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The Best iPad Pro 12.9-Inch Cases: Reviewed and Ranked

The Ultimate Guide to the Best iPad Pro 12.9 Cases: Protect Your Investment

If you‘re the proud owner of an iPad Pro 12.9, you‘ve made a smart investment in one of the most powerful, capable, and premium tablets on the market. With its expansive Liquid Retina XDR display, blazing-fast M1 processor, and sleek chassis crafted from high-quality materials, the iPad Pro 12.9 is built to impress.

However, all that performance and style comes at a steep price, making it even more critical to safeguard your iPad Pro with a protective case. Given its large size and primarily glass and aluminum construction, the iPad Pro 12.9 is vulnerable to damage from drops, bumps, scratches, and more.

Yet with so many iPad Pro 12.9 case options out there, it can be overwhelming to find the right one for your needs and preferences. That‘s why we‘ve put together this ultimate guide to the best iPad Pro 12.9 cases.

We‘ll cover a range of case styles from rugged to keyboard, folio to sleeve, and share our top case recommendations in each category. Plus, we‘ll walk through the key factors to consider when shopping for an iPad Pro case and suggest some bonus accessories to pair with your case for even better protection and functionality.

Best Rugged Cases for iPad Pro 12.9

If your iPad Pro 12.9 will be joining you on outdoor adventures, job sites, or other accident-prone environments, a rugged case is a must-have for maximum protection. Rugged iPad Pro 12.9 cases provide the highest level of defense against drops, shocks, extreme temperatures, dust, water, and other hazards.

Look for cases constructed with multi-layer designs, shock-absorbing TPU bumpers, and built-in screen protectors. Many rugged cases also feature handy kickstands, pencil holders, and detachable shoulder or hand straps for easy carrying.

Our top rugged case picks for the iPad Pro 12.9:

  1. Spigen Rugged Armor Pro – Slim yet durable, with Air Cushion Technology and tactile button covers. Supports Apple Pencil 2 charging.

  2. OtterBox Defender Series – Triple-layer construction, port covers, and a shield stand that doubles as an Apple Pencil holder. Includes a lifetime warranty.

  3. UAG Metropolis Series – Featherlight composite construction meets military drop-test standards. Adjustable and detachable kickstand plus Apple Pencil storage.

  4. Supcase UB Pro Series – Multi-layer TPU and polycarbonate design with a built-in screen protector. Rotating kickstand and a hand strap for easy holding.

Rugged iPad Pro 12.9 cases are ideal for on-the-go users who need heavy-duty protection against the elements and impacts. Outdoor enthusiasts, field workers, and the chronically clumsy will appreciate the peace of mind a rugged case provides.

Best Keyboard Cases for iPad Pro 12.9

If you want to use your iPad Pro 12.9 like a laptop for work, school, or creative projects, a keyboard case is essential for comfortable, efficient typing. By combining a physical keyboard, trackpad, and protective case into one accessory, keyboard cases let you be productive on the go without sacrificing the iPad‘s portability.

When shopping for an iPad Pro 12.9 keyboard case, consider the typing feel and key travel you prefer, whether you need backlit keys, and what viewing/typing angles the case supports. Also look for models with reliable power delivery (via the Smart Connector or Bluetooth) and a trackpad for cursor navigation.

We recommend these best-in-class keyboard cases for the iPad Pro 12.9:

  1. Apple Magic Keyboard – The ultimate keyboard case for iPad Pro with an exceptional typing feel, multi-touch trackpad, USB-C port for passthrough charging, and a floating cantilever design.

  2. Logitech Combo Touch – More affordable than the Magic Keyboard while providing laptop-style typing, a generously sized trackpad, adjustable kickstand, and full protection.

  3. Brydge 12.9 MAX+ – A more traditional clamshell laptop design with a full aluminum body, backlit keyboard, and precision trackpad. Magnetic SnapFit Case provides rear and side protection.

  4. Zagg Pro Keys – Backlit laptop-style keys with a soft, textile finish. Detachable case with Zagg‘s Secure Holder technology. Multi-pairing with up to three devices.

iPad Pro 12.9 keyboard cases are perfect for getting real work done anywhere, from writing to spreadsheets to graphic design. With a keyboard case, your iPad Pro transforms into a highly capable productivity machine.

Best Folio and Sleeve Cases for iPad Pro 12.9

For a more streamlined, lightweight way to protect your iPad Pro 12.9, consider a folio or sleeve case. Folios attach directly to the iPad Pro and cover the front and back, typically with a microfiber-lined interior and synthetic or genuine leather exterior. Many can fold into a kickstand for video viewing and FaceTime.

Sleeves fully encase the iPad Pro in a padded pocket, but can be easily removed when you want to use the tablet au naturel. Basic sleeves provide cushioning in a slim profile, while others feature exterior storage pockets and convertible designs.

Some of the best folio and sleeve options for the iPad Pro 12.9:


  1. Apple Smart Folio – Slim and perfectly fitted to the iPad Pro 12.9. Supports auto-wake/sleep and folds into a kickstand. Front and back protection.

  2. ESR Rebound Magnetic Case – Premium synthetic leather and soft microfiber lining. Trifold stand with strong magnets and easy snap-on design.

  3. OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 Case – Sleek and stylish folio with a clear polycarbonate back to show off your iPad Pro. Magnetic multi-position stand and Apple Pencil storage.


  1. Tomtoc Portfolio Case – Plush, synthetic leather exterior and microfiber interior. Dedicated space for Apple Pencil. Converts to a stand for drawing or typing.

  2. ProCase Sleeve Case – Slim yet padded, water-resistant sleeve at an affordable price. Features an exterior pocket for small accessories.

  3. Native Union Stow Slim Case – Luxurious, textured exterior with multiple colorways to choose from. Magnetic closure keeps iPad Pro secure and a loop for Apple Pencil.

If you appreciate minimalist design and primarily use your iPad Pro 12.9 at home or at a desk, a folio or sleeve case provides reliable protection without extra bulk. You can also easily mix and match folios and sleeves with other accessories like keyboard cases or stands.

Best Specialty Cases for iPad Pro 12.9

In addition to the standard rugged, keyboard, folio, and sleeve options, there are a variety of unique specialty cases designed for specific lifestyles and use cases. Here are a few of our favorite specialty iPad Pro 12.9 cases:

  1. Twelve South BookBook – A genuine leather case that looks like a vintage book when zipped closed. Conceals and protects iPad Pro and doubles as a display stand. Perfect for artists, writers, and bibliophiles.

  2. Catalyst Waterproof Case – Fully sealed design that‘s waterproof up to 6.6 feet (2 meters). Great for reading in the bath, poolside, or taking out on a boat. Clear front and back for unobstructed use.

  3. Zugu Case Prodigy X – Patented magnetic kickstand with 8 stable viewing angles. Protective TPU and polycarbonate construction. Popular choice for artists and designers who use iPad Pro flat on a desk or lap.

How to Choose the Best iPad Pro 12.9 Case for You

With an abundance of excellent case options for the iPad Pro 12.9, it ultimately comes down to your personal needs and preferences. Here are the main factors we recommend considering when shopping for an iPad Pro case:

Protection: What level of defense do you need against drops, bumps, scratches, dust, water, etc. based on your typical use environment? Rugged cases provide maximum protection, while folios and sleeves offer moderate coverage.

Functionality: Consider what additional features would enhance your iPad Pro experience, like a built-in keyboard, kickstand, or pencil holder. Keyboard cases are ideal for productivity, while folios and artist-focused cases support creative work.

Style: Since you‘ll be interacting with your iPad Pro case every day, choose one that fits your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. Options range from sleek and minimal to sophisticated leather designs to colorful, customizable prints.

Price: While we generally believe it‘s worth investing in a high-quality case for an expensive device like the iPad Pro 12.9, stick to a case budget you‘re comfortable with. You can find great case options at a variety of price points.

Some helpful questions to ask yourself when case shopping:

  • Will I primarily be using my iPad Pro at home, at work, or on the go?
  • Do I intend to use my iPad Pro for heavy typing or creative work?
  • How clumsy am I, and how much extra protection does my iPad Pro realistically need?
  • What‘s most important to me: maximum protection, multiple features, sleek design, or affordability?

Answering these will help guide you to the ideal iPad Pro 12.9 case for your lifestyle. And don‘t be afraid to purchase a couple of different case styles to suit different scenarios and use cases.

Bonus iPad Pro Case Accessory Recommendations

In addition to a great case, there are several iPad Pro accessories we recommend to extend your tablet‘s protection and functionality:

  1. Screen protector – An inexpensive way to prevent scratches and cracks on your iPad Pro‘s gorgeous display. We like the Paperlike screen protector that mimics the feel of paper for writing/drawing, and the Spigen Glas.tR for its durable tempered glass.

  2. Apple Pencil case – If your iPad Pro case doesn‘t have a dedicated Apple Pencil holder, consider a silicone or leather Pencil sleeve to protect it and keep it close at hand. Check out Spigen‘s Silicone Fit or the Sena Leather Pencil Case.

  3. Stands – For more comfortable viewing and typing angles, an iPad Pro stand is a great add-on to just about any case. The Twelve South Compass Pro and Satechi Desktop Stand are both high-quality, adjustable aluminum options.

  4. Carrying case – To transport your iPad Pro and all its accessories, a carrying case or bag provides an extra layer of protection. The Tomtoc 360 Protective Laptop Shoulder Bag and Waterfield Air Porter are both stylish, well-made options with dedicated space for the iPad Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions About iPad Pro 12.9 Cases

Q: Can I use an older model iPad Pro 12.9 case with the latest iPad Pro?

A: In most cases, no. The dimensions and camera array vary slightly between iPad Pro 12.9 generations, so it‘s important to choose a case designed specifically for your model year to ensure proper fit and functionality.

Q: How can I clean and maintain my iPad Pro case?

A: It depends on the case material, but in general, you can wipe down the exterior of your case with a soft, lint-free cloth. For tougher stains or genuine leather cases, use a slightly damp cloth and let air dry. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

Q: Do I need a case with a built-in screen protector?

A: Built-in screen protectors are not necessary, but they do provide an extra safeguard against scratches and falls. If you opt for a case without one, we recommend pairing it with a separate tempered glass or film screen protector.

Q: Can I charge my Apple Pencil with an iPad Pro case on?

A: Many cases, including Apple‘s own Smart Folio, have a cutout or designed to allow Apple Pencil 2 charging on the side of the iPad Pro. If wireless charging is important to you, be sure the case you choose supports it.

The Bottom Line

Whether you‘re a creative professional, busy student, or simply want to enjoy your iPad Pro 12.9 without worry, a high-quality case is a must-have accessory. The best iPad Pro case for you will depend on your unique needs and preferences, from protection level to price point.

Our top case recommendations for the iPad Pro 12.9 include:

  • Rugged cases like the OtterBox Defender and Spigen Rugged Armor Pro for maximum protection
  • Keyboard cases like the Apple Magic Keyboard and Logitech Combo Touch for laptop-style productivity
  • Sleek folios and sleeves like the Apple Smart Folio and Tomtoc Portfolio Case for streamlined style
  • Specialty cases like the Zugu Case Prodigy X for artists and Twelve South BookBook for bibliophiles

No matter which iPad Pro 12.9 case you choose, you‘ll be making a smart investment in the longevity and enjoyment of your tablet. With the right case, you can confidently take your iPad Pro everywhere and get the most out of its incredible capabilities.