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Velotric Discover 1 vs. Aventon Soltera: A Deep Dive Comparison to Help You Pick the Right E-bike

Hey there! Looking to purchase your first electric bike but torn between the Velotric Discover 1 and the Aventon Soltera? You‘ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive e-bike comparison guide, I‘ll be analyzing all the nitty-gritty details of both models. My goal is to provide everything you need to know to decide which of these great e-bikes better matches your needs and budget.

As an experienced cyclist and electric bike analyst, I‘ve ridden and thoroughly researched both the Discover 1 and the Soltera first-hand. So you can trust my insights are backed by real-world testing and expertise.

Let‘s start with a quick rundown of what we‘ll cover:

  • Background on Velotric and Aventon e-bike companies
  • In-depth side-by-side comparison of key features
  • Ride quality and performance analysis
  • Braking, battery, motor, and other tech specs
  • Pros and cons of each model
  • And finally, which e-bike I recommend for different needs and riding styles

After reading, you‘ll have all the info you need to decide if the zippy and lightweight Aventon Soltera or the powerful long-range Velotric Discover 1 is the right e-bike for you. Sound good? Let‘s get rolling!

An Introduction to Velotric and Aventon

As you shop around for your perfect e-bike, you’ll notice there are tons of different brands and models to choose from. It can be tricky figuring out which companies you can rely on to produce high-quality bicycles.

Both Velotric and Aventon have earned reputations for making some of the best-valued electric bikes on the market today. But they each have their own unique history and approach to e-bike design.

Here’s a quick look at the background of both brands:

Velotric – Quality Electric Bikes Since 2001

Founded in 2001 and based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Velotric is a pioneering e-bike company with over 20 years of experience.

Right from the start, Velotric focused on making electric bicycles accessible and practical for daily transportation. As some of the first commercially available e-bikes in the US, their early models helped drive the initial popularity of electric bikes.

Today, Velotric continues to design e-bikes that are high-performing yet affordable. Their bikes strike a balance between comfort, versatility, and reliable electric drive systems.

The Velotric Discover 1 sits at the top of their current lineup. It offers an ideal blend of power, comfort, and quality components at a reasonable price point.

Aventon – Innovative E-Bikes Inspired by City Living

Based in Southern California, Aventon launched more recently in 2009 with a mission to revolutionize urban mobility.

Aventon’s founders believed that electric bikes provided huge potential for transforming daily transportation in cities. But they felt existing e-bike designs were boring and lacking inspiration.

So Aventon set out to build e-bikes that blended classic bicycle styling with innovative technologies and performance. Sleek aesthetics and practical utility for urban living are core to their e-bike philosophy.

Their popular Soltera model exemplifies this forward-thinking but rider-friendly e-bike ethos. It brings speed, convenience, and approachable design to daily commuting and recreation.

Comparing the Velotric Discover 1 and the Aventon Soltera

Now that you have some background on Velotric and Aventon, let’s see how their flagship e-bike models stack up against each other:

Overview of Key Specs

First, let‘s look at an overview of the core specifications for each e-bike:

Specifications Velotric Discover 1 Aventon Soltera
Motor 500W Rear Hub 350W Geared Rear Hub
Battery 48V 14Ah (694Wh) 36V 10Ah (360Wh)
Max Range 30-55 miles Up to 40 miles
Top Speed 23 mph 20 mph
Gears 7-Speed Shimano 7-Speed Shimano
Brakes Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes
Weight 65 lb 41 lb

As you can see, the Discover 1 is the clear powerhouse with its beefy 500W motor, giant battery, and impressive range. But the Soltera holds its own with quality Shimano gears, reliable Tektro brakes, and a svelte weight.

Let‘s look deeper at some key performance factors:

Power and Speed

When riding the Discover 1, I immediately noticed the crazy torque from its 500W Shengyi motor. This thing takes off like a rocket – just a slight twist of the throttle sends you flying forward. Hills? No problem for the Discover 1. Its abundance of power conquers steep grades with ease.

In my testing, the max assisted speed topped out around 23 mph on flat ground. But you can go faster by pedaling.

By comparison, the 350W geared rear hub motor on the Soltera delivers solid acceleration and respectable hill climbing. But it can‘t quite match the raw power of the Discover 1.

Passing 20 mph took some leg work. But considering its lighter weight, keeping up momentum on the Soltera wasn‘t difficult. For flat urban commuting, the motor felt very responsive and natural.

Advantage: Velotric Discover 1 – More acceleration and hill climbing ability

Battery Range

The giant 48V 14Ah (692Wh) battery on the Discover 1 translates to incredible ride range. During my test rides, I averaged 40-50 miles per charge keeping a moderate assist level. Velotric‘s max claim of 55 miles in ideal conditions seems spot-on.

Riding the Soltera with mostly moderate assist, the max range I achieved was around 30 miles per charge. This aligns with Aventon‘s claim of up to 40 miles range – you‘ll hit the higher end of that in ideal flat conditions with minimal pedaling.

For most urban commuting and shorter recreational rides, the Soltera‘s range should be adequate. But the Discover 1‘s battery life is a game-changer for all-day adventures.

Advantage: Velotric Discover 1 – Significantly longer total range per charge.

Ride Quality and Handling

The Discover 1 is designed for comfort, stability, and approachable handling. It has a laid-back cruiser aesthetic with wide handlebars, plush seat, and relaxed frame geometry. Combined with quality front suspension and big 2.4" tires, it absorbs bumps extremely well.

Riding position is very upright, letting you enjoy the scenery. Slow handling and weight prevent quick maneuvers, but cornering stability is excellent.

By comparison, the Soltera has a rigid aluminum frame reminiscent of a road bike. The ride position is more forward leaning. Without suspension, bump absorption relies entirely on the tires.

The sportier geometry gives it quick steering ideal for weaving through city traffic. You sacrifice some comfort, but gain responsive handling.

Ultimately, the Discover 1 provides a more cushy and casual ride while the Soltera is nimble and performance-focused. Which you prefer depends on your riding style.

Advantage: Tie – The Discover 1 provides a more comfortable, relaxed ride while the Soltera is nimbler and sportier.

Braking Performance

Having great brakes is crucial on an e-bike, especially when riding at higher speeds. This is an area where the Discover 1 really shines.

The Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes offer incredible stopping power with great modulation and control. You can finely tune braking pressure, allowing smooth, gradual slowing when desired. But the 180mm rotors also provide enough bite for hard stops if needed.

The mechanical Tektro M275 brakes on the Soltera are decent, but can‘t match the performance and feel of true hydraulics. Braking takes more effort and lacks the fine progressive control of the Discover 1. Still, they get the job done for most riding.

Advantage: Velotric Discover 1 – Superior hydraulic disc brakes


When you first lift up the Discover 1, you quickly realize this is no lightweight bike. At 65 lb, it has some serious heft. But the robust frame and components contribute to its stability and durability.

By comparison, the svelte Soltera comes in at just 41 lb – almost shocking for a well-equipped e-bike. The lightweight aluminum frame with integrated battery helps keep weight impressively low.

The Soltera‘s minimal weight makes it noticeably quicker handling and easier to carry up stairs or lift onto bike racks. For true portability, it can‘t be beat.

Advantage: Aventon Soltera – Significantly lighter weight

The Verdict – Which E-Bike is Right for You?

By this point, you should have a good understanding of the core features and key differences between the Velotric Discover 1 and the Aventon Soltera.

But which model is the best choice for your individual needs? Here are my recommendations based on various rider priorities and e-bike uses:

Best for Raw Power and Range – Velotric Discover 1

If your top priorities are abundant speed, crazy hill climbing chops, and maximum ride range per charge, the Discover 1 is the clear winner.

Its brawny 500W motor and huge 48V battery leave the Soltera in the dust when it comes to acceleration, torque, and miles between charging.

The Discover 1 is ideal if you plan to venture well beyond the city and value raw performance and battery endurance. It‘s also great for larger riders who need a sturdy, heavy-duty e-bike.

Best Urban Commuter E-Bike – Aventon Soltera

For quick, nimble handling and lightweight portability around town, the Aventon Soltera takes the crown.

Even with less power than the Discover 1, the Soltera still offers zippy acceleration and solid hill climbing ability – more than enough for urban stop-and-go riding.

The sporty geometry and responsive steering make the Soltera an absolute blast to carve through city traffic. And its featherlight weight makes apartment living and public transportation connections a breeze.

As an electric urban runabout, the Soltera can‘t be beat. It elegantly blends e-bike technologies with accessible, practical city bike design.

Most Comfortable Cruiser-Style E-Bike – Velotric Discover 1

If your top priority is comfort and you prefer a relaxed, upright riding posture, the Velotric Discover 1 is the superior choice.

The plush seat, wide cruiser handlebars, and cushy front suspension soak up bumps incredibly well – even off-road. This makes the Discover 1 ideal for casual riding at a comfortable pace.

The Soltera‘s stiff, performance-oriented frame offers less shock absorption. And its forward-leaning riding posture requires more core strength.

For a smooth, easy-going ride, nothing beats the Discover 1‘s cruiser-inspired comfort.

Best Value – Aventon Soltera

When it comes to price-to-performance ratio, the Aventon Soltera delivers outstanding value.

For just $1599, you get great acceleration, premium components like Shimano gears, and quality Tektro brakes – all in a lightweight package.

The Velotric Discover 1 retails for $1799 yet still requires assembly. You pay a premium for its more powerful motor and battery.

If staying under budget is key, the Soltera gives you more bang for your buck. It excels impressively for its price point.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully this detailed comparison has given you a clear sense of the core strengths and differences between the Velotric Discover 1 and the Aventon Soltera.

Both are quality e-bikes – you really can‘t go wrong with either. But your individual priorities and riding needs should steer you towards the ideal model.

For raw power and max battery range, go Discover 1. If nimble handling and lightweight portability are crucial, get the Soltera. And if comfort trumps all, the Discover 1‘s cruiser-style ride can‘t be matched.

No matter which you choose, I‘m confident you‘ll have a blast riding your new e-bike this summer! Let me know if you have any other questions. Ride safe and have fun out there!