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Cars That Start with D – An In-Depth Spotlight on Dodge‘s High Performance Pedigree

For over a century, Dodge has carved an identity centered on attitude, power, and straight line performance. From ground pounding muscle cars to advanced concept vehicles, few automakers have showcased American horsepower as proudly and loudly as Dodge. In this deep dive into cars starting with D, we‘ll explore some of Dodge‘s greatest hits while analyzing how modern interpretations continue pushing limits. Several competitive models from rival brands will make cameo appearances as well for good measure. Get ready for some tire-shredding fun!

Dodge Challenger – The Modern Muscle Car Formula Perfected

With its classic rectangular lines and aggressive front fascia, the Dodge Challenger exudes old school American muscle. Unlike the retro-Throwback Mustang or Camaro, this coupe continues an unbroken lineage extending back to 1970. Today with five trim levels each delivering a unique flavor of performance, the Challenger has evolved into a distinctly modern muscle machine as well.

At the base end of the spectrum, the Challenger SXT and GT models sport Pentastar V6 engines churning out 309-303 horsepower respectively. Despite giving up two cylinders, these ponies deliver sports car rivaling 0-60 mph sprints in the low 5 second range – not too shabby! Stepping up to R/T trims brings the optional 5.7 liter HEMI V8, architect of so many classic Dodge performance stories. 375 Stampeding horses eagerly devour the quarter mile in under 13.5 seconds.

But of course…the current Challenger legend revolves around the SRT Hellcat models packing a supercharged 6.2 liter HEMI good for an absolutely diabolic 717 horsepower! This transformation into tire-shredding beast is accompanied by aggressive functional air intakes and vents allowing that V8 to breathe deep and exhale fire. Hellcat Redeye variants turn things up further to 797 horsepower – a figure placing it firmly among exotic European supercars.

Dodge Challenger Trim Level Performance Specifications

Model Engine Horsepower 0-60 MPH 1/4 Mile Top Speed
SXT/GT 3.6L V6 303-309 5.2s 13.8s 152 mph
R/T 5.7L V8 375 4.3s 12.4s 182 mph
SRT Hellcat 6.2L Supercharged V8 717 3.6s 11.2s 199 mph
SRT Hellcat Redeye 6.2L Supercharged V8 797 3.4s 10.8s 203 mph

Beyond straight line grunt, the Challenger chassis delivers sports car rivaling handling balance and high speed stability as well. Both the base suspension and adaptive options prove extremely adept at managing all that mass when the road gets twisty. Four piston Brembo brakes bring it all back under control with force and finesse.

Inside, the Challenger plays up its throwback personality with available retro styled gauges and simplistic switchgear. Still, smartly tailored leather seats and crisp touchscreens with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto integrate crucial contemporary elements. A massive 16 cubic foot trunk swallows huge amounts of cargo relative to rivals – easily capable of serving daily driver duty after blitzing the strip.

Clearly from bottom to top, the Dodge Challenger presents a staggeringly diverse lineup united by battle-ready looks and focus on acceleration. With a model for every personality ranging between cruise night chill to total drag strip domination, this 21st century muscle veteran has perfected the formula.

Dodge Charger – Unapologetic Power Meets Family Friendly Versatility

Close cousin to the Challenger coupe profiled earlier, the Charger embodies that in your face Dodge muscle car ethos within a spacious four door sedan shell. Roaring through the suburbs or shuttling kids to school, this full sizer packs all the same ferocious performance wallop paired with welcome interior room. Like its two door stablemate, five distinct Charger model grades each twist the potency dial from mild to wild.

In base SXT trim running off a standard 292 horsepower V6, the Charger provides smooth confident daily driving with a 5.5 second 0-60 dash and composed road manners. Moving up the food chain into R/T territory brings the optional legendary 5.7 liter HEMI V8 kicking out 370 eager horses. 60 MPH arrives in under 5 seconds flat on the way to a 4.3 second sprint down the quarter mile. Subtle styling enhancements like a performance hood, spoiler, and wheels visually convey the elevated performance.

However, for that true white knuckle Charger adrenaline rush, the SRT Hellcat model and its infamous supercharged 6.2 liter V8 is the obvious choice. Ratcheting up to a pavement rippling 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft torque, this family sedan transforms into a fire breathing beast. Adding the Widebody package with flared fenders accommodating massive 20 inch wheels gives the Charger Hellcat a truly jacked, menacing stance. Yet astoundingly even with near as makes no difference to 800 horsepower laying waste to the rear tires, the cabin itself remains a haven of premium luxury.

Occupants in range topping models are cosseted within diamond stitched leather buckets complementing the demonic fury under the hood. The Charger Hellcat Widebody ultimately defines the concept of a sleeper – innocuously navigating urban traffic until an unprotected green light allows uncorking that supercar slaying full potential. With a 3.7 second blast to 60 MPH and quarter mile exploding by in 11.3 seconds, no family sedan comes close to this four door fury.

Dodge Charger Performance Specifications

Trim Engine Horsepower 0-60 MPH 1/4 Mile Top Speed
SXT 3.6L V6 292 6.1s 14.7s 130 mph
R/T 5.7L V8 370 5.0s 13.8s 175 mph
SRT Hellcat 6.2L Supercharged V8 707 3.6s 11.2s 196 mph
SRT Hellcat Widebody 6.2L Supercharged V8 707 3.7s 11.3s 196 mph

Given the berserk performance on offer even in base configuration, that the practical Charger can effortlessly transport families or swallow vast cargo makes its formula even more appealing. With legendary HEMI V8 grunt mixed responsibly into a large sedan chassis, Dodge‘s potent four door deserves mention among iconic cars starting with D.

Dodge Durango – Three Rows Of Attitude

Thus far we‘ve showcased Dodge‘s fearless infusion of extreme performance into coupe and sedan segments. Next up is the three row Durango SUV equally eager to assert some brand signature aggression within its practical people hauling package. Don‘t be fooled by the school run friendly silhouette – this family cruiser has some impressively impolite tricks up its sleeve!

Out the gate, the base Durango SXT provides strong acceleration care of its standard 290 horsepower V6. 60 MPH clicks by in 6.6 seconds on the way to smoothly gobbling long highway miles. Like any good SUV, it also manages trails and inclement weather without drama while cosseting up to six passengers.

Elevating to R/T or Citadel Anodized Platinum grades enhances refinement with luxuries like panoramic sunroofs and Captain‘s Chairs flanking the center console. But naturally, the most smiles per mile inside a Durango comes courtesy of the SRT 392 and surprisingly named Hellcat models. Their 6.4L and supercharged 6.2L HEMI V8s churn out 475 horses and 710 horses respectively. And you better believe all that muscle manifests in some pretty wild performance statistics for a 2.5 ton people mover!

The Durango SRT 392 hits 60 MPH in 4.4 seconds and annihilates the quarter mile in 12.9 seconds. The yet more powerful Durango SRT Hellcat lowers those times to 3.5 seconds and 11.5 seconds! No other full size SUV comes remotely close to this blistering pace. An intelligent all wheel drive system keeps all that power glued to the road. Fittingly, an active exhaust amplified engine growl fills the cabin as you dip deeper into the throttle – perfect for those moments stuck dropping the kids off at school!

Dodge Durango SRT Performance Specs

Trim Engine Horsepower 0-60 MPH 1/4 Mile Top Speed
SRT 392 6.4L V8 475 4.4s 12.9s 180 mph
SRT Hellcat 6.2L Supercharged V8 710 3.5s 11.5s 180 mph

Clearly the masterminds at Dodge understand their brand‘s identity centers on harnessing extreme performance even in family friendly packages like this SUV. The Durango definitely retains best in class capabilities for charging hard while comfortably swallowing passengers and their gear. No school run will ever seem boring again!

Evolution of Dodge Muscle – How The Legend Has Progressed

While recent models like the Challenger, Charger, and Durango effectively blend contemporary qualities into Dodge‘s attitude rich pedigree, a look back at earlier chapters reveals plenty of foundational DNA. Walking through the progression of both key nameplates and halo concepts illuminates Dodge‘s unwavering commitment towards maximum muscle.

1960s/70s Glory Days – This epic golden age gave birth to immortal names like the Hemi Charger and Challenger T/A. relaying on huge displacement V8 power, aggressive styling, and reputation enhancing movie appearances, these Dodges perfectly captured the outlaw culture.

Viper Emergence – Introduced in 1992 with a stupendous V10 plucked from a truck, the Viper roadster signaled Dodge‘s intent on reclaiming its muscle car throne. With angular looks previewing thecab-rearward design dominating today, the original Snake remains an automotive work of art.

Hellcat Revolution – Beginning in 2015 when the 707 HP supercharged Hellcat V8 debuted in the latest Charger, Challenger, and other Dodge lineups, factory performance leapt to shocking new heights. Ongoing power jousting with Chevy, Shelby, and other rivals has birthed several even more outrageous Hellcat variants.

Tomahawk Concept – Unveiled in 2015, this extreme rolling embodiment of a Dodge Viper V10 superbike highlights the brand‘s obsession with going over the top. The Tomahawk‘s 600 HP engine and ground-hugging stance looks every bit at home setting lap records as it does poster rooms countrywide.

Examining Dodge‘s fire breathing portfolio both past and present reveals an unwavering dedication towards maximum performance regardless of vehicle type. The Challenger, Charger, Durango, Viper, Demon, Hellcat and even wild concepts like the Tomahawk all proudly wear the brotherhood of speed above all else.

Modern Day Muscle Rivals Keep Pushing Dodge Ever Faster

Legacy competition from iconic American brands like Ford and Chevy have continually raised the bar just as Dodge elevated its modern muscle machines to astounding levels of power. Let‘s see how key rivals from these two manufacturers spec sheet compare. Do the Mustang Shelby GT500 or Camaro ZL1 1LE pose legitimate challenges?

Shelby GT500 vs Challenger Hellcat Redeye

Car Engine HP /TQ 0-60 MPH 1/4 Mile Top Speed
Shelby GT500 5.2L Supercharged V8 760/625 3.3s 10.6s 180 mph
Challenger Redeye 6.2L Supercharged V8 797/707 3.4s 10.8s 203 mph

This head to head battle clearly illustrates the performance arms race in effect. Both garage queens tout forced induction V8s approaching 800 horses pushing sexy two door chassis past 200 MPH. The Shelby enjoys a slight edge off the line while the Challenger never stops pulling to an astronomical top speed. Either choice guarantees tire shredding, visceral acceleration and neck straining lateral g-forces when uncorked.

Camaro ZL1 1LE vs Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody

Car Engine HP / TQ Lateral G‘s Skidpad Lap Times
Camaro ZL1 1LE 6.2L Supercharged V8 650 / 650 1.10 g 1.13 g 2:52.8 (Laguna Seca)
Challenger Redeye Widebody 6.2L Supercharged V8 797 / 707 0.98 g 0.96 g 2:52.9 (Laguna Seca)

This battle contrasts Dodge‘s power centric philosophy versus Chevy‘s handling obsessed focus. Despite giving up nearly 150 horsepower, the de-contented track ready 1LE Camaro uses extensive aero reworking and chassis tuning to post eerily equal lap times to the mighty Mopar. Still, for those coveting straight line brutality first and foremost, only that Redeye Widebody brings enough evil to satisfy.

Now past icons like the classic Hemi ‘Cuda arguably resonate louder than any Hellcat today, but make no mistake – Dodge continues proudly cultivating its heritage for creating some of America‘s baddest rides. Whether cruising the drag strip or carving canyon roads, rippling exhaust notes previewing outrageous power never fall out of favor.

Conclusion: Dodge Embodies High Performance Heritage Across Diverse Lineup

From this comprehensive overview of Dodge‘s performance portfolio spanning 50+ years, no automaker past or present has continually extracted excess horsepower so liberally across coupes, sedans, trucks AND SUVs. Names like Power Wagon, Red Eye, Demon and of course Hellcat constantly remind rivals and owners alike that the brand places priority #1 on bottom line acceleration figures,neck straining launches, and visceral driving excitement.

Yet pleasingly, offerings like the Charger or Durango flex that muscle within practical, family friendly packages alongside the iconic Challenger coupe. Savvy engineering ensures world class handling prowess no longer takes a back seat to blow your doors off horsepower. Distinct retro design themes pay homage to the golden age while intelligent amenities cater to today‘s drivers.

Of all cars starting with D, Dodge undoubtedly has earned its reputation for cultivating high performance heroes guaranteed to plaster grins across lucky driver‘s faces. Given the recent stampede of factory performance wars paired with upcoming electrification, this new roaring twenties chapter promises even greater fireworks yet to unfold!