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Don‘t Buy an NVIDIA GTX 1650 Graphics Card Until You Read This

Hey there! If you‘re researching budget graphics cards for 1080p gaming, no doubt the NVIDIA GTX 1650 has popped up in your searches. When it launched way back in 2019, the GTX 1650 was considered a pretty solid deal for smooth full HD gameplay. But in 2023, it‘s really starting to show its age.

Let me explain why you might want to consider some alternatives if you‘re buying a new card today. I‘ve gathered all the key details, benchmarks, and comparisons you‘ll need to make the right decision!

Overview – What is the GTX 1650?

First, let‘s quickly recap what the GTX 1650 is and where it fits:

  • Part of NVIDIA‘s entry-level Turing lineup released in 2019
  • Budget-focused 1080p gaming card
  • 896 CUDA cores, 4GB GDDR5 VRAM, 75W power draw
  • Succeeded the GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti cards
  • Original MSRP of $149 which has remained steady

So in a nutshell, the GTX 1650 was designed to deliver solid framerates in 1080p gaming without costing too much. And for a while, it hit that target nicely!

But every year brings major new game releases that become more demanding. And with GPU prices skewing high until recently, buyers have held onto old cards longer than usual.

So how does the aging GTX 1650 hold up here in 2023 for modern titles? Let‘s dig into some benchmarks…

Benchmarks – Showing its Limits in Demanding Games

I‘ve compiled data from several sources to show how the GTX 1650 is challenged in today‘s most graphically intensive games.

Here are estimated average frames per second (FPS) you can expect from the GTX 1650 at 1920 x 1080 resolution using Medium or High quality settings:

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Game (1080p) Settings Avg FPS
Elden Ring Medium 43
Cyberpunk 2077 High 34
Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla Medium 48
Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Medium 59
Gotham Knights High 52

As you can see, the GTX 1650 is struggling to hit 60 FPS in many of 2022 and 2023‘s AAA releases without really compromising on visuals. You‘ll need to turn down settings quite a bit to maintain smoother performance.

And it shows even more weakness in graphics-intensive competitive games like Apex Legends, where you‘ll average around 50-55 FPS on High at 1080p. Not ideal if you‘re trying to take advantage of a high refresh rate monitor!

So while still passable, the GTX 1650‘s limits are on full display in modern titles. Let‘s see how it compares directly against key rivals…

Vs. the RX 570 – Faster and Often Cheaper!

The Radeon RX 570 from AMD is the GTX 1650‘s biggest competitor in the budget market.

And unfortunately for NVIDIA, most benchmarks show the RX 570 coming out ahead:

Game (1080p) GTX 1650 FPS RX 570 FPS
Hitman 3 71 86 (+21%)
Grand Theft Auto V 66 75 (+14%)
Assassin‘s Creed Odyssey 43 51 (+19%)

The RX 570 consistently outpaces the GTX 1650 by around 15-20% in most titles. It‘s the faster overall performer.

Plus, you can often find RX 570 cards selling for less than GTX 1650 models, making it an even better value. Unless you find a 1650 on sale, I‘d choose an RX 570 over it any day for 1080p.

Vs. Used GPUs – Outclassed by Older Cards

Another thing to keep in mind is that used/refurbished GPUs are viable options in 2023.

For example, you can find used GTX 1060 3GB or RX 580 4GB cards selling locally or online for around $100-130. And both will outperform the GTX 1650 by a meaningful margin:

GTX 1650 67
GTX 1060 3GB 79 (+18%)
RX 580 4GB 83 (+24%)

So if you‘re open to buying used, you can get a better performer like the 1060 or 580 for the same money or less. Definitely don‘t rule them out!

Bottom Line – Difficult to Recommend in 2023

Given its age, middling performance in modern games, and strong alternatives, it‘s tough for me to recommend running out and buying a GTX 1650 right now.

It‘s still a capable budget card, don‘t get me wrong. But you‘ll just get better value spending:

  • $150-180 for an RX 6500 XT or used RX 580
  • $180-220 for a GTX 1660

Or if you find a GTX 1650 under $120, that sale price makes it more appealing.

I‘d only really suggest a 1650 for a super basic esports PC if you can grab it for dirt cheap. Otherwise, it‘s fallen behind the times in 2023 compared to faster budget options.

Hope this helps explain why I believe most gamers on a budget should probably steer clear of the GTX 1650 at this point. Let me know if you have any other questions!