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The 8 Best Hello Kitty Funko Pops Today

Hi there! As a fellow Funko enthusiast, I know how exciting it is to collect pieces that are both nostalgic and valuable. And if you‘re a Hello Kitty fan, then you‘re in luck – Funko has released over 100 different Sanrio-themed pops to add to your collection!

But with so many options out there, how do you know where to focus your efforts? I‘ve compiled this list of the 8 must-have Hello Kitty Funko pops that any serious collector should own. I looked at factors like rarity, design, character popularity, and current value to pick out the very best options worth hunting down right now.

1. Funko Pop! Hello Kitty (Gamer) #26 GameStop Exclusive

First up on our list is this adorable gamer version of Hello Kitty, exclusive to GameStop stores. Released in 2019, this pop features Kitty rocking a headset, controller, and pixel dress – perfect for any gaming fan!

Out of the over $1 billion in licensed consumer product sales each year, gaming merchandise is one of the fastest growing segments for Hello Kitty. This pop‘s exclusivity and clever concept have earned it steady popularity, reflected in its current value.

Mint, in-box versions of the Hello Kitty Gamer Pop can sell for around $100. Out-of-box used figures still auction for $60-80. So both collectors and resellers stand to gain value from this exclusive edition.

Plus, who doesn‘t love the combo of Sanrio style with gaming? This imaginative Funko Pop is a must-buy for any gaming and/or Hello Kitty fan.

SHOP: Funko Pop! Hello Kitty (Gamer) #26

2. Sanrio My Melody #04 Funko POP!

Next on our list is the My Melody #04 Funko Pop, one of the earliest and most valuable Sanrio vinyls out there. My Melody debuted alongside Hello Kitty back in 1975 as one of Sanrio‘s original characters.

As part of the very first wave of Sanrio pops in 2016, finding the My Melody #04 can be difficult. And its status as an early edition makes it highly sought after by collectors – most mint, in-box versions sell for over $150!

In fact, the My Melody #04 Funko Pop ranks among the most expensive in all of Sanrio. On average it sells for higher prices than even the rarest Hello Kitty editions. For such an iconic historical piece, Sanrio collectors are willing to pay premium prices.

So for those seeking foundational pops to complete your collection, look no further than the My Melody #04 vinyl. It captures this sweet rabbit‘s signature look with hood up and cute smiling face – an essential addition for any serious Sanrio collector.

SHOP: Funko POP Animation: Sanrio – My Melody Collectible Figure

3. FUNKO POP! Tuxedosam #03

I bet you didn‘t know that penguins could be so classy! This #03 Tuxedosam Funko Pop features another classic Sanrio character, this time looking prim and proper in his signature red bow tie.

First introduced shortly after Hello Kitty, Tuxedosam quickly became a fan favorite for his quirky anthropomorphic design. The #03 vinyl perfectly captures his archetypal tuxedo look, complete with his adorable round red glasses.

Released alongside the original wave of Sanrio Funko pops, finding Tuxedosam can be a challenge. Mint pops currently sell for $60-70. For such an iconic character, that‘s a steal!

His timeless formal style resonates with Sanrio fans even today. The Tuxedosam #03 Funko Pop is a must to properly showcase the brand‘s early history and charm.

SHOP: Funko Pop Sanrio Vinyl – Tuxedosam

4. Hello Kitty Classic Funko Pop! #28 Diamond Collection

For diehard Hello Kitty fans, this ultra-rare Diamond Collection Pop is the holy grail. Released as a New York Comic Con 2020 exclusive, it recreates Kitty‘s signature look coated in gleaming chrome.

The sparkling Diamond Collection takes already cute Funko pops to the next level. And given its limited run of only 1000 pieces, this glittering Hello Kitty is incredibly hard to come by.

You can expect to pay a premium price for such an exclusive rarity. In-box pops often auction for $150-200, especially if bundled with the NYCC collector‘s backpack.

But for collectors who want only the most elite, shiny edition of Hello Kitty herself, the investment is well worth it. No Sanrio Funko Pop collection is complete without this gem.

SHOP: Hello Kitty Classic Funko Pop! #28

5. Funko POP! Aggretsuko #24 Super-Sized

Fan of the Aggretsuko Netflix series? Then this jumbo-sized pop is for you! Aggretsuko is one of Sanrio‘s newest characters, an anthropomorphic red panda who unleashes her stress through death metal karaoke.

As the show‘s popularity exploded, Funko released this 10-inch Aggretsuko vinyl in 2018. Towering over other pops, this figure has Retsuko frozen mid-roar, venting her office job rage.

The Aggretsuko #24 Super-Sized Pop nicely balances rarity with affordability. Despite its giant size, it only costs around $50 – a bargain compared to many extra-large pops.

For Aggretsuko devotees, this is the ultimate centerpiece pop to display alongside your other Sanrio favorites. It perfectly encapsulates Retsuko‘s hardcore spirit…plus having a 10-inch pop just looks cool!

SHOP: Funko Pop Aggretsuko 10 inch

6. Keroppi #02 Sanrio Funko POPS!

Hopping up next is this cheerful green frog, Keroppi, star of the Sanrio universe since the late 1980s. Loved for his lazy dreaming attitude, Keroppi gained a following similar to Hello Kitty herself.

His #02 vinyl figure maintains Keroppi‘s cute appeal, with a big smiling face and signature blue stripes. As an early release from 2016, the Keroppi #02 pop can be hard to come by these days.

You can expect to pay a premium price for this sought-after classic edition. Mint, in-box Keroppi #02 pops average around $150-200 in resale value. That‘s on par with the rarest Hello Kitty vinyls!

For collectors working to assemble a complete set of the earliest Sanrio Funkos, Keroppi #02 should be high on your wishlist. He‘s one of the historically significant pops that true fans need to own.

SHOP: Keroppi #02 Sanrio Funko POPS!

7. Hello Kitty 8-Bit 45th Anniversary POP!

No Sanrio Funko Pop list would be complete without a fun variant edition of Hello Kitty herself! This 8-bit pixel art Kitty was released for the iconic cat‘s 45th anniversary in 2019.

The Pop artfully renders Hello Kitty‘s trademark look in a retro pixel style, right down to her signature red bow. She also comes with a bonus pixel heart accessory for extra cuteness.

Part of an exclusive Hot Topic series, this nostalgic anniversary Pop maintains a steady value around $30. That makes it one of the most affordable Hello Kitty exclusives.

For fans who want both commemorative style and a budget price point, this cool 8-bit Hello Kitty is the perfect pick. It celebrates the character‘s legacy while putting a creative modern spin on her classic design.

SHOP: Funko Pop! Sanrio Hello Kitty (45th Anniversary)

8. Hello Kitty Lady Liberty #27 Funko POP! Exclusive

Last but not least is this stunning pop that transforms Hello Kitty into the Statue of Liberty herself. Kitty dons Liberty‘s iconic robe, crown, and torch in this clever exclusive.

Initially released for Fall Convention 2021, the supply remains relatively limited. Yet even as a new 2021 pop, the Hello Kitty Lady Liberty vinyl sells for around $60.

That steady value comes from its convention exclusivity. For fans who love creative themed pops, this mashup of an American icon with Sanrio style is extremely appealing.

The Hello Kitty Lady Liberty Funko Pop is the perfect balance of novelty, exclusivity, and affordability. Add this beautiful collector‘s item to complete your Sanrio Pop set!

SHOP: Hello Kitty Lady Liberty #27 Funko POP! Exclusive

Keep Collecting!

Well, those are my picks for the top 8 Hello Kitty Funko pops worth adding to your collection right now. As you can see, early edition Sanrio pops from 2016 and exclusive limited runs are the rarest and most valuable overall.

Owning these special pieces shows dedication and brings you one step closer to completing the full Sanrio Funko set. Plus, who wouldn‘t want to own a glimmering Diamond Hello Kitty Pop or radiant Lady Liberty Kitty?

For newer Sanrio fans, affordable exclusives like the 8-Bit Anniversary Pop offer lower cost options too. And huge hits like Aggretsuko continue to generate exciting new Funko releases.

Whichever ones you choose, I hope this list helps guide you toward the perfect additions to grow your Sanrio Funko Pop collection. Let me know if you have any other great recommendations! Happy hunting out there fellow collectors.