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The Top 5 Bus Simulator Games for Hours of Driving Enjoyment

Bus driving games have become an unexpected hit in the simulation genre. Who knew virtually picking up passengers and navigating city streets could be so enjoyable? Bus simulator games appeal to gamers who want a more relaxed, low-intensity driving experience than traditional racing games. The best bus simulators also score points for recreating the routines and challenges of real-world public transportation networks.

From transporting commuters across a bustling metropolitan hub to taking tourists on a scenic countryside route, some of the top-rated bus simulator games for PC offer it all. Keep reading to discover 5 bus driving simulation games that will have you happily honking the horn for hours.

1. Bus Simulator 21 – The Best Overall Bus Sim

Bus Simulator 21 takes the top spot for the most immersive and feature-rich bus driving experience on PC. The game includes extensive simulation options for buying, managing, and driving your own buses.

The vast city of Angel Shores serves as your virtual stomping grounds. You’ll navigate winding streets, make stops at realistic bus stations, and watch the city come alive with commuter traffic. Developers Astragon Games continually add to the game with map expansion DLC that gives you more neighborhoods and landmarks to explore.

While a few pesky bugs still plague Bus Simulator 21, most gamers agree the engrossing gameplay makes up for these shortcomings. With smooth handling and realistic bus physics, driving each model provides a one-of-a-kind experience.

Astragon Games promises additional DLC and updates that will only make Bus Simulator 21 better. For now, it still wears the crown when it comes to immersive bus simulation gameplay.

Key Features:

  • 30 playable buses from popular brands like Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Setra
  • Realistic bus handling physics and mechanics
  • Customization from bus liveries to interior decals
  • Extensive city map with constantly expanding details
  • Management simulation features

2. OMSI 2 – A Blast From the Past

For a trip back in time, OMSI 2 delivers an authentic 1980s/1990s bus driving experience in exquisite detail. This PC exclusive simulates operating the Omnibuses in the Spandau district of Berlin during the golden age of public transportation.

The sights and sounds of the era come alive while you learn the ropes of driving manual transmission buses packed with impatient commuters. From navigating tight urban corridors to trundling down Autobahns, OMSI 2 features lifelike driving physics and challenging objectives.

The main drawback is the lack of English translations for certain instructions and signage. Thankfully, an active modding community has mitigated language barriers with custom localization patches.

Overall, OMSI 2 offers unmatched nostalgic realism. Virtual bus enthusiasts shouldn’t miss this blast from the past!

Key Features:

  • Chronological gameplay from the mid-80s to early 90s
  • Depiction of Spandau district crafted with superb attention to detail
  • Realistic bus selection with faithful reproductions
  • Extensive mod support from localization files to new buses
  • Dynamic weather and lighting

3. Fernbus Coach Simulator – All Aboard!

Long haul enthusiasts will love Fernbus Coach Simulator‘s cross-country bus network sprawling over 12,000 virtual miles. This simulator recreates Germany’s iconic Fernbus intercity bus system down to the last authentic detail.

Developers modeled Fernbus’ distinctive double-decker coaches inside and out for true-to-life immersion. You’ll traverse the autobahn and navigate to 40 major German cities thanks to the help of the actual Fernbus company. They provided traffic data and transportation analysis to produce frighteningly realistic roadways and destinations.

While Fernbus Coach Simulator shines from its sheer attention to detail, a few odd quirks hold it back from driving off with top honors. Some bridges and intersections demonstrate questionable proportions and scale compared to your lumbering coaches. Still, minor gripes shouldn’t stop you from booking your ticket aboard this breathtaking German countryside simulator!

Key Features:

  • Massive map covering over 12,000 virtual miles
  • 40 faithfully depicted major German cities
  • Realistic replica Fernbus double-decker buses
  • Accurate highway systems and infrastructure
  • Authentic bus stations and destinations

4. The Bus – Berlin Calling

The Bus trades macro-level geography for micro-level accuracy by recreating Berlin’s metropolitan transportation network on an impressive 1:1 scale. Developers prioritized remaking the labyrinth of streets just like real-world Berlin.

This intricate cityscape provides endless hours of urban navigation. And thanks to licensing from heavy-duty manufacturers like MAN and Scania, The Bus delivers supremely realistic bus selection too.

While The Bus costs more than competitors up front,continuous mod support adds tremendous replay value. Ambitious modders can even build entire new cities and custom bus models to share with other players!

Overall, The Bus earns high marks for transforming Berlin into a playground for public transit fans. Combined with stellar mod support, this trademark metropolis offers endless opportunities for urban exploration!

Key Features:

  • Mind-boggling 1:1 scale replica of Berlin’s streets
  • MAN and Scania bus models incorporate proprietary engineering
  • Custom bus paint jobs and liveries
  • User-friendly modding tools foster creative community
  • Solo, articulated, and double-decker bus variants

5. Bus Simulator 18 – A Modder‘s Paradise

While the Bus Simulator series now rests at number 21, Bus Simulator 18 still provides a remarkably solid bus driving experience even 5 years later.

The urban sandbox of 12 districts serves as your personal playground. Cruise through farmlands on the outskirts of the city before plunging into congested downtown streets. True enthusiasts can even use the convenient built-in modding tools to construct elaborate custom bus lines and models to share online!

Somedated visuals slightly tarnish Bus Simulator 18 today, especially compared to its prettier sequel. Nevertheless, convenient mod support coupled with strong core driving gameplay cement Bus Simulator 18 as a must-try bus simulator.

Key Features:

  • Career mode to earn money for purchasing and upgrading buses
  • Official buses from brands like Mercedes-Benz and IVECO
  • Built-in mod support for custom buses and routes
  • 12 distinct districts with urban and rural environments
  • Realistic bus mechanics and physics

Ready, Set, Drive!

From contemporary masterpieces to retro classics, these bus simulator games demonstrate why virtually driving a bus can become surprisingly therapeutic. Whether you fancy a scenic countryside tour or navigating jam-packed city streets, these bus simulators deliver engrossing gameplay with plenty of customization options.

So start your virtual bus engine and let your inner transit operator loose! Just try not to get too carried away blasting the horn at pesky car drivers.