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The 7 Best Dash Cameras on Earth Today

Top 10 Best Dash Cams to Protect You on the Road in 2023

As a tech expert always looking for the latest gadgets to review, I‘ve tested dozens of dash cams over the years. While many drivers still see them as an optional accessory, I believe every vehicle should have one. You never know when you might need video evidence of an accident, road rage incident, vehicle break-in, or hit-and-run. Dash cams can also capture beautiful drives and fun moments on the road. With so many great options now available at various price points, there‘s really no reason not to add this extra layer of protection to your car.

So what makes a great dash cam? Here are the key factors I look for:

Video Quality and Night Vision
You‘ll want at least 1080p Full HD resolution to clearly capture license plates and road signs, even at night. Premium 4K Ultra HD cams provide even more detail and clarity. 60 frames per second recording is ideal for smooth video. Look for cams with wide dynamic range, large image sensors, and wide apertures for the best low-light performance.

Storage Capacity
Get a cam that supports at least 128GB microSD cards so you have ample space for hours of recordings before looping over. Some cloud-connected cams offer unlimited storage for a fee.

Ease of Setup
The best cams have simple mounts that tuck away neatly behind your rear view mirror. Cams with Wi-Fi make it easy to view and share videos on your phone. Models with a supercapacitor instead of a lithium-ion battery can withstand extreme temperatures better.

Bonus Features
Useful extras to look for include: integrated GPS to record speed and location data, parking mode to monitor your vehicle when parked, driver assistance alerts, voice control, and dual-cam designs with a rear camera.

Now that you know what to look for, here are my top picks for the best dash cams you can buy in 2023, starting with my overall favorite:

  1. Best Overall Dash Cam: Vantrue N4
    With its 3-channel design, the Vantrue N4 covers all your bases with a 4K front camera, 1080p rear cam, and 1080p interior cam for in-cabin coverage. The front cam uses a top-notch Sony STARVIS sensor for stellar night vision aided by infrared LEDs. Despite packing three cameras, the N4 is pretty compact and easy to hide behind your mirror. It has Wi-Fi for quick video transfers to your phone plus integrated GPS. A 24-hour parking mode, collision detection, and optional rear cam make it a great all-in-one solution.

  2. Best Premium 4K Dash Cam: Thinkware U1000
    When only the best will do, the Thinkware U1000 delivers with its ultra-sharp 4K front camera and 2K QHD rear cam. The Sony STARVIS sensors and Ambarella H22 processor provide top-notch imaging day or night. It also boasts one of the best parking modes with impact and motion detection, time lapse recording, and low power consumption for up to 2 days of protection while parked. Advanced driver assistance features include forward collision and lane departure warnings. The U1000 is definitely pricey at $500 for the 2-channel kit, but it provides the ultimate in dash cam video quality and features.

  3. Best Front and Rear Protection: Viofo A129 Pro Duo
    The Viofo A129 Pro Duo is my pick for the best front and rear dash cam combo. The front 4K camera uses a high-quality 8MP Sony Exmor R sensor for vibrant colors and excellent detail. The rear 1080p cam captures a wide 140° field of view behind your vehicle. Both are very compact, making for a stealthy install. You also get integrated GPS, Wi-Fi, parking mode, a supercapacitor for extreme weather resistance, and the ability to record both cameras at 4K if you add an optional 2nd A129 Pro.

  4. Best Mini Dash Cam: Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2
    Roughly the size of a car key fob, the Garmin Mini 2 packs big features into an incredibly small package. With its 140° wide-angle lens, 1080p video, and HDR tech, it captures impressively detailed video despite its size. Voice control lets you save videos hands-free, Wi-Fi offers seamless phone connectivity, and the tiny design makes it easy to hide behind your mirror. If you want protection without any clutter on your windshield, the Mini 2 is hard to beat.

  5. Best for 24/7 Surveillance: BlackVue DR900X-2CH
    The BlackVue DR900X is one of the best cloud-connected dash cams for always-on vehicle monitoring. Its 4K front and 1080p rear cams capture excellent video that you can live stream from anywhere using BlackVue‘s Cloud platform and phone app. You can get alerts when incidents are detected or check on your parked car anytime. It also features built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, impact and motion detection, and infrared LEDs for clear night vision. While it‘s not cheap, it provides ultimate peace of mind for 24/7 surveillance.

  6. Best for Voice Control: Nexar Beam GPS
    For truly hands-free operation, the Nexar Beam offers Alexa voice control built-in. You can ask Alexa to save videos, take photos, and even start recordings without touching a button. It records sharp 1080p video at 30fps and includes integrated GPS to stamp videos with speed and location data. Nexar‘s unlimited cloud storage lets you easily back up important clips. It also sports a super-wide 135° field of view and a parking mode for guarding your car.

  7. Best Budget-Friendly 4K Cam: Rove R2-4K
    You don‘t have to spend a fortune for crisp 4K video. The Rove R2 records vivid 4K video with its 8MP OmniVision sensor and 150° wide-angle lens for under $150. The supercapacitor keeps it running in hot or cold weather, Wi-Fi allows for quick mobile transfers, GPS tags your speed and route, and a parking mode stands guard when you‘re away. While you need to pay more for a rear cam, the Rove R2 is a very capable 4K cam for the price.

  8. Best for Ride Sharing: Owl Car Cam
    Designed for Uber and Lyft drivers, the Owl Car Cam records both the road and your riders with its dual-facing cameras. It uses a 4G LTE connection to live stream from your car 24/7, so you can see inside anytime from your phone. Owl‘s service also saves every ride and break-in attempt to the cloud. A Premium package offers 60 fps captures, more storage, and a floodlight to deter thieves. It‘s not cheap at $20-35/month, but provides the ultimate ride sharing security system.

  9. Best for Driver Alerts: Garmin 57
    While most new vehicles have advanced driver assistance these days, older cars can get the same protections with the Garmin 57. On top of recording sharp 1440p video, it provides alerts for forward collisions, lane departures, speed cameras, and stop light changes. Voice control lets you save videos by speaking, while a 140-degree lens captures a wide field of view. It‘s a great choice if you want to upgrade an older car with modern safety features.

  10. Best Dual Cam Under $100: Aukey DR02 D
    You can get great front and rear coverage on a tight budget with Aukey‘s DR02 D. For under $100, you get a 1080p front cam with a 170° field of view and a waterproof rear cam for watching behind your vehicle. Both employ Sony Exmor sensors for excellent low light clarity. While you don‘t get GPS or Wi-Fi at this price, you do get a 2" LCD screen, loop recording, emergency recording, and easy setup. The DR02 proves you don‘t have to spend a lot for quality dual-cam coverage.

Those are my current top picks, but all of these dash cams will serve you well in capturing the unexpected on the road. Even a basic 1080p model is far better than having no dash cam at all. Considering all of the hazards we face from other drivers each day, investing in a dash cam is a smart way to protect yourself from fraudulent claims, hit-and-runs, and other incidents where video evidence can save you major headaches.

I strongly encourage you to equip your vehicle with one of these high-quality dash cams. Whether you choose my top 4K pick or the best value dual cam, you‘ll gain invaluable peace of mind every time you get behind the wheel. Stay safe out there!