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Who Makes Onn TVs and Are They a Good Value?

Onn is the private label consumer electronics brand sold exclusively by retail giant Walmart. Known for its ultra-low prices, the Onn lineup includes everything from tablets and streaming devices to speakers and smart home products. One of Walmart‘s fastest growing Onn product categories in recent years has been its lineup of smart TVs. Available in screen sizes ranging from 24 to 75 inches and resolutions from 720p HD to 4K UHD, Onn TVs aim to deliver premium television viewing features without breaking the bank.

But who actually manufactures these attractively priced smart TVs for Walmart and how does the quality and performance stack up to better known budget brands like TCL and Hisense? Let‘s take a deeper look at what‘s behind the Onn label.

History of the Onn Brand

Onn has been Walmart’s exclusive in-house electronics brand since 2019. However, the big box retailer has been using private labels to sell affordable, value-focused consumer technology products in its stores for over 20 years.

Walmart introduced Durabrand in 1999 as an overarching private brand name utilized to sell cheaper electronic devices primarily made in China. Rather than have big name companies like Sony, Philips or JVC try to maintain both premium quality and hit extremely low prices, Walmart opted to foster close partnerships with contract manufacturers based in Asia that could produce audio, video and small appliances to its specifications at high volumes for very low cost.

This allowed prices unattainable by major brands, albeit at the expense of some performance capabilities and specs. Durabrand over the years has encompassed television, DVD players, budget headphones, microwave ovens and other household tech gadgets. Then in early 2019, Walmart consolidated its consumer tech private labels under the Onn branding to have a unified identity rather than multiple obscure names consumers struggled to remember.

While the Onn label itself launched in 2019, Walmart’s playbook of leveraging an Asian supply chain to deliver devices bearing its own brand at deep discounts dates back over 20 years. Onn represents an evolution of the retail giant’s private label electronics strategy for the modern digital age.

Analyzing the Onn TV Lineup and Sales Trajectory

Since introducing its first Onn television models in 2019, Walmart has experienced explosive growth both in terms of number of different models offered and units sold through brick and mortar and online channels. The compelling value proposition of the feature-rich Onn TVs proved a quick hit, especially as the Coronavirus pandemic prompted consumers to upgrade home entertainment solutions.

Onn TV Models Offered by Year

Year # of Models Offered Sizes Offered Most Popular Size
2019 3 32", 40", 50" 50"
2020 5 43", 50", 55", 65" 75" 55"
2021 8 24", 32", 43", 50", 55", 65", 75" 65"
2022 11 24", 32", 40", 43", 50", 55", 65", 75" 55"

Between 2019 and 2022, Walmart dramatically expanded the Onn TV portfolio from only three models topping out at a 50 inch size, to over a dozen models ranging from small 24 inch bedroom sets to massive 75 inch home theater displays.

Reviewing trends of best selling models each year, bigger screen sizes gain increasing popularity as prices of scaled up 4K panels decline. While the 50 inch model initially reigned supreme early on, consumer preference has progressively shifted to 55 inch and 65 inch models that balance cost with larger, more immersive viewing real estate.

This data illustrates the rampant consumer adoption of Onn televisions for everyday home entertainment. Scaling up supply to meet demand prompted Walmart to contract manufacturing partner Durabrand to expand production capacity in Asian factories.

Durabrand expects to manufacture approximately 2 million Onn TV units in 2023 to help the brand continue gaining share in the hyper-competitive budget smart TV arena. But how does Onn television pricing compare to rivals playing in the same space?

Onn TV Price Benchmarking

A core reason behind the ascendence of Onn in the affordable television segment is just how aggressively Walmart has priced models to undercut competing value brands. While companies like TCL, Hisense and Westinghouse make quality budget 4K TVs, Onn often bests them by $50, $100 or more on comparable models.

Take the chart below as an example, comparing a popular Onn size tier to equivalent screen sizes from other brands.

43 Inch 1080p & 4K Smart TV Pricing

Brand Model Resolution Price
Onn 43" FHD 1080p $218
TCL 43S435 4K UHD $298
Hisense 43A6G 4K UHD $248
Amazon 43" Fire 4K UHD $279

The 43 inch Onn FHD (1080p) smart TV manages to significantly undercut every 4K competitor, while still offering robust Roku TV connected functionality. This is just one example across screen sizes illustrating how the Onn tech enables Walmart to leverage its scale and relationships to achieve consumer display specs unparalleled at retail.

Delving deeper technically, let’s explore what powers these screens behind the scenes from processor chips to backlight technology.

Onn TV Hardware Specifications

Durabrand manufactures Onn televisions to include many of the latest display advancements found in major brand models that eliminate compromise. For example, their new 55 inch Onn 4K QLED model boasts Quantum Dot technology for over a billion colors at 100% DCI-P3 color gamut support to rival top tier Samsung & Sony sets.

Reviewing the table below, Onn TVs specifications align closely with competitors:

Key 55" 4K TV Comparison Specs

Spec Onn 55" 4K QLED TCL 55" 4K QLED Hisense 55" 4K
Screen Type QLED VA Panel QLED VA Panel ULED VA Panel
HDR Support Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+ Dolby Vision, HDR10 Dolby Vision, HDR10
Refresh Rate 60Hz native 60Hz native 60Hz native
HDMI Ports 3 x HDMI 2.0 3 x HDMI 2.0 4 X HDMI 2.0
Gaming Features ALLM, Auto Game Mode ALLM, Auto Game Mode ALLM, Auto Game Mode

Specs like panel technology, HDR support and gaming responsiveness match the industry. Where Onn smart TVs fall slightly behind competitors is connectivity. Most 2022 model year 4K televisions offer 4 HDMI inputs, whereas even top-end Onn sets max out at 3 currently. But this is a small sacrifice considered against the hundreds of dollars in retail price difference.

Now that we understand Onn TV competitive positioning in the market, what enables Walmart to actually deliver this private label to consumers? We have to go deeper into the regional Asian supply chains producing and assembling the sets.

Profiling Onn TV Manufacturer Durabrand

Durabrand may design and market Onn televisions sold by Walmart, but the company itself does not handle all manufacturing completely in-house. Like many electronics brands, the final assembly is conducted by contracted partner factories in China and Thailand. Durabrand coordinates these component makers and assembly plants to deliver cohesive end products.

Consumer tech contract manufacturing has been centered in Asia for decades given the region‘s unique blend of technical expertise, infrastructure scalability and affordable labor. For Durabrand, key manufacturing partners behind most Onn TV models include:

Major Onn TV Production Partners

Company Specialization Locations Onn TV Role
Funai Display panels, circuit boards China, Malaysia Key component manufacturing, new product development
Orion Injection molding, metal fabrication China, Taiwan External plastic casing creation
Radiant Light guide panels, LED circuitry China, Taiwan LED LCD backlight fabrication
Lexibook Final television assembly China, Thailand Quality assurance testing, packaging

This chart summarizes how various companies contribute towards assembling Onn TVs from beginning to end under Durabrand leadership:

  • Funai handles upfront R&D plus production of thousands of key display and electronics sub-assemblies
  • Orion then makes television external frames and internal metal
  • Radiant receives all the components produced by the above players and integrate into LCD panel grids complete with tuners, video processors and backlight LEDs
  • Final partner Lexibook conducts last mile diagnostics, calibration, boxing and shipping from Asia factories to Walmart globally

For Onn TV repairs, Walmart actually delegates coverage entirely separately from the supply entity…

Managing Onn Television Warranties and Service Through Elements Electronics

An interesting wrinkle regarding Onn TV customer service is that while Walmart facilitates sales, warranty coverage and repair issues are handled not by the retailer or Durabrand, but instead by an independent South Carolina company called Elements Electronics.

Founded in 2013 in South Carolina, Elements Electronics provides end-to-end appliance and electronics reverse logistics encompassing in-warranty repairs, replacements, inventory refurbishing plus recycling and e-waste disposal when products reach end of usable life. The company employs over 200 supply chain and engineering team members across the U.S. and Canada.

For Onn TV customers, Elements Electronics provides dedicated support via their contracted service network encompassing over 300 authorized repair centers located in all major markets coast to coast. Instead of DIY troubleshooting or mailing malfunctioning TVs back to Asia, Onn buyers can easily schedule visits when warranty covered issues emerge. Pricing on extended protection plans ranges from $39 for 2 years to $109 for 5 years of extra coverage beyond the included standard 1 year limited warranty.

Between Durabrand‘s adroit component manufacturing orchestration and Elements Electronics turnkey repair infrastructure, Onn TVs deliver comprehensive quality coverage from factory to living room rarely seen for value priced off-brand electronics sold at retail. Now the question is – what strategy do these capabilities support for Walmart in consumer tech?

Strategic Perspective – How Onn TVs Further Walmart‘s Consumer Electronics Goals

With Onn TVs manufactured start to finish by contracted partners listed above, what exactly does Walmart gain? The retail juggernaut is executing a strategy years in the making to become just as dominant in next gen entertainment devices as it has been in traditional household goods for decades.

Senior leaders realize the original equipment brands that filled aisles with DVD players, boomboxes and cathode ray tube sets in decades past cannot meet modern consumers‘ expectations around integrated streaming functionality, voice control and UI responsiveness. Contract manufacturing relationships facilitate speed, flexibility plus bargain prices unattainable for legacy companies unwilling to jeopardize premium price points.

Onn TVs running intuitive Roku software on decent quality Asian sourced hardware offer 21st century features consumers demand while protecting profit margins. This supports overarching Walmart goals around consumer electronics:

Walmart Consumer Tech Strategic Objectives

  • Maintain #1 market share in budget smart TV category
  • Offer screen sizes, resolutions and core features matching popular models priced over 50% higher
  • Drive consumer reliance on Walmart as first stop for all entertainment upgrades
  • Increase attachment rates of electronics add-ons like audio bars, streaming devices and cables/power
  • Leverage store footprint proximity for fast and convenient TV exchange, recycling and repair

With Onn TV strides to date and sights set on further share gains ahead, Walmart is primed to dominate living room screens like they have groceries, household essentials and other hardlines for years. Rival Amazon Certainly sells multitudes of TVs online, but cannot match the neighborhood presence when shoppers want to see or test sets in person.

The Onn TV brand manufactured start to finish by Asian contract partners enables Walmart to deliver premium tier features and specs at prices unlocking market share growth in a pivotal consumer electronics category. Big box commerce blending with big screen entertainment on an unrivaled geographic scale.

Frequently Asked Questions About Onn Televisions

What sizes of Onn TVs are sold?

Onn TVs come in eight different screen size options in 2023, ranging from 24 inches all the way up to 75 inch models. The most common sizes sold are 32, 40, 43, 50, and 55 inches.

Do Onn TVs offer 4K resolution and HDR support?

Yes. All Onn television models 43 inches and larger feature full 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 screen resolution. Most of the 4K options also include HDR (High Dynamic Range) support for enhanced color, contrast and brightness.

Are Onn TVs smart TVs?

Absolutely! All Onn television models run the acclaimed Roku TV platform. This allows easy access to over 5,000 streaming entertainment channels and apps directly on the television without needing to connect additional streaming boxes or sticks.

Do Onn TVs work with voice assistants?

Yes. The Roku platform integrated into Onn TVs is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Voice commands facilitated by Alexa or Google can be used for functions like launching apps, searching for content, controlling playback, or adjusting volume.

How long is the warranty period on Onn televisions?

Onn TVs come standard with a 1 year parts & labor warranty. Extended warranty plans of 2, 3 or 5 years can be purchased as well. Walmart facilitates initial warranty registration and coverage, while all repair needs are handle by contract partner Elements Electronics through their national network of certified service centers.

I hope this comprehensive guide answered all the key questions around who makes those attractively priced Onn smart TVs sold by Walmart and provided helpful context around the technology, supply chain and strategy powering this value-focused private label brand.