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The 5 Best TVs Under $1,000 You Can Buy Today

Looking for the best TV you can buy for under $1000? You‘ve come to the right place. While the television market is filled with endless options at various price points, the sub-$1000 range offers some of the best values around – letting you enjoy premium picture quality, smart features, and cutting-edge tech without breaking the bank.

As a passionate home theater enthusiast who has tested and reviewed dozens of TVs, I know how important it is to find that perfect balance of performance, features, and bang for your buck. That‘s why I‘ve hand-picked the top 5 models that I believe deliver the ultimate viewing experience for under a grand.

Whether you‘re a movie buff, sports fan, avid gamer, or just want to upgrade your home entertainment setup, these stellar TVs have you covered. Featuring advanced display technologies, smart functionality, sleek designs, and future-proof specs, they represent the cream of the crop in the sub-$1000 category.

So sit back, relax, and join me as I dive deep into the key features, strengths, weaknesses, and overall value proposition of each model. By the end of this in-depth guide, you‘ll have all the information you need to decide which of these top-tier TVs is the perfect fit for your specific needs, preferences, and living room.

Let‘s get started with my top pick for the best overall TV under $1000: the TCL 6-Series Roku TV (R635).

Best Overall: TCL 6-Series Roku TV (R635)

The TCL 6-Series Roku TV is hands-down the most well-rounded option for under $1000, delivering premium picture quality, a robust smart platform, next-gen gaming features, and impressive overall performance. Powered by cutting-edge Mini-LED and QLED technologies, this TV truly offers the best of both worlds.

Mini-LED backlighting provides best-in-class local dimming with up to 240 contrast control zones, enabling deep black levels and stunning HDR highlights. Quantum dots expand the color gamut to create vibrant, true-to-life images that pop off the screen. With support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG formats, everything you watch looks spectacular.

Gamers will love the HDMI 2.1 inputs with 4K@120Hz and VRR support, enabling buttery-smooth gameplay with the latest consoles. The Auto Game Mode detects when you‘re playing and automatically applies the optimal settings, while the THX Certified Game Mode provides the ultimate big-screen experience.

The built-in Roku smart platform is a breeze to use, offering access to thousands of streaming channels and a customizable home screen. Voice control, Apple AirPlay, and the excellent Roku mobile app round out the smart features. The minimalist design will look great in any room without distracting from the gorgeous visuals.

While the built-in speakers are nothing to write home about, the 6-Series supports Dolby Atmos passthrough and eARC to connect your choice of soundbar or receiver. At 55 or 65 inches, it‘s the perfect size for most living rooms and offers unbeatable value. For under $1000, you simply can‘t do better than the TCL 6-Series.

Best LED TV: Hisense U8H

If you want the brightest LED TV under $1000, look no further than the Hisense U8H. This powerhouse lights up any room with eye-searing HDR highlights thanks to its mini-LED full array local dimming. With a whopping peak brightness of 1500 nits and 528 dimming zones, it blows away the competition.

Quantum Dot color and a 120Hz native refresh rate provide excellent motion handling, color volume, and overall picture quality that rivals more expensive sets. Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10+ Adaptive use a built-in light sensor to automatically adjust HDR performance based on ambient lighting conditions, so content always looks its best.

Two HDMI 2.1 ports, FreeSync VRR, and ALLM provide a responsive next-gen gaming experience at 4K/120Hz. The Google TV smart platform is snappy and intuitive, with built-in Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple AirPlay.

The full-array LED panel delivers inky blacks and bright specular highlights, though some minor blooming is visible in extremely high contrast scenes. Viewing angles are decent but not as good as the LG or Sony. Still, the Hisense U8H is an outstanding performer that leads the pack for LED models under $1000.


For pure cinematic bliss, nothing beats an OLED TV. And with the 55" LG B2, you can now experience infinite contrast, perfect black levels, and stunningly lifelike colors for under $1000. This "entry-level" OLED outperforms most LED TVs in overall picture quality.

Self-emissive OLED pixels create an infinite contrast ratio, revealing shadow details and subtle gradations lost on LED sets. Movies come alive with perfect blacks, vibrant colors, and excellent off-angle viewing. While not as bright as LED models, the B2 still delivers a satisfying HDR experience.

Gamers will appreciate the all four HDMI 2.1 inputs, G-Sync/FreeSync VRR, and sub-10ms input lag. The LG Game Optimizer provides quick access to key gaming settings. The a7 Gen5 AI processor delivers superb 4K upscaling and noise reduction.

LG‘s webOS smart platform is responsive and customizable, with built-in voice control and all the popular streaming apps. The "Magic Remote" is a joy to use with its intuitive point-and-click functionality. Dolby Vision IQ adjusts picture settings based on room lighting.

The ultra-slim design disappears when wall-mounted and the voice-controlled stand provides a convenient place for a soundbar. For the most cinematic experience under $1000, the 55" LG B2 OLED TV is our enthusiastic recommendation.

Best Budget Pick: Samsung Q70A QLED

The Samsung Q70A strikes the ultimate balance between premium features and affordable pricing. With a full array LED backlight, quantum dot color, and a 120Hz refresh rate, it delivers outstanding picture quality that belies its budget-friendly price tag.

Dual LED backlighting combines warm and cool LED‘s to enhance contrast and color accuracy. The Quantum Processor 4K upscales lower-res content with aplomb and uses intelligent scene analysis to optimize picture quality in real-time. HDR10+ Adaptive and HDR10+ Gaming take your movies and gaming to the next level.

The Tizen smart platform is fast and intuitive, with a universal guide that combines cable, satellite, and streaming into one easy-to-browse interface. Built-in Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby provide convenient hands-free voice control. The solar-powered SolarCell Remote never needs batteries.

The ultra-thin bezel and sleek stand provide an elegant, modern aesthetic that looks fantastic in any décor. The 60W 4.2.2ch sound system with OTS (Object Tracking Sound) technology delivers an immersive audio experience with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X pass-through.

While the Q70A‘s viewing angles and local dimming can‘t quite match the Hisense or TCL, its overall performance and value are tough to beat. For a mid-range TV that looks and feels premium, the Samsung Q70A is a fantastic choice under $1000.

Best for Gaming: Sony X90J

For the ultimate gaming TV under $1000, it‘s hard to top the Sony X90J. This powerhouse is packed with gaming-centric features that provide a responsive, immersive experience tailor-made for next-gen consoles.

Two HDMI 2.1 ports support 4K at 120Hz for buttery-smooth visuals. ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) eliminate screen tearing and stuttering for fluid, lag-free gameplay. Input lag is among the lowest we‘ve measured under 10ms.

The Cognitive Processor XR is a revelation, using advanced AI and machine learning to intelligently optimize picture and sound quality in real-time for a truly lifelike experience. Full-array local dimming produces excellent native contrast.

Sony‘s flagship OLED TVs are legendary for their accurate, natural color reproduction and the X90J is no different. The TRILUMINOS Pro display covers a wide color gamut approaching 95% of DCI-P3 for vibrant, true-to-life images. Dolby Vision and IMAX Enhanced certification ensure spectacular HDR performance.

The Google TV interface is snappy and intuitive, with hands-free voice control and support for Apple AirPlay and HomeKit. The flush surface design is understated and stylish with narrow aluminum bezels. For a fantastic all-around LED TV with best-in-class gaming performance, the Sony X90J is our pick for under $1000.

Honorable Mention: Samsung QN85B QLED

While it‘s priced slightly above our $1000 threshold, the Samsung QN85B deserves an honorable mention for its high-end gaming features and bright Neo QLED display. This sleek LED model packs premium tech like Object Tracking Sound+ and Q-Symphony compatibility that syncs sound to on-screen action.

The Neo Quantum Processor 4K with AI-based deep learning elevates everything you watch, while the Neural Quantum HDR engine nails tone mapping and color reproduction. The QN85B‘s secret weapon is an Ultra Viewing Angle layer that maintains contrast and color from any seat in the room.

The Real Depth Enhancer and anti-glare screen filter create the illusion of depth and minimize distracting reflections for a more immersive experience day or night. And with a 120Hz refresh rate and full HDMI 2.1 support, you‘ve got everything you need for next-gen gaming nirvana.

If your budget has a bit of wiggle room, the Samsung QN85B earns our enthusiastic recommendation for its dazzling HDR performance, wide viewing angles, and gamer-friendly specs. It‘s the ultimate "no compromises" TV for discerning buyers who demand the very best.

How to Choose the Best TV Under $1000

With so many great TVs available for under $1000, it can be tough to decide which model is the best fit for your specific needs. Here are the key factors to consider to help you choose:

  1. Screen Size: Measure your room and viewing distance to determine the ideal screen size. A 55" to 65" model is a sweet spot for most living rooms.

  2. Display Type: LED, QLED, or OLED? LED is the most affordable while QLED adds quantum dots for a wider color gamut. OLED provides the best overall picture quality but may cost a bit more.

  3. Resolution: These days 4K is a must at this price point. 4K provides 4X the detail of 1080p HD for incredibly sharp, lifelike images. Upscaling is also important to make HD look its best.

  4. HDR Format: HDR provides brighter, more dynamic images and all of these TVs support it. Dolby Vision and HDR10+ offer a premium experience. A wide color gamut is a must for vibrant, saturated colors.

  5. Refresh Rate & Gaming Features: Gamers will want a native 120Hz panel for the smoothest motion. HDMI 2.1, VRR, and ALLM provide the most responsive experience with PS5 & Xbox. Input lag under 15ms is ideal.

  6. Smart Features: All of our picks have robust smart platforms for streaming your favorite content. Voice control, smartphone integration, and HDMI eARC are other helpful features to look for.

  7. Design & Audio: A slim bezel and adjustable stand provide flexibility for any room. Great built-in speakers are a bonus, but be prepared to connect a soundbar or receiver for the best audio.

By prioritizing the factors that matter most to you and reading in-depth reviews, you‘ll be well on your way to scoring an incredible TV deal for under $1000. The models covered here represent the best of the best in this price category.


As you can see, you don‘t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a phenomenal viewing experience. For under $1000, you can score a top-tier TV with premium picture quality, next-gen gaming features, and all the smart bells and whistles you could ask for.

Whether you‘re a movie buff, hardcore gamer, or just want the most bang for your buck, there‘s a fantastic sub-$1000 model perfectly suited for your needs. The 55" TCL 6-Series is our pick for the best overall value, while the Hisense U8H, LG B2, Samsung Q70A, and Sony X90J represent the best in their respective categories.

By carefully considering your priorities and ideal screen size, you‘ll be able to choose the ultimate TV to maximize your hard-earned money. With any of the models recommended here, you can rest assured you‘re getting top-notch performance and features that will provide years of enjoyment.

So what are you waiting for? It‘s time to upgrade your home theater game without breaking the bank. Armed with the information in this guide, you‘re ready to score an amazing deal on the TV of your dreams for under a grand.