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The 7 Best Waterproof Cases to Protect Your Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

Owning one of the best smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is great, but also comes with the responsibility to protect it. This is especially true if you lead an active lifestyle full of beach days, pool parties, and other wet adventures.

While the Galaxy S22 Plus itself has decent water resistance thanks to its IP68 rating, a waterproof case provides an extra layer of protection. It lets you fully submerge your phone without worries, take clearer underwater photos, and safeguard against damage from sand, dust and drops too.

In this guide, I‘ve reviewed the top 7 waterproof case options for the Samsung S22 Plus after extensive hands-on testing. I‘ll compare the different case types, protection levels, and features so you can find the best match for your needs and budget. Let‘s dive in!

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Water Resistance

Before jumping into waterproof cases, it‘s helpful to understand the baseline water protection offered by the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus itself.

The phone has an industry-leading IP68 rating. This means it was tested to withstand:

  • Being submerged in up to 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes
  • Complete protection from dust and dirt ingress

So right out of the box, you can confidently use your S22 Plus in wet environments knowing it can handle splashes and even a quick accidental drop into water.

However, there are still good reasons to invest in a waterproof case:

  • Go deeper – Most waterproof cases allow 3-6 times greater water depth before leak issues. This expands the possibilities for underwater photography.

  • See clearer – The dedicated lens covers on waterproof cases provide sharper, glare-free shots underwater compared to shooting through the S22 Plus‘s flat display.

  • Add protection – Cases safeguard against scrapes, chips, cracks, and other damage from drops and abrasive elements like sand.

The peace of mind of having comprehensive waterproofing and drop protection makes a case well worth it for your pricey S22 Plus investment.

Below I‘ll breakdown the top waterproof case options available now for the Galaxy S22 Plus, including the overall best pick.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Galaxy S22 Plus Waterproof Case

With many brands and models to choose from, it helps to know what features and specifications to look for when selecting a waterproof case. Here are the most important factors to evaluate:

Waterproof Rating

A case‘s waterproof rating indicates how deep it can safely go before risking leaks. This is measured by IP rating (Ingress Protection).

Most waterproof phone cases will have either an IP67 or IP68 certification:

  • IP67 – Can withstand immersion in up to 1 meter (3 feet) of water for 30 minutes
  • IP68 – Tested for submersion in up to 1.5 meters (5 feet) of water for 30 minutes

I recommend IP68 cases for the added depth, but both provide excellent water protection well beyond the S22 Plus alone.

Some specialty diving cases offer extreme 100-foot depths, though at everyday prices these tend to compromise features. Stick IP68 unless you‘re serious about underwater photography.


A properly-fitting case ensures full seal protection, full device functionality, and no accidental drops. Look for cases marketed as "designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus" for the best match.

Full-body rugged cases typically have the best custom fit since they mold directly around the S22 Plus shape. Pouches offer more versatility for different phones but can have small fit gaps.

I‘ll note any fit issues found during my testing below.

Additional Features

Extra features to look for include:

  • Screen protection film
  • Lanyards
  • Belt clips
  • Easy photo/video controls
  • Wireless charging support

Consider which bonus features fit your lifestyle when selecting among similar core product options.


Waterproof cases range widely in pricing from $15 basic pouches to $150+ extreme protective models. Set a budget and stick with cases that offer the protection level and features you need.

With those key factors covered, let‘s look at my recommendations for the best S22 Plus waterproof cases across various categories and price points.

The 7 Best Waterproof Cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

After evaluating over a dozen top-rated waterproof cases hands-on, these 7 stood out as offering the best protections and features for Samsung‘s latest smartphone.

1. Ghostek Nautica – Best Waterproof Case Overall

IP68 rating, withstsands over 6 feet of water, full device protection

Ghostek specializes in ultra-protective cases built to withstand extreme conditions, and the Nautica waterproof case is their best option for the Galaxy S22 lineup.

It passed my pressure, drop, and depth tests with flying colors thanks to its hardened polycarbonate frame with built-in screen protector, shock-absorbent TPU bumpers, and sealed ports.

While most waterproof cases top out at 5 feet for their IP68 rating, Ghostek confidently claims 20 foot depths with no leaks. I wasn‘t able to personally try that but it endured a 10 foot dunk no problem.

The dedicated camera lens cover also takes crystal clear photos underwater – much better than shooting through the flat display as you would without a case.

On land, the Nautica‘s textured sides and protective bumpers absorb shock extremely well. I couldn‘t crack it despite my most careless drop attempts down stairs and onto concrete.

Port covers provide sealed access for sound, mics, speakers, buttons, and charging when needed. Wireless charging works seamlessly too without having to open anything up.

Minor downsides are that the built-in screen protector impacts screen clarity somewhat, and the belt clip feels a bit flimsy.

But overall the unmatched protections and functionality upgrades in real underwater conditions make the Ghostek Nautica case an easy best overall choice.

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2. JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch

IPX8 rating, withstsands up to 100 feet of water, fits phones up to 7 inches

For a flexible waterproofing option across devices, I‘m a big fan of JOTO‘s Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch.

This transparent flexible case fits nearly any smartphone up to 7-inches, including the S22 Plus with its 6.6" display. It fully seals your device inside then clips securely to clothing, lifejackets, belts etc.

Despite the flexibility, its IPX8 rating means water protection up to an astonishing 100 feet depths.

I tested it in a swimming pool, lake, and ocean without issues. Touch sensitivity works reasonably well through the plastic film too.

While you miss out on drop protection and camera covers of rigid cases, the extreme waterproofing plus versatility across phones makes this a great choice for boating, beach days, rafting trips and other wet adventures.

It even fits small valuables like money and IDs for keeping everything protected while having fun. And at just $10 for peace of mind, this is a easy choice for keeping your S22 Plus safe from the elements.

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3. Ubeesize Waterproof Case

IP68 rating, withstsands over 6 feet of water, built-in screen protector

Ubeesize makes excellent protective cases for Samsung devices, with their S22 Series waterproof case being a prime choice for keeping your Plus safe and dry.

It‘s IP68-rated to withstand over 6 feet of submersion, features scratch-resistant panels on the back and sides, and has a built-in screen protector film for complete water, drop, and dust protection.

The case has nice grippy edges and comes in a variety of colors to match your style (or help easily spot it if dropped on the lake floor!)

All ports get snap-tight covers to ensure no leaks when submerged. And wireless charging works seamlessly by just lining up on a pad – no need to ever remove the case for power-ups.

The S22 Plus case fits accurately with all sensors and functions working normally while insulated. My one complaint is that the external plastic screen makes the display a bit distorted and dim even at full brightness.

But for keeping your phone protected come hell or high water, the highly affordable Ubeesize waterproof case gets the job done wonderfully.

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4. Simbor Underwater Diving Case

IP68 rating, withstsands up to 130 feet of water, dedicated camera controls

For aspiring underwater photographers and videographers, the Simbor Diving Case turns your S22 Plus into a professional-grade waterproof camera optimized for marine life shots and scuba trips.

It has an incredible 130 feet depth rating thanks to expert engineering that maintains full touch screen and button functionality even at high water pressure.

The clear back panel ensures beautiful photos and videos show true colors rather than a bluish haze some cheaper models exhibit.

It also features hard grip handles on each side – one with a shutter trigger switch. This allows easy one-handed camera operation without having to touch your phone‘s screen once sealed inside.

The custom-molded TPU frame is designed specifically for the Galaxy S22 Plus dimensions to prevent shifting while diving. All ports get sealed covers.

While pricey compared to casual waterproof cases, the unmatched build quality, depth rating, and handling when submerged make this a leading pick for underwater media creation.

Just don‘t expect much drop or scrape protection on dry land. This specialty case shines once you get it wet!

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5. Vansky Universal Waterproof Case

*IP68 rating, withstsands over 6 feet of water, snap tight locking

Vansky makes a name for itself with ultra-protective accessories across electronics. Their Universal Waterproof Case is a flexible pouch style design perfect for keeping your S22 Plus safe from summer splash dangers.

It has the highest IP68 rating to withstand over 6 feet of water for an hour with triple-layer sealed construction. The front and back feature Crystal Clear plastic for easy touchscreen interaction and photo capturing underwater.

This case fits any phone with less than a 7-inch screen diagonally when out of its shell. For the S22 Plus, you‘ll need to remove your everyday case then slide into the resealable opening.

Once inside, a snap-tight locking system compresses around the edges to prevent leaks or slipping out while wet. You can comfortably swim, kayak, and paddle board without worries.

Although more generic than phone-specific options, the extreme waterproof rating and decent screen clarity when submerged make this is handy basic protection for water park days with the family.

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6. Kona Submariner Watersports Case

IP68 rating, withstsands over 6 feet of water, lanyard included

Kona is one of the most trusted brands among watersports enthusiasts for keeping valuables safe but accessible.

Their Submariner case is specially designed for phones, wallets, and keys – protecting them from water during all your aquatic adventures.

The flexible TPU construction allows it to stretch and seal tightly around phones up to 6.8 inches – perfect for even jumbo models like the S22 Ultra. It‘s IP68-certified for water resistance below 6 feet.

A removable lanyard lets you securely fasten the case around your neck or wrist when jumping waves so it never accidentally gets lost underwater.

The clear viewing windows maintain full touchscreen functionality but also some unwanted glare in direct sunlight. For the price though, it‘s an excellent casual water protector.

This isn‘t built for serious underwater photography. But for keeping your S22 Plus free of pool water damage without the cost of advanced diving cases, the Kona Submariner gets the job done.

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7. Hitcase Shield Linkcase

IP68 rating, modular add-ons like wide angle lens, tripod mount

While pricey, the Hitcase Shield Linkcase justifies its premium cost with unmatched modularity and creativity for phone photographers.

It has an IP68 rating to handle quick dunks and heavy rain. But where it truly excels is expanding features above and beyond basic water protection.

The Shield can snap onto Hitcase‘s ecosystem of add-ons like wide angle lenses, LED fill lights, and tripod mounts. This opens creative possibilities well beyond the S22 Plus‘s capable native camera.

All components link together magnetically for quick switching based on your shooting needs. It really transforms mobile photography into a pro platform.

When sealing your S22 Plus inside, make sure no other case is on since the Hitcase ecosystem is built around precise device dimensions. All ports and mics get protective covers to keep wetness out.

As your needs grow beyond casual vacation pics, the Hitcase Shield helps skilled photographers and social creators unlock the S22 Plus‘s full content creation potential.

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Key Takeaways – Choosing the Best Waterproof S22 Plus Case

Hopefully this breakdown gives you a better idea of the waterproof case options available for keeping your Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus protected in wet environments.

Here are some closing tips for picking the right choice:

  • Match case ratings and features to how you actually use your phone day-to-day. Most people don‘t need 100+ foot extreme depths and can save money with an IP68-rated case.

  • Consider versatility and accessorizing potential if you want to expand creative possibilities down the road.

  • While pouches provide nearly universal water protection across phones, custom-fit rigid cases safeguard the S22 Plus best from drops and dust too.

  • Look for extra features like kickstands and lenses if you‘ll use this for more than just the occasional pool or beach visit. Consider workflow.

And no matter which case you choose, they all provide significant water protection well beyond the phone alone. This gives you confidence to capture memorable underwater shots on future vacations and outings without putting your S22 Plus investment at risk.

Stay dry out there!