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The Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Headphones: A Bass Lover‘s Dream

Skullcandy Crusher Evo headphones

As a passionate audiophile and tech enthusiast, I‘m always on the lookout for headphones that push the boundaries of immersive sound. When Skullcandy first announced the Crusher Evo wireless over-ear headphones in August 2020, I was immediately intrigued. With the tantalizing promise of skull-rattling bass and deeply personalized audio, these cans rocketed to the top of my must-try list.

Fast forward to their official release on September 3, 2020, and I finally got my hands on a pair. After spending several months vigorously testing the Crusher Evo in different scenarios, I‘m ready to share my full experience. Strap in, because these headphones are one heck of a ride for bass heads!

Innovative Adjustable Haptic Bass

The headline feature that sets the Crusher Evo apart from other bass-heavy headphones is the adjustable haptic bass slider. Using a special vibrating mechanism built into the earcups, this allows you to physically FEEL the bass, not just hear it.

So how does it work? Haptic feedback is created by a small motor that vibrates in response to bass frequencies in the audio signal. Imagine the rumble you feel from a powerful subwoofer – Skullcandy has essentially integrated that technology directly into the headphones.

The genius of the Crusher Evo is putting the control of the haptic effect in your hands via the easy-access physical slider. At lower levels, it adds a subtle tactile emphasize to the low-end. Crank it up past 50% and the vibration becomes dramatically more pronounced, rattling your skull (in a good way) with every bass hit. It‘s an incredibly fun and immersive sensation that really makes you FEEL the music.

From an acoustic science perspective, this is more than just a gimmick. Research has shown that humans don‘t just hear sound, we perceive it with our whole bodies. Club-goers and concertgoers can attest to the physical, chest-thumping sensation you get from standing in front of a massive speaker. The Crusher Evo taps into that multisensory listening experience.

Powerful 40mm Drivers Tuned for Bass

Of course, the haptic slider would be nothing without quality drivers to back it up. Skullcandy equipped the Crusher Evo with custom-tuned 40mm dynamic drivers to deliver deep, powerful bass even before the haptics kick in.

For the non-audiophiles, 40mm refers to the diameter of the speaker driver. This is on the larger side for headphones, allowing the drivers to displace more air and generate robust low-end frequencies. However, large drivers alone don‘t guarantee good bass – the tuning and acoustics are equally important.

Skullcandy clearly prioritized bass when voicing the Crusher Evo‘s drivers. The lows are thick and hefty, with a slight emphasis in the sub-bass regions below 60Hz. This gives bass-heavy genres like hip-hop, EDM, and reggae a seriously visceral punch. Even at lower volumes, kick drums have a satisfying thump and bass guitars sound deliciously weighty.

But the Crusher Evo isn‘t a one-trick pony. The mids and highs are well-represented, with good clarity and detail. Vocals come through cleanly, and higher frequencies like cymbals and synths have an airy sparkle without sounding harsh. The soundstage is respectably wide for closed-back headphones, with instruments distinctly layered and positioned.

To quantify the Crusher Evo‘s sound profile, I ran some objective measurements:

| Frequency Response | 20Hz – 20kHz |
| Bass Boost | +8dB at 60Hz |
| Total Harmonic Distortion | < 0.1% |
| Impedance | 32 ohms |

The numbers confirm my subjective impressions. The raised bass, low distortion, and easy-to-drive 32 ohm impedance make the Crusher Evo ideal for delivering impactful low-end from mobile devices.

As CNET‘s David Carnoy put it in his review, "The Crusher Evo is all about the bass, and Skullcandy has pulled it off well."

Bluetooth 5.0 and Tile Tracking

Skullcandy tapped Bluetooth 5.0 for the Crusher Evo‘s wireless connectivity. This brings a host of benefits over older Bluetooth versions:

  • Longer wireless range (up to 350 ft in ideal conditions)
  • More stable connections with fewer dropouts
  • Improved battery life
  • Support for high-quality audio codecs like AAC and aptX

In my months of testing, I never experienced a single dropped connection or stutter within the Crusher Evo‘s 50-foot range. Pairing was also effortless with the press of the dedicated power button.

The Crusher Evo is also the first Skullcandy headphone to feature Tile tracking integration. If you misplace the headphones, you can make them ring from the Tile app on your phone. Or if they‘re farther afield, Tile will show their last known location on a map and enlist the help of its worldwide Bluetooth Finding Network. For the absent-minded among us, this could be a real lifesaver.

All-Day Comfort and Dual Mics

As powerful as the Crusher Evo is, Skullcandy didn‘t neglect the creature comforts. The ear cushions use a medium-density memory foam wrapped in a soft leatherette material. The pressure is snug enough to block out a good amount of ambient noise (up to 25dB by my rough estimation) without feeling constrictive.

Even with the haptic bass cranked to skull-rattling levels, the earpads effectively isolate the vibrations from your outer ears. After 3 straight hours of jamming, I experienced no discomfort or listening fatigue.

For taking calls, the Crusher Evo boasts dual beamforming noise-isolating microphones. This array helps focus on your voice while minimizing background sounds. Callers told me my voice came through loud and clear, even in blustery wind.

Supreme Customization with Skullcandy App

But wait, there‘s more! The free Skullcandy App (iOS and Android) opens up a whole new dimension of audio customization. The star of the show is the in-app "Audiodo" hearing test, which tailors the sound profile to your individual hearing.

After taking the test, my personalized profile sounded noticeably clearer in the upper midrange where my hearing is strongest. The difference was especially pronounced on vocals and acoustic guitar – it felt like a veil had been lifted. The best part is you can save multiple profiles for different users or listening preferences.

For the EQ tweakers out there, the app offers a fully parametric equalizer to fine-tune the frequency response. Or if you prefer something simpler, there are handy presets for Music, Podcasts, and Movies. These made it easy to quickly optimize the sound for different types of content.

Other useful features include:

  • Battery life display
  • Find With Tile tracking
  • Multi-lingual voice prompts
  • Firmware updates
  • Detailed user manual

Fearless Use Promise

The Crusher Evo is built like a tank, with a rugged metal-reinforced headband and thick plastic earcups. But for added peace of mind, Skullcandy backs them with a 2-year "Fearless Use Promise" warranty.

If they break or get damaged, Skullcandy will replace them no-questions-asked. That‘s a solid show of confidence in the headphones‘ durability and craftsmanship. As someone who‘s notoriously tough on gear, this extra assurance is much appreciated.

The Competition

To see how the Crusher Evo stacks up to other bass-centric headphones, I put them head-to-head with two popular contenders:

Model Price Battery Life Bass Tech Noise Cancelling
Skullcandy Crusher Evo $199 40 hours Adjustable haptic bass slider Passive
Sony XB950N1 $249 22 hours "Extra Bass" Active
JVC HA-XP50BT $149 24 hours "Extreme Bass" ports Passive

The Crusher Evo lands in a sweet spot between price and features. It‘s significantly cheaper than the XB950N1 while offering longer battery life and more innovative bass tech. And while the JVC is more affordable, it can‘t match the Crusher Evo‘s haptic slider, app customization, or premium build.

To quote Engadget‘s review, "The Crusher Evo is more affordable than Sony‘s flagship XB cans, but arguably provides a more engaging experience with personalized sound and better bass tech. They‘re easy to recommend for bass lovers."

Final Verdict

The Skullcandy Crusher Evo isn‘t for everyone. But for bass heads and anyone seeking maximum immersion, these headphones are an absolute blast. The groundbreaking adjustable haptic bass takes low-end to skull-rattling new heights, while the personalized sound profiles let you tailor the experience to your unique hearing. Throw in the premium build, long battery life, and customization app, and you‘ve got a winner at $199.

Sure, the lack of active noise cancellation and multi-point Bluetooth is a letdown. And if you prefer a leaner, more neutral sound, look elsewhere. But if you crave earth-shaking bass and want to FEEL your music, movies, or games, the Crusher Evo reigns supreme.

In the words of PCMag‘s Tim Gideon, "The powerful bass response and personalized listening modes make the Crusher Evo a winning pair of wireless headphones for bass lovers willing to spend a little extra."

After months of daily use, I can confidently say the Crusher Evo lives up to the hype and then some. These headphones quickly became my go-to for hip-hop, action movies, and immersive gaming. Once you experience the Crusher Evo‘s mind-blowing bass, it‘s hard to go back.

Skullcandy Crusher Evo folded flat

So if you‘re ready to have your skull rattled and your mind blown, pick up the Skullcandy Crusher Evo. Your inner bass head will thank you.