underglow for added flair.

What really sets it apart is the shape. The generous hump, thumb rest, and flared rear are tailored for palm and claw grips. It fills the hand to reduce fatigue over long sessions. The Basilisk is on the heavier side at 101 grams but the extra bulk is purposeful.

"This is the most comfortable mouse I‘ve ever used and the sensor is fantastic. I don‘t think I could ever go back to a regular G502 now," raved u/PrettyEpicGamer69.

Best MMO/MOBA: Razer Naga Pro

MMO and MOBA players need a mouse with plenty of buttons for keybinds and the Razer Naga Pro is Reddit‘s favorite option for button-heavy mice.

Spec Razer Naga Pro
Sensor Focus+ 20K, 20,000 CPI
Switches Razer Optical
Weight 117g
Buttons Up to 19+1
Shape Right-handed ergonomic
Connectivity Wireless (HyperSpeed, Bluetooth)
Battery Life 150h
Price $150

What sets the Naga Pro apart is its three interchangeable side plates with 2, 6, and 12-button layouts that can be swapped for different games or playstyles. No other MMO mouse offers this level of customization.

Each plate attaches magnetically and has mechanical switches for a solid, tactile click feel. The classic 12-button grid is great for MMOs like WoW, while the 6-button hex is ideal for MOBAs and battle royales.

The ergonomic shape and ring-finger rest keep things comfortable. Focus+ 20K sensor is fantastic. Wireless is seamless with HyperSpeed and Bluetooth, plus great battery life. "This is the best version of the Naga yet. If you need a ton of buttons, this is the way to go," said u/Shwacker0311.

Choosing the Right Gaming Mouse for You

Specs and features are important but at the end of the day, the best gaming mouse is the one that fits your hand and suits your playstyle. Here are some tips for making the right choice:

  1. Measure your hand and grip. Use a tape measure or ruler to determine the length from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger and the width across your knuckles. Compare these to the size specs of mice you‘re considering. Also consider whether you prefer a palm, claw, or fingertip grip.

  2. Consider your game genres. Different gaming genres benefit from different mouse features. FPS players tend to prefer simple, lightweight mice for fast aim. MMO/MOBA players often want extra buttons for keybinds. All-around gaming, look for a versatile shape with a few side buttons.

  3. Wired or wireless? Wireless gaming mice have come a long way in the last few years and offer true latency-free performance. However, they are more expensive and require recharging. Wired mice are simpler and don‘t have to be as lightweight since there‘s no battery.

  4. Set a budget. Gaming mice range from dirt cheap to over $200. The sweet spot for price-to-performance is between $50-100 where most of Reddit‘s top recommended mice lie. Spending more usually gets you a lighter wireless mouse with more advanced features.

  5. Read reviews and try before you buy. Mouse shape is highly personal so it‘s a good idea to try mice in a store if possible before buying. Reading and watching reviews from other players with similar hand size and grip style to you can also help narrow down your choices to mice likely to be a good fit.

"At some point, you‘re going to have to take a leap of faith based on limited information, buy a mouse and see how it works for you. Just keep your expectations in check – there is no perfect mouse," advised u/Miller_TM on finding the right mouse.

Proper Mouse Maintenance

Even the best gaming mouse needs some occasional TLC to keep performing its best. Here are some tips for properly maintaining your mouse:

  • Wipe down the shell with a microfiber cloth and mild all-purpose cleaner every week or two to remove skin oils, sweat, and grime. Avoid harsh cleaners or anything that leaves a residue.
  • Use a can of compressed air to blow dust and debris out of gaps around buttons, scroll wheel, and sensor lens. Hold the can upright and keep the tip a few inches away from the mouse. A brush can also help clear stubborn crud.
  • Replace mouse feet/skates when they become worn down or caked with dust/skin. Most gaming mouse brands offer inexpensive replacement feet. Look for pure PTFE material which provides a faster, smoother glide than UHMW. Wipe the area under the feet with rubbing alcohol before applying new ones.
  • Don‘t forget to clean your mousepad too. Fabric pads can be gently scrubbed with warm water and mild detergent. Let them air dry completely before using again. Hard pads can be wiped down with all-purpose cleaner.

"Give your mouse a ‘spa day‘ every month or so and it will keep feeling like new for much longer," said u/crazypyro23 on the importance of mouse maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good gaming mouse?
A good gaming mouse needs a high precision optical sensor, quality switches, and materials. Low weight is also important for fast-paced gaming. Ultimately, shape and size that suit your hand size and grip style matter most.

How much should I spend on a gaming mouse?
You can find great gaming mice for as little as $30-50 like the Rival 3. Most of Reddit‘s top recommended mice are in the $50-100 range. Spending up to $150 usually gets you a top wireless mouse with cutting-edge lightweight materials.

What‘s the difference between optical and laser sensors?
Optical (LED) sensors use an image sensor to capture movement and work on both hard and soft pads. Laser sensors bounce a laser beam off the surface and only track well on hard pads. Most gaming mice today use optical sensors as they work on more surfaces.

What mouse grip style should I use?
Palm grip is the most ergonomic but can feel sluggish for fast gaming. Claw and fingertip grip enable faster movement and reaction time but are more fatiguing. Most pro gamers use a hybrid palm/claw or claw/fingertip grip. Experiment to find what feels best for you.

How long should a gaming mouse last?
Most gaming mice have mechanical switches rated for 50-100 million clicks, so 3-5 years of heavy use. Brands like Logitech and Razer typically offer a 2-year warranty. Treat your mouse well and it can last through several generations of hardware and game updates.