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The 5 Best Apple HomeKit Video Doorbells to Buy in 2023

Installing an Apple HomeKit compatible video doorbell is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your home‘s security. With a video doorbell connected through HomeKit, you can see who is coming and going, monitor deliveries, and check your door(s) anytime from your iPhone or iPad.

While Amazon Alexa and Google Home seem to dominate the smart home market, Apple HomeKit aims to provide seamless integration and control over compatible devices like doorbell cameras. Through Apple‘s Home app, you can manage and automate actions with any HomeKit accessory and turn your iPhone/iPad into the ultimate home hub.

Below I‘ll compare the top Apple HomeKit video doorbell options available today based on price, features, quality and more. I‘ll also overview what to know before buying one of these HomeKit smart doorbells for your home.

1. Best Overall: Logitech Circle View

The Logitech Circle View is widely considered the best HomeKit video doorbell you can buy today. As a wired doorbell, the Circle View never has to worry about recharging batteries. While installation is slightly more difficult, Logitech provides clear wiring instructions. You‘re also likely replacing an existing wired doorbell already in place.

Beyond simple installation, Logitech truly stands out for full support of Apple‘s HomeKit Secure Video. This enables:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Facial recognition
  • Custom activity zones
  • Package detection alerts
  • Rich notifications to your iPhone/iPad

With a 160-degree field of view camera, you get full head-to-toe coverage of anyone at your door. The camera quality features HDR imaging, color night vision up to 6 feet away. And with an IP65 weatherproof rating, you don‘t ever have to bring the Circle View inside.

For all these reasons, the Logitech Circle Door View is my top recommendation for the best HomeKit video doorbell available today.

Check Price on Amazon: Logitech Circle View Video Doorbell

2. Best Budget: Arlo Essential

If you want HomeKit compatibility on a budget, look no further than the Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell. Starting at just $50, the Essential still manages to pack great features like:

  • 180° field of view
  • Two-way audio – speak to visitors
  • Infrared night vision
  • HDR video quality
  • Object detection (person, vehicle, package, etc)
  • No subscription fees

With existing doorbell wires for continuous power, you never have to worry about recharging batteries either. For all the functionality included, the Arlo Essential delivers fantastic value. It‘s my top budget pick for Apple HomeKit doorbell cameras.

Check Price on Amazon: Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell

3. Best Design: Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell

The beautifully designed Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell looks unlike any other doorbell camera on the market. It sports a slim curved shape with an eye-catching gold/black style. But it‘s more than just nice looks…

Netatmo also packs great smart features, including:

  • 1080p HD video quality
  • 140° field of view
  • Customizable motion alerts
  • Local microSD card storage
  • No monthly fees required

Through Apple HomeKit, you also get convenient voice control, custom automations (like lights turning on when button is pressed), and secure encrypted recordings. For both modern design and functionality, the Netamo Smart Video Doorbell delivers.

Check Price on Amazon: Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell

4. Best Battery-Powered: Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

While I generally recommend wired video doorbells for continuous power, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 beats most battery-powered models handily.

Some key features that make this Ring doorbell great:

  • 1536p HD video quality
  • 160° field of view
  • 3D motion detection
  • Radar tracking (coming soon)
  • Works over WiFi or Ring‘s own network
  • Decent 6 month average battery life

Add full support for Apple HomeKit Secure Video, with free cloud recordings, facial recognition, rich notifications, and more – plus a very reasonable price tag given the high video quality and radar support.

For battery-powered convenience without sacrificing performance, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is my top recommendation.

Check Price on Amazon: Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

5. Best Smart Features: Aqara Video Doorbell G4

With the most unique features in this roundup, the Aqara Video Doorbell G4 really pushes the boundaries of what a smart doorbell can do.

As soon as this G4 model rings, a 95 decibel indoor chime alerts you audibly so you never miss a ring. The Aqara doorbell itself captures video in detailed 1080p quality with infrared night vision.

But it doesn‘t stop there…

The Aqara also enables:

  • 7 days of free cloud storage
  • 512GB microSD card support
  • Voice-changing to mask your identity
  • Powerful October 2022 security update
  • Works over WiFi with the latest WPA3 encryption standard

Of all the video doorbells in this roundup, Aqara manages to stand out as the most feature-packed and uniquely equipped option available for Apple HomeKit users.

Check Price on Amazon: Aqara Video Doorbell G4

What To Know Before Buying a HomeKit Video Doorbell

So those are my top picks for Apple HomeKit compatible video doorbells today. But before choosing one, here are some important decision points:

Compatibility – Make sure any doorbell labeled "HomeKit" compatible has full support for HomeKit Secure Video (with features like free recordings, facial recognition, etc). Models without this are missing key functionality.

Wired vs Battery – Typically wired video doorbells are better for continuous power, no chance of batteries dying, and may have higher video quality. But battery-powered models are far easier to install in 10-15 minutes with no wiring hassle. Decide which works best for your home.

Field of View – Look for at least a 140° field of view or higher. This wider scope lets you see more of each visitor from head to toe on your camera feed.

Video Quality – All models above offer 1080p HD or better, which is essential. But also pay attention to night vision quality, HDR imaging, and other camera specs that improve video footage.

Storage & Fees – One major HomeKit benefit is free encrypted recordings storage through iCloud. So try to avoid any doorbell requiring an ongoing monthly fee for full functionality. Local SD card support is also great for keeping footage without subscriptions.

Follow those guidelines and you‘ll choose the perfect smart video doorbell for your Apple-centric home.

FAQs about Apple HomeKit Video Doorbells

What is Apple HomeKit?

HomeKit is Apple‘s software platform for controlling/automating compatible smart home devices. Think of it like Alexa for Amazon or Google Assistant – but designed by Apple specifically for iPhone, iPad and HomePod users.

What is HomeKit Secure Video?

With HomeKit Secure Video capable devices, your recorded video clips are encrypted end-to-end and stored through iCloud securely. No need to pay monthly fees or use up your iCloud storage either.

Do I need an Apple TV/iPad at home to use HomeKit devices?

You don‘t necessarily need an Apple TV or iPad to control HomeKit devices. But one of those devices is required to serve as your home "hub" which enables certain features like remote access and automations.

How do I set up automations with a HomeKit video doorbell?

Through Apple‘s Home app, you can create all kinds of useful automations when using HomeKit products together. Like turning on porch lights automatically at night when the doorbell button is pressed.

I hope this guide gives you a great overview of the latest video doorbell cameras compatible with Apple‘s HomeKit platform! Let me know if you have any other questions.