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The 6 Best YouTube Alternatives for Video Creators

YouTube has long dominated as the king of online video, but its policies, demonetization issues, and algorithm changes have caused many creators to seek out alternatives. Fortunately, there is no shortage of excellent YouTube competitor sites that offer their own benefits.

As an experienced video creator, I have researched the leading options and tried many of them firsthand. Here are my top picks for the best YouTube alternatives in 2022 based on content focus, features, ease-of-use, and monetization potential.

1. TikTok – Best for Viral Short-Form Video

Don‘t let TikTok‘s reputation as an app for teenagers making dance videos fool you. Behind the meme-worthy facade lies an extremely powerful video creation and distribution machine.

With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok has one of the most engaged audiences on the planet. Its AI-powered algorithm is scarily effective at determining exactly what people want to watch and getting videos in front of those viewers.

While production quality matters less than on other platforms, creativity reigns supreme on TikTok. Clever concepts spread with wildfire velocity, making it feasible to gain millions of views with a single video. For those seeking viral fame and fortune, no platform offers more potential than TikTok right now.

However, monetization options remain limited compared to YouTube. Advertising revenue share is meager for all but the most popular creators. Sponsored content deals from brands hungry to leverage TikTok audiences offer the greatest money-making opportunity.


  • Massive potential reach
  • Algorithm optimized for virality
  • Relatively easy to go viral


  • Focus on short videos <60 seconds
  • Limited monetization options
  • Minimal revenue share from ads

2. Twitch – Best for Live Streaming Gaming

When it comes to streaming video games live, Twitch is by far the leading platform with over 30 million daily visitors. Its chat functionality and gaming-centric features make it perfect for interactive gaming broadcasts.

Twitch offers far better monetization potential than YouTube gaming thanks to its subscription and tipping models. Partners unlock additional options like ad revenue share, game sales payouts, and bounty board sponsorships. Top creators easily clear over $100k per month on Twitch.

However, Twitch comes with its own headaches. DMCA copyright crackdowns have hit music streamers hard. The platform also takes a 50% cut of all subscription revenue. Still, if you have an audience interested in gaming content, Twitch easily beats YouTube.


  • Built specifically for gaming streams
  • Multiple monetization methods
  • High earning potential


  • Gaming focus limits audience
  • 50% subscription revenue cut
  • DMCA copyright issues

3. Facebook Watch – Best for Mainstream Audiences

It’s easy to forget Facebook operates the second most popular video platform behind YouTube. Facebook Watch lets creators upload long-form videos natively into Facebook instead of linking out to YouTube or other sites.

Watch offers creators some monetization options including ad revenue shares for videos with over 1,000 views and 27+ engagements. However, earnings currently remain modest outside of the occasional viral hit.

The biggest advantage of Facebook Watch is leveraging an existing mainstream audience you likely already built on Facebook. This platform offers simplified access to the billions of Facebook users worldwide. Just be wary of Facebook’s equally notorious algorithms downranking videos if they aren’t engaging enough viewers.


  • Leverage existing Facebook audiences
  • Mainstream viewers outside gaming niche
  • Some monetization options


  • Facebook algorithm can bury videos
  • Currently limited monetization
  • Need existing Facebook following

4. Vimeo – Best for Quality and Artistic Content

Vimeo differentiates itself from YouTube by positioning as a premium platform focused on quality over quantity. It appeals primarily to indie filmmakers, animators, artists, and commercial video producers rather than vloggers or influencers.

Upload and bandwidth limits make Vimeo ill-suited for daily content creators pumping out dozens of videos per month. However, it provides an ad-free environment and excellent playback experience that appeals to viewers seeking more highbrow material.

Monetization occurs through pay-per-view or subscription payments on a per video or channel basis. These options allow creators to fund projects via fan support rather than relying solely on advertising. For artistic and commercial video, Vimeo is tough to beat.


  • Focus on artistic quality
  • Ad-free viewing
  • Quality playback experience


  • Upload limits on free plans
  • Smaller potential audience
  • Paywall limits reach

5. Dailymotion – Best YouTube Clone

If you’re seeking a straightforward YouTube alternative without reinventing the wheel, Dailymotion offers incredible similarities in layout, functionality, and content categories. Video gaming streams have made Dailymotion especially popular in recent years.

While its overall audience lags far behind YouTube, regions like France and other European countries drive significant viewership—and many prefer Dailymotion’s laxer content restrictions. Video advertising provides monetization comparable to YouTube.

For creators seeking maximum creative freedom and ownership, Dailymotion allows uploads to stream on other platforms simultaneously thanks to no exclusivity clauses. If you want the familiarity of YouTube with fewer limitations, give Dailymotion strong consideration.


  • Very similar layout and functionality to YouTube
  • Lax content restrictions
  • No exclusivity clauses


  • Smaller potential reach than YouTube
  • Limited traction in North America
  • Less brand recognition

6. Hulu – Best for Streaming TV Content

While not a traditional YouTube competitor, Hulu offers fascinating opportunities for those creating TV show and film content. Hulu licenses original content for its streaming library similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The platform boasts over 40 million subscribers—a massive built-in audience for accepted creators. Hulu offers lucrative licensing deals for those producing serial and episodic content they acquire the rights to stream on their platform. Think of it like TV for the streaming world.


  • Built-in audience of 40+ million subscribers
  • Lucrative licensing deals
  • Mainstream exposure


  • Extremely hard to get content accepted
  • Production standards much higher
  • Limited opportunities

Selecting your ideal YouTube alternative depends greatly on your content style, audience, and monetization preferences. Rather than assume one platform must meet all your needs, consider a cross-posting strategy across multiple sites.

However, when deciding where to invest your primary efforts, keep these factors in mind:

Creative Freedom and Control

If maintaining full creative freedom and control over your work is crucial, Vimeo and Dailymotion offer far fewer restrictions over content deemed “advertiser-unfriendly” on YouTube.

Monetization Options

YouTube still reigns supreme for advertising revenue share potential thanks to its massive viewer pool. However, for those with engaged fans, Twitch subscriptions deliver far higher returns.

Built-In Audience Appeal

If you already have an existing viewer base on another social platform like Facebook, focusing efforts on Facebook Watch makes exponential sense.

Virality Potential

For those obsessed with going viral, no platform on Earth offers more breakout potential at the moment than TikTok. Just pray the notoriously fickle algorithm looks favorably upon your video!

Jumping head first into a new platform without proper planning wastes valuable time and energy. Before committing fully to an alternative over YouTube, be sure to test the waters thoroughly first.

Research Monetization Rates

Study the partner program requirements and projected CPM advertising rates so no surprises arise. Twitch offers transparency into potential subscription earnings based on the number of subscribers.

Understand Content Moderation Policies

Get clarity upfront on Community Guidelines strikes, account terminations, copyright issues, and advertiser-friendly policies to ensure your content complies from day one.

Claim Your Channel URL

Grab your desired username before someone else takes it! Nothing more frustrating than building an audience only to lose your preferred channel identity.

Install Analytics Tools

Understand essential metrics like viewership, traffic sources, audience retention and geography from the beginning to optimize efforts.

Making an informed choice sets you up for success when transitioning from YouTube to an alternative video platform. Weigh all considerations carefully before committing fully!

After years struggling with YouTube’s restrictive and constantly changing policies, I finally gave Vimeo a shot for my animated explainer video business.

Uploading felt familiar, and I appreciated the clean, distraction-free viewer interface. However, my audience numbers initially disappointed after taking ages building a following on YouTube.

Thankfully, Vimeo’s excellent analytics helped me double down on embedded social media posts to drive viewership. Fan funding tools also enabled me to generate revenue directly from loyal customers rather than solely relying on ads.

In the end, leaning harder into a niche professional audience that valued quality over clickbait thrived better for my boutique business than fighting for scraps in YouTube’s oversaturated video market.

The experience made it clear that finding the right home for your content trumps fixating on platform size alone. You may need to abandon notions of viral fame in exchange for revenue stability—but for many creators, it’s an extremely worthwhile trade-off.

Just as the decline of cable TV fueled the rise of world-beating streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube, the turbulence happening now opens doors to what arises next.

Unquestionably, no site boasts the immense size and influence of YouTube currently. However, for those craving an alternative, I hope this breakdown helps spark your next great idea.

Because someone with the vision to leverage these emerging platforms today holds strong potential to transform into a front-runner of tomorrow. That trailblazer could easily be you!