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What Channel Is FOX on DirecTV? (2023 Update)

Hey there! If you‘re a TV fan wondering where to find your favorite FOX channels on DirecTV, you‘ve clicked on the right article.

As a fellow entertainment lover, I know how frustrating it can be flipping through channels trying to track down the latest episode of The Masked Singer or sports like NASCAR or NFL football.

Well, stress no more!

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll break down exactly which DirecTV package you need and the channel numbers for FOX, FOX Sports, FOX News, FOX Business, and more.

Read on to get the inside scoop so you never miss your must-see shows again.

A Brief History of FOX Broadcasting

Before we dive into the channel lineup, let‘s take a quick stroll down memory lane to see how FOX became the media empire it is today:

  • 1986 – FOX Broadcasting Company launched as the fourth major US TV network, competing with ABC, CBS, and NBC. This shook up the industry.

  • 1990s – FOX targeted younger audiences with hit shows like Married…With Children, The Simpsons, Beverly Hills 90210, and The X-Files. Their programming was edgier than the "Big Three" networks.

  • 2000s – By securing deals for NFL, MLB, and NASCAR broadcast rights, FOX steadily grew into a sports media powerhouse.

  • 2019 – The Walt Disney Company acquired FOX. But FOX continues to operate as an independent broadcast network today.

Now that you know how FOX changed television forever, let‘s explore where to find their channels on DirecTV.

Comparing DirecTV‘s Channel Packages

When finding FOX content, you first need to know which DirecTV package you have.

Here‘s a quick primer on the differences between DirecTV‘s main plans:

Package Price/Month Number of Channels Features
Entertainment $64.99 75+ Local channels, FOX, sports like NFL & MLB
Choice $84.99 150+ Regional sports networks added
Ultimate $109.99 250+ More sports like outdoor, golf, tennis
Premier $154.99 330+ Everything including movie channels

As you‘ll see ahead, some FOX channels require higher packages, while others are on Entertainment. Keep these details in mind as I break down where to find each FOX network.

Okay, now let‘s get to the good stuff…channel numbers!

FOX Channel Number by Location

The exact channel your local FOX station is on depends entirely on where you‘re watching from.

Check the table below to find the FOX channel for all major cities across the US:

City Channel Number
Albuquerque, NM 16
Arlington, TX 4
Atlanta, GA 5
Austin, TX 7
Baltimore, MD 45
Boston, MA 25
Charlotte, NC 46
Chicago, IL 32
Dallas, TX 4
Denver, CO 31
Detroit, MI 2
El Paso, TX 14
Fort Worth, TX 4
Fresno, CA 26
Houston, TX 26
Indianapolis, IN 59
Jacksonville, FL 30
Kansas City, MO 4
Las Vegas, NV 5
Los Angeles, CA 11
Louisville, KY 41
Memphis, TN 13
Miami, FL 7
Milwaukee, WI 6
Minneapolis, MN 9
Nashville, TN 17
New Orleans, LA 8
New York City, NY 5
Oklahoma City, OK 25
Orlando, FL 35
Philadelphia, PA 29
Phoenix, AZ 10
Pittsburgh, PA 53
Portland, OR 12
Sacramento, CA 40
Salt Lake City, UT 13
San Antonio, TX 29
San Diego, CA 69
San Francisco, CA 2
San Jose, CA 2
Seattle, WA 13
St. Louis, MO 2
Tampa, FL 13
Tucson, AZ 11
Washington, DC 5

Don‘t see your city? No worries! Here are a few tips:

  • For areas not listed, check the channel guide for a nearby location – numbers are often similar regionally.

  • FOX is typically on a low channel between 2 and 50 in most parts of the country.

  • Larger cities tend to be in the single digits, while smaller towns go a bit higher.

But why does each place get a different FOX channel number? Let‘s explore…

Why the Channel Varies by Location

Every major city has its own local FOX affiliate station that broadcasts shows and news tailored specifically to that region.

For example:

  • New York City residents watch WNYW Channel 5
  • Miami tunes into WSVN Channel 7
  • Dallas/Fort Worth gets KDFW Channel 4

The exact channel number is assigned by your TV provider when they make deals to carry each local affiliate in your area.

FOX likely negotiated with DirecTV, Dish, Comcast, and others to have their stations on low channel numbers for prime visibility and access.

So the provider assigns a channel based on factors like market size and what‘s already taken. This gives each local FOX affiliate its own number in your area‘s channel lineup.

Okay, now that you know why FOX‘s channel varies, let‘s move on to FOX Sports.

Finding FOX Sports on DirecTV

As a fellow fan, I know diehards need to know where to find FOX‘s family of sports networks.

Here are the key details on each one:

FOX Sports 1

  • Channel: 219
  • Required Package: Entertainment ($64.99/month)

This network airs MLB, NASCAR, college football, UEFA tournaments, and more. It‘s a sports junkie‘s paradise.

FOX Sports 2

  • Channel: 618
  • Required Package: Ultimate ($109.99/month)

Catch UFC fights, college hoops, Bundesliga soccer matches, and additional MLB games on FOX Sports 2.

With Ultimate, you also get golf, tennis, and outdoor sports options.

FOX Sports Regional Networks

These channels cover local pro and college teams. Package and channel numbers vary:

  • FOX Sports Ohio: 657 (Premier $154.99/month)
  • FOX Sports Carolinas: 646 (Choice $84.99/month)
  • FOX Sports West: 692 (Premier $154.99/month)

I‘d recommend checking with DirecTV to find your specific regional sports network and its channel. This is crucial for catching your hometown teams!

FOX Soccer Plus

  • Channel: 621
  • Required Add-On: $14.99/month

This channel broadcasts soccer leagues like the UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, England‘s FA Cup and more.

If soccer is life, this add-on is a must to ensure you never miss a match.

By knowing which packages unlock FOX‘s sports content, you can access all the play-by-play action you desire.

Now let‘s move on to keeping up with current events.

FOX News and FOX Business on DirecTV

As a news junkie myself, I‘m excited to tell you that FOX News and FOX Business are both available to all DirecTV subscribers.

You can stay informed with these channels on even the basic Entertainment package. Here are the details:

FOX News

  • Channel: 360

Catch up with breaking news, politics, talk shows, and more on this popular news network.

With their correspondents across America and around the world, FOX News covers the latest 24/7.

FOX Business

  • Channel: 359

Get intelligent coverage of the stock market, global finance, technology impact, and money matters.

I especially appreciate how FOX Business explains the business angles behind news stories – like how a war or policy affects oil prices. Their expert anchors really know their stuff.

With both channels on Entertainment, you don‘t need an extra expensive package to keep up with critical events.

Now let‘s shift gears to entertainment. What are the best shows FOX has delivered over their 30+ year history?

Top 12 FOX Shows to Watch on DirecTV

FOX has churned out many smash hit shows over the years. The network took risks that paid off big time.

Here are 12 groundbreaking FOX series I highly recommend you check out:

  1. The Simpsons – The longest-running scripted TV show ever follows the wild antics of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. This show is a true legend.

  2. Family Guy – Peter Griffin and his dysfunctional family make us laugh in this animated sitcom. The pop culture references are pure gold.

  3. 24 – Kiefer Sutherland starred as counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer in this gripping action drama told in real time. The ticking clock builds suspense brilliantly.

  4. Beverly Hills, 90210 – The iconic 1990s teen soap opera launched the careers of Luke Perry, Jennie Garth, and more. From Minnesota to Miami, teens bonded over the latest melodrama at West Beverly Hills High.

  5. Glee – A quirky high school show choir pursues their underdog dreams in this musical-comedy phenomenon. The song covers became instant pop hits.

  6. The X-Files – FBI agents Mulder and Scully explored paranormal events in this sci-fi classic. It blended procedural drama with eerie alien mysteries.

  7. Married…With Children – Al Bundy and family represented the American working class through biting humor. This was a game changer in primetime comedy.

  8. Prison Break – Michael Scofield‘s intricate prison escape tattoos to save his innocent brother gripped viewers. This suspenseful drama always left you on the edge of your seat.

  9. House – Hugh Laurie garnered acclaim as Dr. Gregory House, whose brilliance as a diagnostician was matched only by his unconventional methods. This medical drama has staying power.

  10. The O.C. – A ‘fish out of water‘ story where wealthy teens embroil newcomer Ryan in their glitzy Orange County scandals and drama. This quick-witted soap launched many careers.

  11. Empire – Hip-hop superstar Lucious Lyon and his family‘s music company made this melodic soap a giant hit. The cast‘s original music topped the charts.

  12. Gotham – We got to see Bruce Wayne, Catwoman, the Joker, and more DC icons as young adults just starting their larger-than-life journeys in Gotham City. This gritty drama creatively explored Batman lore.

From subversive animation to thought-provoking sci-fi to soapy primetime dramas, FOX took risks that changed television forever. Their shows broke new ground in writing, diversity, and pushing boundaries.

I hope listing these classics inspires you to rediscover or catch up on FOX‘s very best content.

How to Stream FOX On Demand

If you miss an episode or want to re-watch a classic FOX hit, you can stream on demand:

  1. Log in to your DirecTV account online or via the mobile app.

  2. Select "On Demand" and choose FOX.

  3. Browse available episodes of your favorite FOX shows, movies, and sports.

  4. Tap to play any title you want to watch – unlimited streaming!

So if the timing doesn‘t work to DVR your favorite show like 9-1-1 or Bob‘s Burgers, you can easily view episodes on demand anytime.

It‘s a nice perk that you get tons of FOX content included on demand, rather than having to pay for it like on some streaming platforms.

However, one advantage of standalone streaming services is…

Streaming vs. Cable: A Quick Comparison

While this article covers finding FOX on DirecTV cable TV, you may also be considering streaming services.

Here‘s a quick look at how they compare:

Streaming Pros

  • No contracts – cancel anytime
  • Often cheaper, especially for starters
  • Original content you can‘t get elsewhere
  • On demand viewing rather than schedules

Streaming Cons

  • Need internet access
  • No access to live sports, news, etc.
  • Missing some current hit shows
  • Additional fees for 4K or sharing access

Cable Pros

  • Reliable HD channels even without internet
  • Access to live events like sports & news
  • No show availability gaps
  • Included DVR for recording

Cable Cons

  • Contracts and early termination fees
  • Higher monthly costs with equipment/fees
  • Appointments for installation
  • Not as customizable channel-wise

As you can see, both options have tradeoffs. I‘d recommend considering your budget, internet reliability, taste in shows, and desire for live TV access.

For many, a combo of some streaming plus a cheaper cable plan like Entertainment provides the best of both worlds.

Okay, let‘s wrap all this up…

Final Summary

Hopefully this guide eliminates any frustration about finding your favorite FOX shows, sports, and news through DirecTV!

Here are the key tips I wanted to share with you:

  • Your FOX local channel number varies based on region. Check the table for major cities.

  • FOX, FOX News, and FOX Business are all on Entertainment starting at $64.99/month.

  • FOX Sports 1 is also on Entertainment, while FOX Sports 2 and regional networks require higher packages.

  • Soccer Plus and some regional channels are add-ons for an extra fee.

  • From The Simpsons and Glee to Empire and 24, FOX has delivered genre-defining hit shows over nearly 40 years.

  • You can use DirecTV on demand to stream episodes you missed or want to re-watch.

Now you have the inside scoop to watch FOX channels without any hassle. Time to kick back and enjoy the best entertainment, sports, and news FOX has to offer!

Let me know if you have any other questions. Enjoy your FOX viewing!