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Ford Mach-E Select vs Premium: A Detailed Comparison to Help Choose the Right Mustang Mach-E for You

Are you considering the new electric Ford Mustang Mach-E SUV but not sure whether to splurge on the Premium trim or save with the Select? Don‘t sweat it, I‘ve got you covered!

As Ford‘s first long-range EV, the Mustang Mach-E aims to compete head-to-head with Tesla‘s popular Model Y SUV. Since hitting the market in late 2020, the sporty and tech-focused Mach-E has become a popular choice among electric crossover shoppers thanks to its throaty acceleration, high-tech interior, and family-friendly practicality.

But with four different trim levels spanning from the $46k entry-level Select to the $61k high-performance GT, picking the right Mustang Mach-E for your needs requires some deeper comparison shopping.

Let‘s dig in and see how the base Select and mid-level Premium trims stack up across all the key categories. I‘ll break down the specs, features, pricing, and performance differences in detail so you can make an informed decision on which Mach-E is the best fit for your lifestyle and budget!

An Overview of the Mustang Mach-E Lineup

Before we zero in on the Select and Premium, here‘s a quick look at how all four Mach-E trim levels and pricing shake out [1]:

  • Select – $46,000 – The most affordable Mach-E delivers up to 247 miles of range. Available late 2021.
  • Premium – $51,000 – Upgrades like a larger battery option and more premium features. 310 max miles of range. Available 2021.
  • California Route 1 – $52,000 – Focuses on max range (314 miles). Arrived in early 2022.
  • GT – $61,000 – Performance model with quicker acceleration. Unlocks in late 2022.

As you can see, the Select and Premium trims land squarely in the middle of the lineup with the Route 1 extending range further and the GT cranking up performance. Let‘s see how they compare.

Mach-E Select vs Premium: Side-by-Side Stats

Here‘s a numerical look at the key specs and hardware differences between the Select and Premium trims [2]:

Specs Mach-E Select Mach-E Premium
Range (RWD) 247 miles 247 miles
Range w/ ER Battery (RWD) N/A 310 miles
Horsepower 266 hp 266 hp
0-60 mph time 5.8s 5.8s
Battery Capacity 70 kWh 70 kWh
Available Extended Range Battery No Yes (+$8,600)
Maximum Cargo Capacity 59.7 cu. ft 59.7 cu. ft
Front Trunk ("Frunk") Capacity 4.7 cu. ft. 4.7 cu. ft.
Charging Time (15-80%) 41 min 41 min
Charging Time w/ ER Battery N/A 45 min
Wheelbase 117 in 117 in
EPA Class Midsize SUV Midsize SUV

You‘ll notice a whole lot of similarities when comparing pure specs – horsepower, acceleration, cargo space and overall vehicle footprint are identical between the two trims.

However, as we‘ll explore next, the Premium model sets itself apart through tech upgrades, a more premium interior, and optional extended battery for improved range.

Range and Charging: Premium Battery Goes the Extra Mile

EV range is a make-or-break consideration for many buyers. The Select trim delivers a solid 247 miles per charge, on par with rivals like the Tesla Model Y Long Range at 244 miles [3].

However, the Premium model offers exclusive access to a 91 kWh Extended Range ("ER") battery option expanding max range to 310 miles on RWD models. That‘s a 25.5% bump over the Select, bringing the driving range closer to the 322 mile Tesla Model Y Performance [4].

The ER battery also enables faster DC fast charging that can restore 54 miles of range in just 10 minutes, and charge from 15-80% battery in 45 minutes [5]. That beats the Select‘s 41 minute charging time.

So if you want to minimize charging stops on road trips or long daily commutes, the Premium with ER battery is the way to go. The $8,600 upgrade cost for this extended range is likely worth it if range anxiety is a top concern.

Design and Exterior: Subtle Style Upgrades for the Premium

The Mustang Mach-E turns heads thanks to its athletic proportions and modern LED lighting details that blend muscle car aggression with an electric-powered identity. Signature styling cues include the tri-bar tail lamps, low hood, and recognizable Mustang front end.

From the exterior, the Select and Premium trims look quite similar. But a closer inspection reveals a few key upgrades on Premium models [6]:

  • 19-inch wheels – The larger rims give Premium models more street presence over the 18-inch Select wheels.
  • Panoramic fixed-glass roof – This huge glass sunroof provides a sense of airy openness in the cabin and skyward views. Not available on Select.
  • Projector-style LED headlights – Premium models get fancier LED projectors with sequential turn signals versus basic reflector housing headlights on the Select trim.
  • Power-folding side mirrors – A handy convenience feature, the Premium‘s side mirrors automatically fold in when parking in tight spots.

While not radical changes, these exterior upgrades help the Premium model look and feel more upscale. Let‘s move inside to see the interior differences.

Interior Comfort and Tech: Where the Premium Shines

It‘s inside the cabin where the Premium Mach-E truly separates itself from its Select sibling through superior comfort, customization, and tech:

Seating and Comfort

  • Heated front seats – Take the chill off on cold mornings with the Premium‘s standard heated seats for both driver and passenger. Not available on the Select trim.
  • Power front seats – Find your ideal driving position more easily with the Premium‘s 8-way power adjustable front seats (vs. 6-way manual adjustment on Select).
  • Driver‘s seat memory – Linked to the vehicle‘s profile settings, the Premium model‘s seat memory makes it simple to swap driving positions between different drivers.

Audio and Entertainment

  • 10-speaker B&O Sound System – Premium brings a major audio upgrade via the crisp, powerful 10-speaker Bang & Olufsen system versus just 6 basic speakers on the Select.
  • Interior ambient lighting – Customizable interior lighting sets the mood with your choice of color. Standard on the Premium.

Technology and Connectivity

  • Larger touchscreen – At 15.5 inches, the Premium‘s huge center touchscreen makes navigating menus and maps a breeze. The Select gets a smaller 10.2" display.
  • Digital instrument cluster – A vibrant 8-inch digital cluster provides customizable gauges and driving data front and center behind the Premium‘s steering wheel.
  • BlueCruise hands-free driving – Premium unlocks Ford‘s advanced hands-free highway driving assistant for supported sections of divided highways [7]. Not offered on the entry Select trim.
  • Phone as Key – Both trims come standard with Phone as Key technology, allowing you to unlock/start your Mach-E using just your iPhone or Android phone.

Safety: Leading-Edge Active Driving Aids

Today‘s drivers expect the latest high-tech safety shields to protect them from accidents and hazards. In this regard, both the Select and Premium come well equipped with Ford Co-Pilot360 2.0 driver assistance technology [8].

Key standard safety features across Select and Premium trims:

  • Pre-collision Assist with AEB
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Lane keeping system
  • Rear cross traffic alert
  • Auto high-beam headlights
  • Rear view camera

However, building on that foundation, the Premium model offers several exclusive active safety systems that push the Mach-E to the head of its class [9]:

  • Active Park Assist 2.0 – Handles steering, gear selection, acceleration and braking to neatly park the car with minimal driver input.
  • Intersection Assist – Applies emergency braking if the system detects a dangerous oncoming vehicle when turning left across traffic.
  • Reverse Brake Assist – Slams the brakes if an object is detected behind the vehicle when reversing.

These advanced safety aids provide valuable protection that simply aren‘t available on the base Select trim.

Cost Breakdown: Is the Premium Worth the Price Bump?

We‘ve covered a lot of compelling upgrades offered by the Premium model over the base Select trim. But how much extra are we talking for access to these upgrades? Here‘s a head-to-head cost comparison:

Model Select Premium
Starting MSRP $46,000 $51,000
Typical Dealer Price [10] $49,500 $54,500

With the Premium model‘s base MSRP coming in around $5,000 higher than the Select, you‘re looking at approximately a 10% price bump before any options. Depending on your budget, that may seem quite reasonable or too steep.

For drivers who prioritize maximizing range, access to the 310-mile Extended Range battery alone could justify choosing the Premium. Beyond that, you get a healthier dose of luxury, tech, and safety upgrades for the extra cost.

Thanks to federal EV tax credits of $7,500 [11], state incentives, and potential dealer discounts, the effective price difference between Select and Premium is narrowed further.

And if leasing, the Premium‘s extra monthly cost is marginal – lease prices come in around $570/month for Select and $630/month for Premium, just an extra $60 monthly [12].

Overall, the Premium trim strikes an appealing balance of features and performance for the price. Next, let‘s recap the key pros and cons of each trim.

Select Pros and Cons

Select Pros:

  • Lower starting MSRP
  • Qualifies for full $7,500 federal tax credit
  • Standard driver assistance features
  • Phone as Key technology
  • 247 miles of range covers most needs

Select Cons:

  • No access to extended battery
  • Fewer luxury/tech features
  • Basic sound system
  • Smaller touchscreen
  • No heated seats or ambient lighting
  • Manual seat adjustment

Premium Pros and Cons

Premium Pros:

  • 310 mile extended range battery option
  • More luxurious interior with better materials
  • Improved sound system and ambient lighting
  • Larger touchscreen and digital cluster
  • Heated front seats and power adjustment
  • Advanced safety systems like Active Park Assist

Premium Cons:

  • Higher starting price
  • Base model still has just 247 miles of range
  • Lacks performance focus of GT model

Select or Premium: Which Mustang Mach-E Is Right for You?

In choosing between the Select and Premium Mustang Mach-E models, it comes down to your budget and which features matter most.

The Select trim is ideal if you want:

  • The lowest starting price
  • Qualification for the $7,500 tax credit
  • Don‘t need max range or luxury features

Go for the Premium if you prioritize:

  • Max EV driving range
  • The latest tech and safety systems
  • Premium interior materials and options
  • Future-proofing with extended range

For many buyers, the Premium hits the sweet spot with its balance of upgraded range, performance, and premium interior making it feel like a true luxury electric SUV. Unless you need to pinch pennies, the Premium trim will satisfy much more than the basic Select.

Have questions on selecting your ideal Mach-E? Reach out anytime via my website and I‘m happy to offer tailored advice for your needs!